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sminthurus viridis

goutte en bokeh au premier plan.


They are on duckweed that grows on a winecork in my little pond.

Without the extra 2 detailphotos ! :-)

There were three different groups of eggs and lots of little springtails on the underside of this very popular holly leaf.


A Collembola grazing on algae on top of a wooden fence post and then Checking out this tiny fungi

I use a little springtail to position the drops :)

Focus stacked using zerene stacker

Las briofitas con microambientes muy favorables que son aprovechados por otros organismos como bacterias, algas, hongos, protozoarios, rotíferos, nemátodos, anélidos, pequeños moluscos, tardígrados y numerosos artrópodos y los mas numerosos son los ácaros despues colémbolos,

Los colémbolos son organismos principalmente fungívoros y detritívoros, se alimentan de hifas de hongos y detritos orgánicos junto con los nemátodos son los principales biocontroladores de las poblaciones microbianas


" Bourletiella arvalis " thank's Frans Janssens

I want to recover my camera (in repair), because the objective of the D90 was not made for the macro of the springtails :(

Nikon D90 + Ranox MSN-505

Date ‎29‎ /06/2017

Observed with Jérôme Picard ;-)

Little and large meet for a chat in the evening light :-)

He likes potato peelings !

Gefunden im Wald auf Totholz. Größe < 1 mm

This little springy has a problem with his right back leg

I have uploaded these two shots because this is one of the very few times i have come across Collembola with green in it's surroundings. This specimen is doing it's usual spiderman performance as he is walking on the side of a bench and the background is actually grass down on the floor.

...Thank's dear Frans for your help...!!!

... very succesful day for the little (~ 2 mm) pseudoscorpion...


...the other side...

...two little collembola must be the losers.................

Katiannidae. Thanks for ID Frans Jannsens@www.collembola


It must be the equivalent of pizza for Springtails :-)

The picture was a little blurry because of the motion but I tried to adjust it in photoshop. the result was certainly good enough for the low resolution of the screen.

Two springtails on a fence rail. I was trying to do a focus stack of the two springtails but the smaller one insisted on walking around so I merged some shots of it

Springschwanz Collembola Orchesella villosa

a Neanura? hope Frans will check in.

Springtail on the fence. Focus stacked using zerene

All Rights Reserved MPNavest 2012 collembola springtail

This globular springtail - Dicyrtomina ornata, has adopted a pre-spring posture. They lean back, "claw the air" with their front legs and then release the furca, propelling them skywards.


I felt this specimen had a particularly pleasant colouration; green/purple in the dorsal area, red/yellow/orange laterally. It's interesting how much colour variation there is within species. I haven't seen one quite like this before though.

An early morning springtail. We actually had a frost overnight but this was on unfrozen water on the water butt in the garden.

At first I thought this was minuta because of the color and the small size, but when I watched the finished image, I suspect, a young saundersi.

Frans Sorry I have failed to get a really good photo. But I will keep trying.

All Rights Reserved MPNavest 2012 assassin bug and a Springtail

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