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My collection of xmen custom and official minifigs. Looks great eh? After I took the photo I realised I left an official minifig out. Can anyone guess who?

Image by kasquebrado 2014

vicomunication romantic collection 2011

for my shop tomorrow (thurs 12)

vicomunication romantic collection 2011 (Fréderic Chopin - Grand Valse Brillante)


Thank you all for your visit

Amo caixinhas, de todos os tipos. Tenho várias, mas minhas preferidas são as de latas. Na foto estão só as desse tipo, algumas de biscoito, outras de balinhas de hortelã, lip balm e até uma pra guardar absorvente!

Tirei essa foto antes de viajar, agora a coleção já aumentou um pouquinho!!

E vcs? fazem alguma coleção? de quê?


Obrigada por tdu, pessoal!

Heres an old pic of my sailor moon collection, its pretty small compared to other collections on here.

Square Rose Collection was photographed By Melissa Fague. The abstract overlay colors were inspired by the colorful and expressive work of Andy Warhol.

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</3 SoundFest come onnnnn plzz

Bringing this back for the tag game cause I don't have decent headshots for all my dollies. Eeep!


Thanks for tagging me Jane (miga angel).


Top row: L to R (Foxtrot, Dilemma, Hart, Tofu)

Middle row: L to R (Quarrel, Voilà, Armada, Dreamboat, Babycakes)

Bottom row: L to R (Màrquez, Thelma, Tango, Swayze, Xuxa, Hugo)


The rules:


Take a picture of your doll family and ask this question to your contacts :


Who would you adopt in my doll family? And why?


Anyone can play, so join the fun!


#345 on Explore -- 08/06/12

I went through all my old toys that had been stored for the last 20 years. Super excited! This is a little sneak peak! ♥

estas vieram com um monte de tralhas, da casa daquela velha tia do meu marido.elas são diminutas!

these came with a lot of things from that old aunt's home, they are very samll.

My collection of flash minifigures.


Of the 4 seated, the 3 from the left are from christo, and IMHO, are better than the official version. The jay garrick in the back row is my own custom work, made using decal, and beside him is kid flash.


The three chrome versions in the middle are my latest creations. chrome silver white lantern flash, chrome red flash, and chrome silver flash. they are all made using decal and I am very pleased with the outcome. I have made a few extra of these of sale, so feel free to take a look here

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Day 25


I have a love affair with antique bottles.

I love wondering what they were used for .. what potions was once in them.

I collect mostly small ones. little things that can fit in my hand.

I had them scattered all over my office and bedroom, finally decided maybe a shelf was a better idea so I put one up yesterday. I still have another small box with a few more I need to put up, I love seeing them all gathered in one place now. :)


just a few more views below. lol

All 18 of my Monster High dolls. Sad how I don't have that much and I really don't plan to grow the MH family, but for now, these 18 are decent for me to have and too much dolls would mean less display and more dust collecting >O<

screen print, 18" x 24", 5 colors, edition of 15.

for New Print show at Gallery Black Lagoon. on sale from me soon.

Well this is most of it! Not included is my Pikachu 3ds, a reshiram figure, an espeon figure and an absol figure because they're elsewhere just now (aka at work.)

This was also a nightmare to clear away. NEVER LET ME DO THIS AGAIN!!

digital art 2011

collection of plants around the back steps

this is just half of my figure collection and i know what figures i am missing so please dont tell me whitch ones in the comments :P

Film only, 3 are missing from here.

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