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My collection of dolls by the extremely talented artist Dorote Zaukaite aka Tireless Artist.

These dolls are not usually displayed together, it was an interesting experience attempting to photograph them.

Different sizes, different stylings, each doll is unique and has her own wonderful character and special personality.

I love these dolls so much and feel extremely lucky that they own me :)

vicomunication cremona collection 2011

for my shop tomorrow (thurs 12)

</3 SoundFest come onnnnn plzz

Square Rose Collection was photographed By Melissa Fague. The abstract overlay colors were inspired by the colorful and expressive work of Andy Warhol.

:copyright:2013 Melissa Fague / PI Photography and Fine Art


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Shot on Ektachrome 64


Monster High & Ever After High

My collection of xmen custom and official minifigs. Looks great eh? After I took the photo I realised I left an official minifig out. Can anyone guess who?

In JenX5 style......but not too good at it!


And after I had packed everyone back to their lairs, I realised I missed out the LuckyUckys! Aaargh! I am so not doing another one of these! I don't know how you do it so well JenX5!

vicomunication romantic collection 2011

Heres an old pic of my sailor moon collection, its pretty small compared to other collections on here.

Soldes des vieux stocks, avant l'arrivée de la nouvelle collection !

Sales of old inventory before the new collection !


See where this picture was taken. [?]

Bales ready for collection. I hope you like and thanks for looking.

* these items are NOT for sale *


1 - (1737) Velvet Blush

2 - (1732) Daisy Crazy

3 - (1960) Trim Twosome

4 - (1971) Pants 'n Pinafore

5 - (1938) Beachy Peachy

6 - (1976) School's Cool

7 - (3465) Sweet Orange

8 - (1942) Right in Style

9 - (1923) Can You Play?

10 - (1730) Lots of Lace

11 - (1733) Rik Rak Rah

12 - (1746) Wooly Winner - dress

13 - (1746) Wooly Winner - coat

14 - (1972) Drizzle Sizzle

15 - (3472) Double Dashers - dress

16 - (3472) Double Dashers - coat

17 - (1731) Budding Beauty

18 - (1973) Chilly Chums

19 - (1959) Warm 'n Wonderful - dress

20 - (1959) Warm 'n Wonderful - coat

21 - (1904) Flower Girl

22 - (1918) Ship Ahoy

23 - (1928) Rainy Day Checkers

24 - (1955) Posie Party

25 - (7775) Best Buy


Still looking for: What's New at the Zoo?, Let's Play House, All Spruced Up, All Prettied Up, Triple Treat, Very best Velvet, Best Buy (7773) and Flower Girl Get Ups n' Go.




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vicomunication romantic collection 2012

for details see in original size if you like it. Thank You.

Film only, 3 are missing from here.

Tagged by Skull Maiden. So I took pics of my hats a few months ago but since I was tagged I decided to take another photo. I've aquired a few more since then and my daughter has probably snagged a few from me. And then after I finished putting them all away....I found two more. Yeah, I have a slight addiction. Or some would call it hoarding.


Okay, I was able to label all of the hats but 6. If anyone can help me with the last ones that would be awesome!

Not one pebble was moved to make this image. Taken at Bean Hollow State Beach in California.

Lps n petites with all of their clothes

Day 25


I have a love affair with antique bottles.

I love wondering what they were used for .. what potions was once in them.

I collect mostly small ones. little things that can fit in my hand.

I had them scattered all over my office and bedroom, finally decided maybe a shelf was a better idea so I put one up yesterday. I still have another small box with a few more I need to put up, I love seeing them all gathered in one place now. :)


just a few more views below. lol

Dont ask me for these shoes

Nao Collection for Shiny Shabby ^^

is Open !! Taxi

all you are invited to visit my last work at Shiny Shabby, LM soon!

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Collection: week 4 in 52 weeks, the 2015 edition

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