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I traced my collarbone with stars. I am fully clothed, promise.




Please listen, while reading:


I am hollow like the fragile bones of birds soaring through the sky. I am numb as the anesthetics used in a surgery. I am quiet yet loud, I contradict myself from my words and my thoughts. Will you still love me when I break time and time again. Will you still kiss my lips when I retreat into myself to escape the pain I have seen the pain I have experienced. I put my thoughts to paper because my mind is to cluttered to hold them thoughts spill out in a furious waterfall of unspoken words from my closed mouth. Will you see the world as I see it, sit back and observe the complex emotions, stories, lives of human creatures. My mind never stops rambling. I go on and on. I have nothing to say. I have said to much. I am not perfect, I am flawed and misused. I wish to inspire brilliance, but I do not know what to say. Take my words away from me, do not do so. I may suffocate and die. I do not know what to say, have I said to much of pointless things. I have said too little. I like to question the universe, rambling on. I am hollow like the fragile bones of birds soaring through the sky. I am fragile.




I wanted something super simple yet beautiful.

I really wish you guys would message me some ideas. Leave cmnts, or posts, ANYTHING. I really do put as much time and effort that I can. Anyways, thanks to all of those who do support.

Perfect collarbones

I convinced myself of my belief

That behind each branch a fallen leaf

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves

I count the colors at my feet



How does the saying go? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, life gave me some time in the ER waiting room, as my buddy fractured his collarbone. He was the unlucky one, I felt lucky to be uninjured and have some time to try to get a photo. Spotted this and tried my best with my phone. #63/366 early by a few minutes

I am back.

I've shooted very little while in Europe.

My collarbone is still...broken:)

I took some pictures in Siena - a city that I love.

Almost all of them are in sepia or B&W.

This is how I am looking at life these days.


It is nice to be back.

I'll visit you soon.


X-ray of my collarbone, fractured rib and bullet fragments

"i tried to forget

but you grew roots around my ribcage

and sprouted flowers

just below my collarbones.

all day I pluck their petals

but I have not yet ascertained

whether you love me

or not."


Inspired by this poem by Anna Peters



I must have reprocessed this about 6


Explore no. 279 =]

i liked this, kind of. but comments off ;P

i'll have something new this weekend, lisa & i are taking pictures on friday and i think again on sunday


and I finally ordered my astrostar a couple days ago, so it should be here soon, annnnd i got my debit card yesterday so I can order film tonight :)



"i tried to forget

but you grew roots around my ribcage

and sprouted flowers

just below my collarbones.

all day I pluck their petals

but I have not yet ascertained

whether you love me

or not"



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I planned on going outside today for my photo but mannnn was it cold! I had this dress on and a whole concept planned out but I could not function with the wind, it was horrible. Sooo ive been exploring parts of my house and decided to do my photo of the day in the basement, I find myself always shooting in the exact same places and I need to challenge myself more then I have.

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I don't usually do this, but i think that you should check out this guys stream.

This is a must por favor.


Model: Emily Dixon, my sister


This is the first time that Emily has modeled for me, but hopefully this summer I can get her to model for me some more since I'll be losing all of my other models when I move away from school after graduation.


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Will be Christmas Day

And I've been coun ting everyday since you've gone away.


-Happy Holidays Flickr. I hope you have splendid ones!


Very much inspired by Lexi and her wonderful black and whites.


Can't read mahh poker face

Look: Pixicat- Ornate.Dress in we<3 role play+. a i s l i n g . Sumiana -+Cila TianDao Collarbone chain(L'accessoires june)+~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair

Taken 5/3/2010 courtesy of Remy.


Happy 'roid week 2010!

don't expect me to help you up again


whoo, the second image in mine and Korinne's 5-part collab! each week, we take a picture based on one of each other's old concepts. this is inspired by this image of Korinne's.






today was really hard. i have so much schoolwork hanging over my head it's overwhelming. wasting 2 hours editing a picture always helps haha.


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I am finally up to date with uploading the photos from my project. I really can't believe it will come to an end soon.


week 44

29.10. - 04.11.2010

<3 Lovely Nico.


Nikon F80 + Fujicolor Superia 200

a gift for my friend Hewie:)

he likes piano so i tried to make Jin here plays the piano

would've been better on another angle to show the front of piano,

but i want to show Jin with his fanservice shot what to do?>___<;;

“Spanish Life” ~


We were hosting an Autumn Nature walk at North Park Nature Village Center in Chicago last fall. It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day. Skies were extraordinarily clear (and “on a clear day, you can see forever more” ~ Alan Jay Lerner; Burton Lane).


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In addition to the Nature Walk, there was a street fair too. All kinds of good stuff: last of the summer fruit and fresh vegetables from nearby farms, handmade clothing, blankets, toys, dried flowers (which I wanted to buy to photograph over the coming winter), jars of jellies, honey and things pickled to one degree or another, and a booth with a mix of musical instruments from various South American countries (Andean, Peruvian, or Chilean they seemed to be, by the dress and facial features of the vendors).


People were mingling and buying and smiling and nodding; with that mix of the festive yet semi-desperate spirit that one has on the last few, good, warm and sunny days of autumn before winter finally decides to settle in.


I, being who and what I am (a mannish boy), couldn’t help but appreciate the last of the bare arms, legs, shoulders, necks and peek-a-boo feet with painted nails in sandals that some of the women were sporting too. Those wonderful female parts sashayed slowly through the booths, sat cross-legged on chairs or on the grass, were outfitted in tight jeans, summery semi-see-through dresses or shorts, all of which were also soon to be tucked away too for the winter – something I always lament.


I must admit to being severely susceptible to the dimples in the back of the knee, collarbones, the turn of an ankle, and necks that lead into a back that shows some freckles from being exposed to the sun.


Hats too! Women in sun hats – although few wear such things nowadays. But that is another story.


Then, there were these guitars…just hanging there…barely swaying on a barely detectable autumn breeze. They just caught my eye and wouldn’t let go. Their feminine shapes (to me anyway) and gorgeous autumn-like colors just….captivated me. Of course, someone was playing some melody on one them (prior to buying it), and it sounded somewhat like “Spanish Life.”


If you allow this to linger with you and let it sweep you up in its beat and slowly building fever, and listen to whoever it is with those marvelous fingers working those guitar strings, you just might be intrigued.


I’ve long since lost the name of the guitarist and the name of the CD. And if I ever see this vendor again, I will buy a couple of these guitars, just to hang on the wall.


Textures by Fly Paper Textures:

May 25, 2012.

I'm not sure where I'm going with photography anymore, and sometimes that gets very distressing.


When you try to fix a broken friendship- you wonder, what is the problem, exactly?

There doesn't seem to be a problem. But there are problems. Tiny cracks along the surface, just waiting for the giant implosion. When everyone goes away, and then it's time to go, as well. Clocks ticking along the walls, reminding you it's time. Sitting in the past is fine, but you don't get to do it for long. The present is knocking on the door, and there is nowhere else to go. There is that person, and that other person, and they are all waiting for you to move on. We have all grown up, I shall not deny that.. but there is a part of me hoping that one day you'll come back and say 'let's go back to how we were' and we shall be children again, with 4am conversations and exchanged secrets. Shared photographs and inside jokes, just like how it used to be - but even when i type those words I know that it's already too late, and you have gone. You have readily walked into your future, and left me in our past.


Instagram: amandamabel ll youtube ll facebook ll if you want to ask anything


this is Zoe :) it was good to shoot with a fresh face. it was also a toss up between this photo and another that i really like so here we go.

I am at work until 9pm tomorrow so if i don't manage to upload you know why.


Get your head out of the clouds.



wish you were here


there are six different versions of this. i'm too indecisive.


press L



so this is for the my face is my canvas/ challenge this week

i haven't done one in forever because i have been either busy with other people's pictures or just lazy :D

i quite like how these came out

the eyebrows took foreverrrrr to get straight or close to straight


this might be my 52 weeks picture since i will be leaving on saturday for paris and london for a week :)

right now it's not we shall see :)

Been really enjoying this October, hope you guys are too!


Thanks everyone for your feedback!


Let's be friends on...

And all i true love

Is the light

In my sister's darling eyes

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