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Atelier ying, NYC.


The eccentric, yet classic M5 finally receives an upgrade in the direction of its original design intentions, mainly to become more complete and functional irregardless of size and weight.


In an overlapping configuration, an ornate mahogany bureau with ormolu mounts slides open to the left. Accordion doors on both ends open to reveal an ivory dip pen with gold nib, a very tiny crystal Ink bottle filled with Italian red ink and two rolls of writing paper with a red silk ribbon tie. The main interior space is used to house a paper Noguchi lamp with rosewood stand and battery-operated ambient light source. A custom-sized red Persian rug pulls out from the bottom of the camera to keep the bureau stable as a writing desk.


The writing accessories are kept small and particularly snug so that there is room for a built-in Telex rangefinder. Why an additional rangefinder attachment for a rangefinder camera of this particular pedigree, you might be asking yourself. The doubled rangefinder function allows for a singular focus of a possible ambient déjà vu or presque-vu type of image to be taken within a suitable period of rumination from this sort of moderne lounge atmosphere. It is hoped that the legendary "Leica look" can be further modified with a theoretical "defocused" ( though this is not to be confused with the defocus function of Nikon lenses) sort of look that only can be stumbled upon with long consideration and considerable luck.


Design, text and drawing are copyright 2014 by David Lo.,+cafe&m=...


Although the original idea was to produce this in colour, the blurred action of folk within it gave it a very moving documentary feel that was better suited to Grayscale.


Midland Metro Urbos 3 trams - Grand Central Tram Stop. On Stephenson Street. Saw a car parked on the pavement in front of Grand Central Kitchen (to the right of here).


Tram 21 waiting for the tram at the top of Stephenson Street to head down onto the Wolverhampton bound line, before it can move to the end of Stephenson Street.


The former Coffee Lounge unit in the Guildhall Building is currently to let.

I have absolutely no idea what happened here! It was very bright inside the Coffee Lounge as you can see here, but for some reason this photo was heavily underexposed. I slightly brightened it up but it's still very dark. I'm guessing the shutter speed was wrong, I have an exposure stop or two that goes too fast or too slow...


• Seagull 4A-103

• Kodak Portra 400NC

• CanoScan 8800F

In the town centre on a busy bus route - why is it empty?

Mamiya RB67 with 180mm F4.5 K/L lens.

Flyer para una noche de música de mi lista personal en Coffee Lounge.

Stephenson Street, Birmingham.

© Image & Design by Ian Halsey MMX

One of my favorite cafés in Ghent is the Coffee Lounge. The vintage interior and the friendly bartender Ömer make it a place where you can easily sit for a few hours. I usually have a nice tea and (out of focus) homemade chocolate pie, mmmm!


I'm a bit unsure about the brightness of my scans. I'd like to hear your opinions. Please take a minute to cast your vote here.


• Seagull 4A-103

• Kodak Portra 400NC

• CanoScan 8800F

The interior of the 'Tumut Heritage Coffee Lounge' in Tumut, New South Wales, Australia.

third time for that coffee shop... the picture is mostly sky and reflection of sky... this day the sky was often divided between bright blue with scattered cloud and darker raincloud... but it didn't actually rain...

A former bar, now a coffee shop.


Address: 88-89 Chalk Farm Road.

Former Name(s): Studio 88; The Camden Blue Bar; Lounge Bar.


London Pubology

Photos from the Birmingham Social Media Cafe, 30 January 2009. Event was sponsored by Opera.

Fusciardi's on the seafront at 'Seaside', Eastbourne -a great place for a latte or a Knickerbocker Glory.

Nikon D7000

Nikon 50mm F1.8

Nikon SB-700 bare behind subject

Lite Trek strobe with 22" beauty dish subject right

the regent coffee lounge on a wet december day people gather together to talk or just shelter from the bitter cold rain outside, one woman reads lost in the story printed on paper in her warm hands.

This is the show of Cool Spaceship t-shirts at Aster Coffee Lounge of Seattle.

Driven from Melbourne 3000kms

Celica 5spd gearbox and converted to run on CNG as well as petrol/gasoline


A 126 bhp 186 cu in (3.0 L) six was standard on Premiers

This is the show of Cool Spaceship t-shirts at Aster Coffee Lounge of Seattle.

A beverage and a chocolate! The perfect start to a winter flickrmeet!

This is the show of Cool Spaceship t-shirts at Aster Coffee Lounge of Seattle.

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