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going home to recharge bateries for the code contest...

SAPO Panoramas


This is the project I started working on in early 2011. The original concept is the brain child of my friend Basílio Vieira, who invited me to be the photographic consultant when he pitched the idea to SAPO (part of the Portugal Telecom group), who really embraced the idea, and gave us the support to make it a reality. At SAPO we met Rui Aperta, an accomplished panoramic and 3D photographer, with whom I shared the responsibility for the photographic planning for the huge Castelo de São Jorge panorama, and took upon himself the enormous task of stitching it. I learned a great deal with him, which enabled me to create some of the other smaller panoramas you can see on SAPO Panoramas.


And this is just the beginning! Now that the project is not a secret anymore, I can share details as they happen and post "behind the scenes" photos.


You can see a video of the talk we had about the project during Codebits here.


I would like to thank:




- Celso Martinho, the co-founder and CTO of SAPO and #1 supporter of this project


- Bernardo Mota, the responsible for SAPO Fotos and Videos, who was our tireless project manager


- Pedro Mata-Mouros Fonseca, technical responsible for SAPO Fotos, who made sure the servers wouldn't be killed by our success


- Pedro Eugénio, programmer at SAPO who created and customized the whole viewing and tagging platform for the panoramas


- Graciana Alves de Sousa and Isa Costa, designers at SAPO that created the awesome and cool design for the Panoramas website


- Bárbara Belchior, commercial liason with the SAPO partners


- Fernando Afonso, awesome engineering consultant to the project


- Lígia Sarramito and Raquel Sequeira, who were responsible for getting all the needed permissions, and scheduling the scouting visits and shoots


And everyone else at SAPO that had knowledge of the project for their encouragement!


To everybody else:


- Thanks to Artur Ventura, who helped us with the panorama viewer programming


- Thanks to José Alfredo, who participated in the photographic planning


- Thanks to EGEAC and their friendly staff for the access to the Castle.


- Thanks to Hipnose and Alexandre Cordeiro for their amazing support with the structure at the Castle, and the fabulous setup we had at Codebits 2011 to *really* show off the panoramas.


- Thanks to Microsoft Portugal, who sponsored the panorama setup at Codebits


- From Canon Portugal, thanks to José Manuel Antas, head of Canon Professional Services for his personal interest and help with the project


- From Estradas de Portugal and ISQ, special thanks to Engª Fernanda Santos, Engº Costa Nunes, Engª Rosário Marques, and Anabela Cardoso who were as enthusiastic about the project as us!


- From the Centro Cultural de Belém, thanks to Sofia Cardim


- From the Jardim Botânico, thanks to Drª Teresa Antunes, from the Universidade de Lisboa

At Codebits 2009, among all the amazing experiences I had, two of the most unique were meeting Mitch Altman and buying a TV-B-Gone kit and assembling it right there and then with his help.


The second unique experience was meeting the people from AltLab, Tiago who I had met before at Twittlis, and Catarina, who were demoing their Makerbot Industries open source 3D printer.


Putting 2 + 2 together, I managed to challenge Catarina to design and print an enclosure for my assembled TV-B-Gone, right there at Codebits!


If you have your own 3D printer, you can download the model files here, and print your own TV-B-Gone enclosure!


Kids, *this* is the future, and you probably saw it here first! :-)

Entrada com hipstamatic e pack dali

ready to print


Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Large size | Original uploaded size | My portfolio

This is a Makerbot Industries CupCake CNC open source 3D printer, being demoed at Codebits 2009 by the AltLab crew.

Rapid prototyping machines such as these have existed for some time, but they were the domain of big corporations. Now, any enthusiast can build one to have at home! The future is going to be very interesting.

How Do You Drive a Human Powered Sub? With a 3D Printed Propellor

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Human Powered Submarine Requires 3D Printed Propeller

Specifically, the team was having difficulty with the conversion of a point cloud file to one that they could use to direct the cutter path on a CNC China machine. Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.27.17 PM Coincidentally, the brother of a team member was …


Energica Ego is a two-wheeled electric rocket with a 000 price tag

CRP Group is a conglomerate of companies mostly focused around the interests of computerized creation — 3D printing, CNC machining China, and so forth. Experts in the area of precision rapid manufacturing China, their products have found uses in Formula One, …

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(Posted by China CNC Machining Company)

Our project at Sapo Codebits 2009, lots of fun building and programming it, everyone stopped by our table and chatted a bit with us!

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