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The database has a human-operateable interface for mapping from discouraged to encouraged (and vice versa) ways to spell musicisian names. I'm made it's data computer readable by screenscraping an some XQuery.

I saw this bottle of water out of the corner of my eye when we entered our hotel room, and went to get it when I had some thirst...only a big blue tag on the neck of the bottle stopped me dead. Four bucks for a crummy bottle of water? Get outta here. I filled a glass from the tap, and it was great tasting. I guess you just get used to mediocre water living in Texas. Oregonians got it good.


The next morning though, two young ladies entered our elevator, drinking out of similar bottles. Guess the hotel got 8 bucks richer.

Continuing our walk around downtown Portland, we dropped in on Powell's technical books, not realizing that the place was famous. They had a lot of books, but even cooler (to me), was a bunch of old computers that they had set up all over the place. Stole this picture, and woulda taken some more, but I'm skittish about photography inside of stores.

Brandon (who is ending up in a lot of my shots), models his lunch at E-San's, which was pineapple fried rice...served in a pineapple. Pretty durn cool. Only, he got it with tofu. Who eats tofu? Seriously.

Brandon, my co-worker, graciously models for us at dinnertime. After walking around downtown Portland for a while, we succumbed to hunger (and thirst) and stopped into a place called "The Life of Riley". Nice beer selection and excellent food. I had the fish and chips. Mark and I (not pictured), were drinking IPAs, and Brandon (pictured) had a Porter.

everyone's got a laptop at the code4lib conference in asheville, north carolina

(image from my code4lib presentation)


Though programmers in libraries face many of the same challenges as those outside libraries, we use unique "standards" that are unsupported outside our small community and limit cross-polination with the outside world.

Sweet nectar, provided for one of the conference breaks.

Yeah, so, somebody got funny with the baby changing station in the bathroom of the Powell's technical bookstore. I don't know whether to snicker, or roll my eyes. Guess I'll do both.

the more info slide from #code4lib talk "Visualizing Library Data" by @librarywebchic

David Moody got a voodoo doll doughnut (filled with raspberry jelly) and I got a "dirty old bastard" doughnut.

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