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Shot out of the window of the plane above the Italian Alps.

Wandering through the beautiful park at Villa Borghese in Rome one morning, looking for where the conference I was going to was running.


Had a waypoint on my GPS to head for, though that location was just a guess from hunting on Google Earth.


I made this gorgeous walk every day of the conference, after a short metro ride to Flaminio from Cipro near my B+B.

Got me sword, got me walkie-talkie ...... a member of the Papal Swiss Guard answers the phone, in Piazza S. Pietro, Rome.

This huge sweeping collonade curves around Piazza S. Pietro, Vatican City.

Typical tourist shot.


A bunch of us driving around Rome late at night sampling the good vibe.


The white stripes in the road are the headlights of passing cars.

Driving around Rome one evening during the CocoonGT2007.


Gabriele at the wheel.

A lady heading for the Vatican bookshop, or maybe the popular post office on the south east corner of St. Peter's.

This is about as close as you can get without queueing.

Sophisticated gentleman and man-about-town (as all who know him would agree, I am sure).


In Rome for the CocoonGT2007.

Statues on the top of St. Peter's in Rome.


They look like a rock group ....

Beautiful Rome, taken while visiting some of my Cocoon friends for the 2007 GetTogether after RailsConf

Sant'Andrea della Valle

Silhouetted geeks at the Apache CocoonGT2007 at Rome Zoo

Thanks to Grzegorz Kossakowski

Thanks to Grzegorz Kossakowski

Lunch on the last day, outside, with wine of course.

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