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185 389 "CO²-frei" und 185 264 ziehen gemeinsam den einzigartigen KT 47930 von Linz Stadthafen nach Hamburg Alte Süderelbe, der in seinen Eanos Container transportiert.


185 389 "CO²-frei" and 185 264 with a freight train from Linz Stadthafen to Hamburg Alte Süderelbe near Eggolsheim.

Strukton loco's Nicole en Anneke- ex NS 1624 en 2328- met een trek steenslag bij vertrek uit Amsterdam Westhaven. Het bedrijf claimt CO2 neutraal onderweg te zijn..Op de achtergrond de onlangs uitgeschakelde Hemweg Centrale- die dus nu ook CO2 Neutraal is, want Nie Kole....


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This is the way to go in order to achieve a small CO2 footprint. No malls, no traffic jams, no electicity and aircos, just a small shop for the direct environment, even with a fitting room (on the left). It may mean poverty, but at least it's poverty in a world not getting too warm globally.....

......but oh man, it's getting hot locally under that corrugated roof and the selection is so limited and where is that Mug & Bean for a coffee, and, and, and....conclusion: the world seems to be a difficult place......


Have an easy day!

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Sea Forest / Land De-Forest - the Madness of Mankind.


Rain forests - that reduce tons of CO2 - destroyed by the thousands of acres each day.

Wind turbines - that reduce? CO2 - built by the thousands at great cost to the electricity consumer.


Links to the original 2017 LD web page;

Close up of my car's exhaust pipe. I have to say today's topic is a paranoid's delight - it's quite impressive how there's danger lurking everywhere.

185 389-4 mit einem Containerzug bei Harrbach, 24.07.2015

fake manipulation

Moins de CO2, Mets de l'énergie dans notre planète...


Partial wall By Comer obk • Crey Oner 132 • Jungle Paint (Paris 94, 09/2017)

Ruim een Kilometer verder westwaarts trekt DB Cargo lok 6464 een lange sleep Falls'en de kolenterminal OBA uit naar het Basisemplacement Westhaven. Bij onze oosterburen is nog volop behoefte aan deze zwarte brandstof. Twee Traxx 189'ers zullen de trein straks overnemen en bij Emmerich of Venlo de grens overbrengen.

Het bewijs dat hier ook wel eens een onoplettende bestuurder de overweg wenste te passeren terwijl dat toch écht fysiek onmogelijk was is op het wegdek ter lering achtergebleven..


Zie ook mijn album Spoorwegfoto's:



I hope this marks a change in the style of photography i wish to pursue. From this point forward im going to try and incorporate nature and simplicity into my photos as much as possible (with possibly a few exceptions.)



I was taking a few pictures of his BBQ joint when he noticed and invited me in. The scene inside was a unique blast from the past but it seemed to match his personality.

Belo Horizonte, Av. Tereza Cristina


macro abstract art

Oldtimer Treffen in Grüneberg,

Port Talbot Steelworks at night.

fake manipulation

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"There is something / problematic for politicians: / in order to serve / our inner wishes, / to comfort our fears, / beat our enemies, / to this aim, / the politicians need to bribe, / to deal and wheel, / lie and betray. // Only then / will we trust / our beloved leaders / and re-elect."


Hope the demonstration to fight climate change will turn matters to the good.

(Amsterdam, 29-11-2015)

Zagreb - Gornji grad

M/V SHOWTIME... Exhausting

That's what the containers behind these two class 68's say in big bold letters as they rush north at Beattock. I must admit I am very much for the transfer of fright from the roads.

Zagreb - Ilirski trg

Cagnes-Sur-Mer ...Costa Azzurra....French Riviera

All electric at Scout Green

Σύμφωνα με το Παγκόσμιο Ταμείο για τη Φύση (WWF), ο ΑΗΣ Αγίου Δημητρίου κατέχει την πρώτη θέση μεταξύ των 30 πιο ρυπογόνων μονάδων ηλεκτρισμού της Ευρώπης


70802 at speed working a much later than usual 6L44 STP Oxwellmains Lafarge to West Thurrock Sidings seen at West Hampstead Thameslink. An alternative route via the ECML would permit electric haulage for the vast majority of this long distance service. The cement load is also a vast CO2 producer - the Calcium Carbonate is reduced to Calcium Oxide liberating CO2 and the energy to drive this reaction generally comes from burning fossil fuels again creating more CO2. Perhaps that was why is was so hot today....Tuesday 16 July 2019

A block of four 82 Class (EMD JT42C) diesel electric locomotives, led by 8243, haul another huge load of coal out of Newcastle en-route to Sydney and the world.


smc PENTAX-M 35mm f2.8 with KolariVision IR Chrome filter by a Pentax K5 Full Spectrum Converted camera.



* i use luminar and aurora hdr for the final touch;

He may be searching for Greta Thunberg.

Osaka, Japan, 1998. 大阪市中央区西心斎橋 アメリカ村にて

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