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On this particular day, the windy city was not so windy. The windy city was cold and snowy.

An evening "on" Cloudgate.

My favorite subject taken in July...

supongo que esta espectacular escultura de acero (muy pulido) no deja indiferente a nadie... a mí me encantó. (Chicago)


sx70 sonar + nd with impossible px680 poor pod


roidweek 2013 entry IV

The sculpture "Cloud Gate" aka the Bean... This image is protected by copyright. Reproduction and redistributions are prohibited without the express written consent of the photographer.

Chicago's Cloud Gate 45 minutes after sunrise

I'm sure there are other things to shoot and post from Chicago but I just can't get enough of that thing! lol

Más conocido como la habichuela. Me encantó, pero aún me gustó más mi objetivo nuevo, que me deja hacer fotos nocturnas sin trípode.


Better known as the bean. I loved it, but I especially loved my new lens, which lets me make decent night shots without a tripod

Jeff Clow's been pushing the Topaz application so I downloaded a trial version. I think this is one of my favorite shots of Cloudgate as it is not too over the top and might be worthy of a print. Check it out large.


Here are the steps taken to produce this shot:


1. Get up at about 5:30am in Chicago

2. Take a cab to Millennium Park

3. Set up your camera if you're carrying a tripod.

4. Wait for sunrise.

5. Politely ask rent-a-cop to move

6. Fire off as many shots as you can before it is time to go to your business meeting.

7. Archive your shots and save for inclement days (blizzard coming in Colorado)

8. Export into photoshop

9. Reduce noise using your application of choice.

10 Play with levels.

11. Run Topaz Adjust (I tried Psychedelic)

12. Realize that the preset is way over the top and fade down about 75%)

13. Bring back into Lightroom and run a cross process preset.

14. Play with the sliders until you like what you see.

15.. Export as jpg and upload.

16. Realize that was one hour of your life that you can't get back and that you probably should have went to the gym...


Performance art integrated into the Luminous Field.


#63 on Flickr Explore 1/9/12

or should it be Water Gate ??

Just got back from Chicago from a quick trip. Yipes it was cold, below zero when this was taken. Didn't have a wide angle, so went with the fisheye lens to squeeze a bit more of the skyline in. Full site at:

Cool clouds add interest to the oft photographed sculpture Cloud Gate....commonly called "The Bean"

and yet another vantage point of the iconic bean

After leaving the concert in the Pavilion we walked past the Cloudgate sculpture. It's name was apt tonight as the sky was covered by clouds. We waited a few minutes until the moon appeared in a crack between the clouds.

Cloudgate in Millennium park is somewhat unique in Chicago as it attracts a pretty healthy mix of both residents and tourists. One never seems to get tired of seeing the familiar skyline warped and twisted in its reflection. For these images I thought I'd play with the idea of seeing the familiar transformed into something new.


One of the ideas that intrigues me about this series is the notion that our own perceptions are fueled by much more than we can see. As we sit in a room we are aware that there are people out of our sight to our left, right, or even behind us. While we can't see them our mind builds up an image of the scene in 3 dimensions utilizing all of our other senses. While nobody has ever seen the Bean look quite like this, when we are there in person we know that the buildings are behind us, camera toting families are scattered to our left and right, and the world is alive all around us. This is an attempt to capture that sense photographically.


This is a different crop of the previous post. I think it works just a little better as the bean appears more prominently instead of getting lost in a sea of concrete.


It looks better bigger.

The famous sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park sports a patchwork coating of snow

¿He dicho ya que me encantó esta escultura?

Have I already said I loved this scupture?

Day and night, photographers flock to "The Bean" to capture this chrome sculpture's great reflections of Chicago and themselves.

Featured on Chicago Reader

Cloudgate, looking more like a MRI or CAT scan


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Dark reflection under Cloudgate (The Bean), Chicago.


Thanks for looking and commenting.

Cloudy day today. Got me looking through some photos from October 2 years ago.

Millennium Park in Chicago, IL. Many tourists stare at The Bean and take photos, day and night! Using a NiSi Natural Night filter.

A view of the Bean earlier today...and a snowplow.

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