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2017 one photo each day

First photo to Macro Mondays

This is Fairmont Park, another of my favorite Gastonia neighborhoods. There was only one home for sale on this lovely street and I wanted to buy it but the very day I was looking at it someone else put a contract on it!

This photo was taken two weeks ago. There are no leaves left on the trees now, and those on the ground have turned to brown.

“Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”


The clothes look so alive...


this is one of Flo's new shirts @ Hell Bop Clothing. Wash/76/82/23


Macro Mondays: Clothing


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Christmas if FINALLY fading away. I just need to dress these dolls in summer clothes and pack away 12 glass knick-knacks and take down the small pink tree in a bedroom.

Explore May 2, 2009


Clothes aren't what they used to be

They don't seem to fit you and me anymore

Modesty is out the door

Flaunting what we've got and more is in

Yeah it's in

The Shire, Hobbiton, New Zealand

yay i made it!

even tho half my uploads

if not all, were cheats






but i mean who cares right?


i took this one today


i have a lot of clothes

this isn't even a whole shot

and i have a lot of shoes

and just ordered a pair






who registered for pottermore?


someone is going to pay


meh tumblr and meh formspring

extra photos

love is heART


selling prints!

Sometime around Chirstmas last, I took a walk along the Oiimachi Line. On the walk on a late Saturday afternoon, I encountered this long clothed* shop. So I took a photo which seemed a rational thing to do since that was the purpose of the walk.


( *I meant long closed---thanks, John)

Clothing: Peasant Wench Dusk Dress Set by Hudson Clothing Co.

Hair: D!va Group Gift

Skin: R.cielli

Nails: Candy Nail Clear French 3 color set

Boots: MEB: Gabri Boots

~ inspired by Emilio Jiménez' series "Anatomía natural, salvaje" ~




find the whole series here:

Now with added spider.

'Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.' Virgil


textures with thanks to Clive Sax.


What a difference a few warm sunny days can make...

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

After a while we took in the clothes

Nobody said very much

Just some old wild shirts and a couple pairs of pants

Which nobody really wanted to touch

Mama come in and picked up a book

An’ Papa asked her what it was

Someone else asked, “What do you care?”

Papa said, “Well, just because”

Then they started to take back their clothes

Hang ’em on the line


Bob Dylan

Colorful clothes hanging in Valparaiso

And I always thought that I meant what I said

But you know that lately I've read

We were lying


All of us lying

Just making it up, yeah

Cuttin' it out of whole cloth, yeah.

Finally found the ken clothing I wanted the most.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday my dear friends!


Have a wonderful day!!!

Welcome Victoria... I haven't decided what I'm doing with her hair. She is wearing some clothing that I made - I have made some further tweaks... She's so pretty!

my mother's dog again, flicka!

" Threesome clothes pins"

Original painting by Pierre Marcel

Acrylic on canvas, 9 1/2 x 12 inches, June 2009

one of a little series painted in June 2009, while bad weather!

My artwork :

4sale, my paintings :

Autres descriptions de ces peintures Pierre Marcel avec les pinces à linge et les nuages :

Macro Monday: Clothing. A closeup of an interesting button

maybe like a quarter of my clothes.


i have a problem.


film, canon ae-1

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