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I send you light and positive thoughts! xx

#24 Done for Project 52


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Oof beaded giraffe that lives by my bathroom window - enjoying the morning sun.


Bokeh on Flickr = Über cliche


HCS and have a good weekend!

With the outbreak of frigid air across much of North America, it seemed like a good time for some warmth in this week’s Cliche Saturday image. Here’s a shot of a water lily taken just before sunset on a late September evening at Chicago Botanic Garden.



A frosty leaf - HCS!


For the Scavenger Hunt theme "nature"


Thanks for the Explore! Though there is some sort of glitch because I uploaded this yesterday (22nd) and it was Explored on 21st (!?)

An image created during the summer of 2014, and entered in Kreative People Contest 38 - In the Round


For Our Daily Challenge: Try Something New; and for Cliche Saturday


Orbs created with Photoshop’s Polar Coordinates filter are surely cliche on Flickr by now. But it is something that I had never tried before. I am taking a Photoshop class and we had an assignment to get creative using an instructor-supplied image of a sunflower. This is what I came up with. I added in the tightrope walker using composite techniques, as well as the patterned background.


If I had it to do over, I would have eliminated the tightrope walker’s safety rope, but I have run out of time to do that now. I would also probably have saved this image for Sliders Sunday, but had to post it today to meet the ODC deadline for this challenge.


Thanks to Flickr contact Dorothy for the idea to create the orb.


The original sunflower shot is in the first comment.


HCS, everyone!


I know, I am so low on creativity lately. I am hoping the next few days bring a change. It's a gorgeous weekend - I love springtime...


Happy Cliche Saturday!!

This racoon was enjoying some nuts that were likely left by someone to attract birds at Michigan's Kensington Metropark. It eyed me warily and held its position for a few moments as I watched, but eventually scurried away when other people began arriving at the scene.

Seven mute swan cygnets explore their world under mom's watchful eye on a sunny afternoon at Kensington Metropark, Michigan.



I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

do it on black, for the love of light!


THANK YOU to my love who made a special trip to meet me just to bring my tripod to camera attachment thingy...or else this could NEVER happen.


And thanks for the inspiration Leilani!!


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Sundown at The Grove, a local historical site


Happy Cliché Saturday, folks!

Here's a view looking toward downtown Detroit, as seen across a small lake on Belle Isle, a 985-acre island park situated on the Detroit River between the United States and Canada. The image was taken on a warm but overcast winter day this week. It's a three-shot HDR photo to which a mild painterly filter and additional high-contrast processing was applied.



11/27/2010 by 1crzqbn


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Trust me, so much better ! Please View On Black

and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

Dr Seuss


I believe this IMG has everything that's needed for being a deserving member of the the

Cliche Saturday ;))) HCS! to everybody xx


THANKS !!!! for your all comments, awards and favorites ;)) xxx

It's a sure sign that Spring is on the way when the Great Blue Herons return to the rookery at Michigan's Kensington Metropark, and they were there in numbers on Thursday this week, one of the few sunny days that we've had lately.



I dug deep in the archives today for this 2004 image of Moraine Lake, a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a fine fit for Cliché Saturday, as it is one of Canada’s most photographed lakes; a view of it even appeared on the 1969 and 1979 issues of the Canadian twenty dollar bill. The lake is noted for its distinctive blue-green color, due to refraction of light off the glacial "rock flour" in the water. The sky here looks blown out, but I think those peaks were pretty much hidden in clouds, as I remember this being a heavily overcast day.


HCS, everyone!


chenille plant growing in a hanging basket in the garden

so, while today our thoughts are of fences ... soon, soon, we can celebrate cliches

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Explore #269


Now how many of you have taken the "tree in the corner fill the rest of the frame with sky and clouds" shot? Come honest. Though I think this one turned out very still is a bit cliche, eh?

It is Canada... I should have found the lyrics to O Canada! But I don't think they reference purple mountains. This is Herbert Lake in Banff National Park.


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For Cliche Saturday and Sliders Sunday I present the annual holiday coke (retro edit)!

Two coke photos in my stream are at #1 and #3 most popular of all my photos. Some kind of global appeal!


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Went to Big Sur last weekend and woke up to lots of fog and a big storm hitting the coast. Had to go for a walk in it of course, Big Sur is even more gorgeous shrouded in thick fog.

Blooming water lily in the Aquatic Plants exhibit in the Conservatory of Flowers at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. Full disclosure, this area of the Arboretum was so hot and humid, that my lens fogged over immediately. The volunteer at the entrance had told me about the one flowering water lily (she saw me coming a mile away), so I made a b-line and got one shot.

textures by darkwood67

texture by Nasos3


And last but not least, I want to dedicate this image to wbgold, who wrote me a wonderful testimonial.



For the scavenger hunt- camera cliche. I added a texture to bump up the cliche points.


Oh and here is a clever quote:

You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. ~Author Unknown


Happy Cliche Saturday!


Thank you Kim Deslandes for the texture.


i was fascinated by all the tall and narrow alleys that we passed by on our 'L' tour

15:52 Books - old ones, new ones, piles of them, pages and pages


I love books, I devour books but at the moment my Lonely Planet and my passport are my favourite books because of what they forthcoming trip to Canada at the end of May.


The only thing amiss with my dream is the absence of several of our dear group will be missed xo



Meet Harry the neighborhood Briard. I love this breed of dog, mostly for their long-haired floppy ears. Long-haired dog shots are cliche, right?


Textures courtesy of ShadowHouse textures. I've used square 6 and 10 and Old Gold.


When it's too cold outdoors to grow flowers, we cultivate them indoors. I found this colorful floral display recently in the Regenstein Center at Chicago Botanic Garden.


For Our Daily Challenge: Signs of Humanity


Also for Cliché Saturday


HCS, everyone!


It's been a long week. Celebrated tonight with a fire in the fireplace, some Christmas music and a little Cabernet. Cliche yes but still a great way for an old geezer to start the weekend.


Happy Cliche Saturday - HCS

Our Daily Challenge - Aged (Me and the wine)


Happy Weekend to all my friends. !!

i never noticed all the distortions and reflections on the side of the One South Wacker building


hit 'L' for the full effect

Because vintage red pickups are so cliche!

a happy Cliche Saturday to all!!!


thanks to ~ekoh-stock for the bird texture!

for cliche saturday scavenger hunt thread - seasons.

Happy Cliché Saturday, everyone!

Actually, it's looking kind of grey today, but that's ok, because it's Saturday. HCS!


Added to the "Reflection in sunglasses" thread for Cliche Saturday :)

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