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A dedication for Michael B....

a wonderful testimonial....

thank you so much michael

your photos are superb!

Michael--B check him out


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Chilmarabad, Broghal ,Chitral


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Canadian Pacific's train 485, soaks up the chilly sun as it rushes freight westbound through Astico.

Rufous Hummingbird. View Large On Black for Best Viewing Most winter in wooded areas in the Mexico state of Guerrero, traveling over 2,000 miles by an overland route from its nearest summer home—a prodigious journey for a bird weighing only three or four grams. IMG_9993

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*Mbrook 3laikom foz #Alrayyan♥♥♥


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In sweet evening light, Norfolk Southern's gorgeous executive train highballs past the NYC bracket signals west of Swanton, OH. Can't say I ever get tired of seeing a four pack of Fs at track speed with a passenger train...

Hooded Merganser (m). Hooded Mergansers have a crest at the back of the head which can be expanded or contracted. These ducks feed by diving and swimming under water to collect small fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects. Very difficult to get close to. IMG_5135



Huge help from Kristian in figuring out this shot down to the hair!...which could have gone through a tornado and not moved by the way. haha.


Oh also..i am not a smoker, I'm just holding it for the shot, i felt it would a lot to the image when Kristian suggested it.


Thanks for all the love and support!

Long since bumped from high priority intermodal trains, this GP38-2 was called upon to stretch her legs (and presumably bounce her way over every switch and crossing) and lead Q107 after one of the trailing motors couldn't perform.

first of 2010 and more trouble with the cops...

Remo had been tagged and he has a birthday coming soon so I am working on that project!!!!

Making the morning grind a bit more enjoyable. Taken at Foggy Bottom metro station, downtown Washington DC.

Photography by Mathew Irving

This vintage automobile is dedicated to Lynne. She is a fan of my car photos and has written a wonderful testimonial for me. I am honored to have received such kind words from a fellow artist.


To look at Lynne's lovely work, go to:


Hotel Place D'Armes on rue St. Jacques & Place D'Armes in Old Montreal.


Hotel Place D'Armes built 1870. To the right, also part of the hotel, is the former Banque du Peuple, built 1894. (In Explore 25.01.2015 # 311).


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