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“My object then," replied Darcy, "was to show you, by every civility in my power, that I was not so mean as to resent the past; and I hoped to obtain your forgiveness, to lessen your ill opinion, by letting you see that your reproofs had been attended to. How soon any other wishes introduced themselves I can hardly tell, but I believe in about half an hour after I had seen you.”

― Jane Austen



but a statement of one's politics :-(

Robert Brault, 2017




denver botanic garden, colorado

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Because I could not stop for Death –

He kindly stopped for me –

The Carriage held but just Ourselves –

And Immortality.


We slowly drove – He knew no haste

And I had put away

My labor and my leisure too,

For His Civility –


We passed the School, where Children strove

At Recess – in the Ring –

We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain –

We passed the Setting Sun –


Or rather – He passed us –

The Dews drew quivering and chill –

For only Gossamer, my Gown –

My Tippet – only Tulle –


We paused before a House that seemed

A Swelling of the Ground –

The Roof was scarcely visible –

The Cornice – in the Ground –


Since then – 'tis Centuries – and yet

Feels shorter than the Day

I first surmised the Horses' Heads

Were toward Eternity –


Emily Dickinson, Poem 479 (perhaps her most famous poem).


I've been wanting to do a series on death and Emily Dickinson for some time now. Finally the opportunity presented itself in the beautiful old graveyard of the old Evandale Presbyterian Church. In this monochrome (I had no choice!) we see the path where the horse and carriage of the old hearse would have driven up to the front of the church for a funeral. The gravestones are in shadow, the sky is full of premonition and the whitewashed church stands like a beacon.


If you really love Emily Dickinson then you must get the 3 volume "The Poems of Emily Dickinson" edited by R.W. Franklin (Harvard University Press). It is an investment in your soul.

Continuing with my Positive Flags of the Nations project.


We need to show how we can be polite, respective, courteous, understanding & kind to all, no matter who they are! It is MORE THAN TIME FOR US TO COME TOGETHER!!!


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Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Continuing with my Positive Flags of the Nations project.


Today I want to address the beauty of children and their innocence and want to remind each one of us, that it is our duty to protect them all, no matter their background. We can and must help ALL children.


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Calling out to my wilderness:

Wake! Rise!

Find your way home

You’ve been in slumber for too long

The days are aging quickly

Time curling in as leaves do before they fall

Be swift in your return

Unapologetic for your delay

Bring the jungle with you

The paltry civility is sliding to its demise

Heed the whistle of war

Wander not! Waver not!

Come baring those fangs

Announce your arrival with clamouring armour

Till no doubt exists that you’re here...


Blog Post


The Draft House is a small group of #PublicHouses which aims to do for #beer what our culture has done for #food and #wine over the past twenty years. Namely, we take its provenance, cellaring and serving seriously. We celebrate choice and quality with an extra-ordinary range of strange and wonderful brews.

"Britain is full of public houses of all shapes, sizes and varieties, but I felt we'd lost something special in recent years from British life and I wanted to provide a place that recaptured my idea of the perfect public house."

#TheDraftHouse is a charming place where you can - alone or with others - experience great beer, good food, interesting people and great conversation. It's a refuge for the soul for everyone who values civility in today's world. It's always genuine, staffed by people who love their job, packed with interesting stuff, plays good music and is frequented by people just like you.


description via


Opening Hours


Monday to Saturday Noon - 11pm

Sunday Noon - 10.30pm

Kitchen is open Noon to 10pm Monday to Saturday and Noon to 9pm Sunday





Iron Man: URF!! HEY!!!


Thor: Verily!! Forsooth! Urfeth!!!


Ghost Rider: Outta tha way, Avengers!! I'm ROARIN THROUGH!!!


Captain America: You are uncivil!!


A year of the shows and performers of the Bijou Planks Theater.


Mini Mates


Ghost Rider


Captain America

Iron Man

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In Glasgow, Scotland, there is a charming & fascinating little museum called Tenement House that allows you to enter a time warp that allows you to experience life in a four room flat in the early 20th century. Home to a shorthand typist, Miss Agnes Toward and her dressmaker mother, it is perfectly preserved. Viewing the table set for tea, I felt like I was journeying back in time before an ignorant buffoon like Donald Trump could ever have been called our president. I long for the end of this nightmare that has descended on my country and pray for our national deliverance before too much damage is done.


My generation of radicals and breakers-down never found anything to take the place of the old virtues of work and courage and the old graces of courtesy and politeness."

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


"When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency." ~ Samuel Johnson


"I cannot imagine a truly beautiful world without courtesy being integral to its culture."

~ Hrishikesh Agnihotri

Can be good if it done with civility and respect. Wonderful Saturday to you my friend.


Play Projects

Happy Blue Monday 😊😊😍


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Don’t talk to me about civility.

Until we hold old white men accountable for evil.

Until the billionaires don’t wine and dine while other starve.

Until Black men aren’t wrongfully convicted or killed at the hands of police.

Until hate crimes stop.

Until people start mattering more than profit.

Until the Natives get their land back.

Until we stop fearing lone gunmen that acquired a gun easily without a background check

Until people with disabilities don’t quiver in fear that their healthcare will be taken away.

Until all humans no matter how they identify can be respected and treated fairly

Until women aren’t treated as hosts for the babies of rapists.

Until immigrants are welcomed here without hatred or discrimination.

Until we start protecting our environment.

Until every woman can find an abortion clinic easily and isn’t shamed for it.

Until we stop waging war and killing innocent people.

Until nearly extinct animals stop being hunted for sport.

Until the Constitution and Separation of Powers starts meaning something.

Until children stop being caged in our names.


If you are an American. If you are patriotic. If you care about Democracy.


Don’t talk to me about Civility. Talk to me about Impeachment.

From the Jonson Excursions group:


"Provides information about upcoming SL excursions (via foot, water, rail, road, and air) as well as other activities that might interest group members. Enjoy the tours, but please treat others with civility and always respect homes and other private spaces."


Here's an example of some of the water tours. There are also road and rail tours that are equally impressive.:



(Updated 23 Mar 2020)


Jonson Excursions (JEX) group conducts water tours across several SL regions -- current sites include:


Primary dock for RIVER boat excursions, located in the Wichi sim on the Sansara continent. Please note that Jonson Landing is the main hub for all Jonson holdings, so includes information about other Jonson activities and locations


OCEAN boat tours may begin at various starting locations, depending on routes and destinations. Most will start at rezzing zones in Blake Sea or nearby sims, and landmarks for start locations will be provided as attachments to tour notices.


Hub for tours of venues related to surfing, our newest theme. These tours will visit various surfing venues around SL, and usually combine walking, swimming, and of course surfing. Start location landmarks will be provided as attachments to tour notices.


(SEAPLANE excursions are available when requested, but with very limited accommodations, due to SL aircraft operational considerations. These tours usually originate at seaplane bases in Grand Manan or St Martin, and may include visits to various Blake Sea destinations.)" ~ Seaplane Jonson


Seaplane posts the events in the Jonson Excursion group.

The excursions are fun and informative. Please join the group and come along! Check out the other available tours here:


Go! :-)

Reckoning Day


I saw this woman struggling to walk and I instantly felt sad. She was trying to get to the pharmacy, presumably to buy much needed medications.


For many Americans, paying for food and healthcare is something they simply cannot afford. The level of care, or lack thereof, that many people experience is an affront to civility and compassion in a nation with the resources that we have.


It won't be much longer before it is clear to everyone that an assault on the poor and needy, as well as middle class Americans, is underway.


Those with the most are plotting to steal from those with the least, as it has been since the beginning of time. Nonetheless, a day of accountability awaits them all.


As I watch the American politicians cut deals with the powerful to insure they remain in power, I imagine what it will be like for each of them, when they stand before the one whose power they cannot overcome, and they are at the eternal moment of reckoning.


Amid the less than desirable street scenes in the Downtown Eastside and Gastown, there are some gems of civility.


One is The Birds & The Beets. at 54 Alexandra and 55 Powell Streets in Gastown.


The room has an entrance on both streets - they combined two previous restaurants into one delightful space - lots of original exposed brick and wood.


I love their whimsical name and their window sign, one of two, the other is in blue, both on the Alexandra entrance.


The cafe opened mid July 2015 and was an instant neighbourhood favourite.


The cafe serves breakfast and lunch. Fresh made in house bread, sandwiches, pastries and coffee.


I wonder if they will survive COVID-19 ?


Mexico City, MX


The Movimiento Estudiantil de 1968 (1968 student movement) was a social movement, sparked in part by the large amounts of public funding used to build Olympic facilities for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Begun by a broad coalition of students from Mexico's leading universities with widespread public approval, the movement advocated for political change in Mexico, especially the reduction or elimination of authoritarianism.


In the background, the movement was motivated by the global protests of 1968 and the struggle for a democratic change, more political and civil liberties, the reduction of inequality and the resignation of the government (the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party -PRI).


The political movement was suppressed by the government with the violent government attack on a peaceful demonstration on 2 October 1968, known as the Tlatelolco Massacre.

Although not immediate, there were lasting changes in Mexican political and cultural life because of the 1968 mobilization.

Created for the "Award Tree" Groups challenge, "Autumn Diptychs".


Very early on a beautiful, idyllic, October morning I set out to "get" some Autumn shots. This particular park, Craigleigh Gardens, always yields up some wonderful images for me. I particularly love this gate to the western entrance.


Craigleigh Gardens is in a very exclusive neighbourhood called Rosedale and has always been for me a very special place. Every single time I come here, anyone who's there, usually walking dogs in the early morning sunshine, always says "hello" and "good morning".


No one seems to mind the wacky photographer waving his iPhone around in the air. Because of who the Rosedale residents are I think they're quire respectful of art and so they often smile and occasionally ask me what I'm doing. All with respect and genuine interest. It's quite striking for a city that's known for its Impersonality on the streets.


There is a calm here, a dignity and a wonderful atmosphere of welcome and civility. Would that the whole city was like this.


Click on Image to Enlarge !!!


© Richard S Warner ( Visionheart ) - 2015. All Rights Reserved. This image is not for use in any form without explicit, express, written permission.

La Bahía de la Concha es la imagen de Donostia / San Sebastián: la más clásica, la más fotografiada, la más visitada… La playa de La Concha es la más céntrica de la ciudad; partiendo del Ayuntamiento y hasta el Pico del Loro, en su kilómetro y medio de extensión de arena blanca priman la elegancia y la urbanidad.

El otro elemento principal de la bahía es la Isla de Santa Clara que cuenta además con su propia playa, que es una experta en el arte de aparecer y desaparecer. Su pequeña superficie, que no supera los 30 metros de longitud, la deja a merced de las mareas, pero también le ha proporcionado su exquisito encanto.


The bay of La Concha is the image of Donostia / San Sebastian: the more classical, the most photographed, the most visited… La Concha beach is the most central of the city; starting from the Ayuntamiento and until the Pico del Loro, at kilometer and a half stretch of white sand take precedence the elegance and civility.

The other main element of the bay is the island of Santa Clara which also has its own beach, who is an expert in the art of appear and disappear. Its small area, which does not exceed 30 meters in length, the left at the mercy of the tides, but has also provided its exquisite charm.

HSS 😊😊😍


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This work was done in collaboration with my friend Leo Mayrinck, a wonderful portrait photographer. You can find the link to his studio and beautiful works below:


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*Working Towards a Better World


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*Working Towards a Better World


It seems to me as if friendship and respect are being thrown out the window in American politics. This presidential race is ugly and unpresidential. Let's get back to civility and debate the real issues, creating a more diverse and accepting population and throw the mud flinging out, it is petty, childish and puts the American people off politics! It is time for the presidential candidates to act presidential!


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hideaway in East Berlin 2009 [I am trying to dodge certain groups with this one]

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


A wonderful thing about true laughter is that it just destroys any kind of system of dividing people.

John Cleese


We need to seek wise leaders who will seek common ground among Americans instead of dividing us further for political gain. As citizens, we must embrace those who embrace ideas, thoughtfulness, civility and kindness to others no matter what their political beliefs.

James McGreevey


I guess I just don't see America as separate from Vietnam or Ethiopia. This mentality of 'our team's better than yours' - it's a high school idea. My kids don't see those dividing lines, and I don't want to either.

Brad Pitt


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It’s not a question of religious preference, it’s not a question of should government be big or small. I don’t have a problem with any of those topics. But the disregard for decency and truth and civility is what’s really disheartening. It feels like a Country that celebrates stupidity is really taking it up a notch.” - Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

really? there seems to be some difficulty on the question of democracy. the point of civility was to advance society, to better meet the needs of all it's peoples.


genocide, and murdering dissenters, is not about promoting civil discourse. it's about stifling the discussion.


no need to ruminate....hate does not equate.


Please, click and read here for more information and credits, thank you


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❤️ Moon Hair ❤️


Pic taken at The Missing Whale







Mourning the erosion of decency, truthfulness, civility, tolerance, compassion, and common sense.

Work has been very slow, so I made this to fill some time. A Full-blown CAD car was one of those things I never thought I'd do because they take so long... but... when you're stuck at a desk anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And I ain't no communist, and I ain't no capitalist

And I ain't no socialist

and I sure ain't no imperialist

And I ain't no democrat

And I ain't no republican either

And I only know one party

and its name is freedom

I am a patriot

And the river opens for the righteous, someday

Steven VanZandt


"can't we all just get along?"

Rodney King

I just finished reading Amor Towles' wonderful novel "A Gentleman in Moscow" - loved it so much that I went right over to the library to pick up a copy of his previous work "Rules of Civility" - hope I enjoy it as much!


ODC - Endings


Thank you in advance for your views, comments, and faves. They are much appreciated!

Into what

We do not know

Hopeful for a more peaceful existence

One that doesn't end sadly

But continues with compassion

For you

And me

To live in unity

With civility

This is my wish.


angie lambert

This is dedicated to my friend, Anne whose beautiful works you can see at the link below:


This work was done in collaboration with my friend Leo Mayrinck, a wonderful portrait photographer. You can find the link to his studio and beautiful works below:


Human Family


I note the obvious differences

in the human family.

Some of us are serious,

some thrive on comedy.


Some declare their lives are lived

as true profundity,

and others claim they really live

the real reality.


The variety of our skin tones

can confuse, bemuse, delight,

brown and pink and beige and purple,

tan and blue and white.


I've sailed upon the seven seas

and stopped in every land,

I've seen the wonders of the world

not yet one common man.


I know ten thousand women

called Jane and Mary Jane,

but I've not seen any two

who really were the same.


Mirror twins are different

although their features jibe,

and lovers think quite different thoughts

while lying side by side.


We love and lose in China,

we weep on England's moors,

and laugh and moan in Guinea,


and thrive on Spanish shores.


We seek success in Finland,

are born and die in Maine.

In minor ways we differ,

in major we're the same.


I note the obvious differences

between each sort and type,

but we are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.


We are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.


We are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.


Maya Angelou


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How was Mrs. Ross bearing up? She was like someone in mourning, only worse. When a mother loses a daughter, she grieves over the future that her daughter will never have, but she can take solace in the memories of close-knit days. But when your daughter runs away, it is the fond memories that have been laid to rest; and your daughter's future, alive and well, recedes from you like a wave drawing out to sea.


"Rules of Civility"

Amor Towles

There is a man who stands in the unlikely overlap of civility and barbarism. He is cultured, educated, and well mannered. He is ruthless, calculated, and destructive. The rogue gentleman. A wolf and a hunting hound. He is a patriot to some, and a lawbreaker to others.

Every age has these men, though they are not always seen. Some noble, some wicked, they are the privateers.

For this sort of man, the Driftwood Revolver Guild has crafted a fitting piece.


(Comments and notes are very welcome)


but a statement of one's politics :-)

Robert Brault


HFF!! Resist!!


dahlia, j c raulston arboretum, ncsu, Raleigh, north carolina

I think this must be evidence of a certain amount of civility and cooperation among those who park like this.

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