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Civil War Reenactment Union Soldier, 150th Anniversary

Estado civil: feliz!


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Credits - Amitie pose, Fameshed, Lana, Rama

Challenge sur Flickr : 086 : Scene / Panoramic

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ГРАЖДАНСКАЯ ОБОРОНА : Name of a Russian Trash Metal Group : "Civil Defence"

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Civil dusk at Warwick cove, in Warwick, Rhode Island

Taken at the Civil War Sight in Munfordville Kentucky the old barn is in worse shape than I though.

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A replica of a sword or sabre from the Civil War Re-enactment 93rd Regiment of Pennsylvania.

2015-09-19 3288-CR2-L1T5


Going through more archives....mostly looking through photos from 2015. This was taken in September 2015 at the Civil War reenactment at Van Raalte Farm in Holland Michigan. Here is shot of a soldier before they went into battle.


I can't believe that it was 5 years ago that I went to this reenactment.


So would this be like street photography from the mid 1800's?

Today's the day:) I'm seeing civil war tonight at 10:30 and I'm super excited. I know I haven't posted my team iron man lineup yet, but I'm just waiting on some parts to update and a commission. Once those get in, I'll post it. Hope you guys enjoy:)

Looking towards the Civil Courts Building in St. Louis, MO from the pool at the Citygarden.

Wilson's Creek 150th Anniversary Civil War Reenactment.


city hall - civic center, san francisco, california

Dallas, Texas statue auctioned off for over 1 Million dollars

1960 Borgward B555 A at the PS.Depot in Einbeck.

Lo que dejaron las bombas, Belchite, Zaragoza, Aragón, 04/19

Sorry Tony. But he's my friend.

So was I.

The Civil Air Patrol is a civilian auxiliary branch of the US Air Force that was created in 1941

Tony Stark

Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Everett Ross

Sharon Carter

Adobe Create gave a free painterly action. I tried it today. If you would like to try it the download site is:

This is a group of ladies at a Civil reenactment in Georgia. Enjoy!

At the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, Charlo, Montana.

Seen at the Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum inside the 1840 Frederick County Courthouse in Winchester, Virginia.


just done some custom from the Captain America 3 : Civil War and I think they all turns out pretty sick :)

from L to R :

Black Panther : a pretty simple minifigure but turns out really great the body was Zod's

Crossbones : just thought the bootleg Zane's mask will be a good idea for the helmet and it turns out SICK!

Winter Soldier : try to make this custom for like....1 Y3AR!!! but it never just like the way I want....but after the trailer....I got some ideas!so here's it is!

Falcon : didn't painted lots of things on him but turns out great ;)

Civil Rights Photographs of Joseph M. Chapman 1960-68

Freedom Rider James Peck during treatment for injuries received in two beatings by white racisits.

Shot this today in preparation for tomorrow's game between Oregon and Oregon State - The Civil War - Go Ducks!

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I don't need your civil war

It feeds the rich while it buries the poor

You're power hungry sellin' soldiers

In a human grocery store

Ain't that fresh

I don't need your civil war


Guns N' Roses - Civil War




View my 'Alέxandros “Mixed Emotions” set Slide Show

Wilson's Creek 150th Anniversary Reenactment.

Civil War Days - Hartford City, IN

Cropredy 375th anniversary battle

Civil War Days - Hartford City, IN

Captain America: Civil War (2016)


NB: Star-Lord's face is used for Bucky. I felt the expression and facial hair fitted well.

I updated my Cap and I really like how he looks. So I through together a Civil War trailer Bucky and Tony with Rhody (I can't spell). Enjoy :)

Manchester Civil Justice Centre


2015-09-19 3291-CR2-L1O5


This is a shot I took about 2 1/2 years ago at a Civil War Muster in Holland at Van Raalte Farm Park.

Civil War Reenactors at Fort McHenry in Baltimore

2015-09-19 3253-CR2-L1O3


I haven't been out much lately so I will post another shot from last year. This was taken in September at a Civil War re-enactment at Van Raalte Farms in Holland.

Me 5 years ago in AZ getting a tin type done. My truck was set on fire and one of the only thing to make it out of the fire was this. the outfit and gun burned up in the fire but I still have this.

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