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Light Night 2014 in Leeds.


Taken from the top of the Leeds Town Hall Clock Tower on Light Night.


For one night only the city centre comes alive with spectacular large scale light projections, exhibitions, installations, film, dance, music, theatre and street performances.


Many of the city’s arts organisations and public buildings open their doors late into the night as artists transform their spaces into temporary showcases of their work.

City of Minneapolis from the 24th Ave pedestrian overpass spanning Interstate 35W.

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This was taken from the third deck of the building it is very interesting how it is laid out there is so much space my one tip is if you are going to NY forget about going to the top of the Empire state building and go up the rock instead as the views are better and you don't have to wait for hours to get up to the top.


Seattle's skyline reflected in Elliott Bay: I waited for the ferries to stop running on an almost windless night, and got lucky because no large watercraft had come into port. When the tide was at equilibrium the surface of Elliott Bay turned as close to glass as it was gonna get....that night, anyway.

Hey guys! Long time no see ;-)


I was pretty busy and really had no time to keep in touch with you in flickr. I hope to be able to visit more often...

Bangkok city night view with main traffic high way.

The best skylines in the world have iconic buildings that make them instantly recognizable. New York is obviously one of the best, and the skyline has no shortage of standout landmarks. At the time of its completion, the Chrysler Building was the tallest in the world, but it held that title for less than a year until April of 1931 when the Empire State Building opened and took the position of worlds tallest.

Tamar Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong (添馬公園, 金鐘, 香港)


Victoria Harbour in Blue Hour.


Explored Dec 19, 2014

NYC Downtown view from the Rockefeller Center during dusk on a cloudy day in November.


Happy new year and have a great start in 2014!!!

Nanjing Road , Shanghai , China

Thank you everybody!!!!

Singapore skyline

December 2014


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Did you find something that all the landscape are uniformed in the darkness

And changed their faces appear as manifold under the lighting or illuminate


The City Quay area of Dundee has gone through a lot of changes in recent years with the redevelopment of office buildings, residential and leisure and there is still plenty more to happen and on calm night the reflections can be perfect


Canon 1DX : 50mm : 8s @ f/16 : ISO 50


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Just before it rained and a rainbow appeared.

It's so hard to find some spare time for the photography now, but i try.... Here's a picture from my recent visit to Moscow. The Moscow-city International Business Center is a great subject for the photographers. I wanted to make a picture of this impressive modern city dostrict for a long time.


Here's a panorama of 16 shots, hdr.


Thank you for all your comments and favs.

Explore#124 18-8-2013


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New York City (NYC) skyline looking East from New Jersey across the Hudson River late at night,


Nikon D3s - Nikon 24mm PC-E (HDR - 9 exposures)

Image taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park at the blue hour. This is one of my favorite places. No matter what time of the day or evening, there is always a multitude of people photographing Manhattan Skyline.


Best wishes to all for a Great New Year!






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May 2014.


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Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II;

Lens’s focal length: 17-40 f/4 L USM

Photo Focal length: 24mm;

Aperture: f/13

Exposure time: 13 sec.

ISO 125;

software: photoshop CS5 Mac


Large View:


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In 974, eskinivvach had its first documentary mention. This name stems from an old Germanic language and means “Settlement near the ash trees at the water”. This origin is noteworthy for showing that the town arose before Franks overran the area, which was some time between 500 and 700. As far back as Merovingian times, a Frankish royal court arose here, which kept watch as a border defence over the ford (crossing) on the Werra leading into Thuringia, and which still stood in the 10th and 11th centuries. At this time, Saint Denis was still the foremost saint, having been the Merovingians’ main saint, to whom the church in the Old Town is consecrated.

The first documentary mention is found in a document from Emperor Otto II, in which he bequeathed the royal court and the settlement to his wife Theophanu. Their daughter Sophia founded on the Cyriakusberg about 1000 a canonical foundation for women (in which women did not take vows, but nonetheless lived in a conventlike environment) consecrated to Saint Cyriacus, which existed until the introduction of the Reformation into Hesse in 1527. All that is left of it now, though, is the Karlsturm (tower). Market rights were granted about 1188, and town rights followed by 1249. It was in this time that the groundwork was laid for the cloth- and leathermaking that flourished on into modern times.


Beginning in 1264, as a result of the Thuringian-Hessian War of Succession, Eschwege belonged, under Henry I, Landgrave of Hesse, to Hesse. On 12 May 1292, he offered King Adolf of Germany the town of Eschwege as an Imperial fief and was given it straight back along with the Imperial castle Boyneburg as an hereditary Imperial fief, thereby raising Henry to Imperial Prince, greatly strengthening his power in Hesse.


In 1385, Landgrave Balthasar of Thuringia moved to town and in 1386 he built a castle. In 1433, the town passed back to the Landgraviate of Hesse. Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, William IV, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Maurice, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel expanded the castle into a palatial residence. From 1627 to 1632, this was Maurice’s “old man’s seat” after he had abdicated, and from 1632 to 1655, Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Eschwege, a sideline in the so-called Rotenburger Quart of the house of Hesse-Kassel, was resident here, although he did not actually live in the town until some time after 1646. In the Thirty Years' War, Eschwege was sacked and widely laid waste by fire in 1637 by Imperial Croats under General Johann von Götzen. After Frederick’s death in 1655, his (part-)landgraviate passed to his brother Ernst of Hesse-Rheinfels. After 1731, his grandson, Christian of Hesse-Wanfried transferred the residence of the Landgraviate of Hesse-Wanfried to Eschwege. After the Hesse-Wanfried male line died out in 1755, the landgraviate passed to the Hesse-Rotenburg line. Once their male line also died out in 1834, the whole Quart passed back to the main house of Hesse-Kassel.


The town acquired in 1875 a railway link when the line from Bebra to Eschwege was built. Niederhone station (as of 1938, Eschwege-West) was the junction of two lines, the Cannons railway and the Bebra–Göttingen line.


After the Second World War ended in 1945, Eschwege belonged to the United States Zone of Occupation. The US military administration set up a displaced persons camp to lodge Jewish citizens. This camp, in which up to 3,300 people lived at times, was dissolved in 1949.

A reedit of an old photo!


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Version paysage prise quelques minutes après la précédente.


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The Celebrity Solstice docked at Circular Quay. A floating City docked in front of the Sydney CBD.

Landscape of Singapore city with sun set

Shot during Blue Hour


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