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Possibly my all time favorite photo of my entire collection of efforts throughout the years. Not everyday that the criminal justice undergrad from Southeastern Oklahoma State University gets to travel to Boston, MA and have a reason to make an appearance at Harvard Law School. It didn’t quite pan out as I had hoped – the Julian Assange of 2006 apparently had other plans that week, but look how ‘citizen journalism’ has turned the world on its ear since, huh? Not to mention how Harvard’s very own ‘Facebook’ wasn’t even open to the general public at that point and now has been given credit for the overthrow of some of the world’s most oppressive regimes.


Special thanks to my dear Natalie – you know I’m going to cash in on my leading actress Academy Award winning homie, right? Really though, if I’m not crazy, then I do believe that Natalie paved the way for making my trip to Boston and Harvard a little less intimidating than what it may have otherwise been. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she just so happened to be working on ‘V for Vendetta’ during my trip to Philly and preceding my trip to Boston. Not sure that I would call it fate, but there must be some reason why it all worked out that way. I’m sure it made my ordeal all the more poignant for her to be witness to.


Shava Nerad and Michael Rand.

Things that power a citizen journalism conference; Coffee, bottled water and laptops. There is a notable lack of danishes, though.

Dan Gillmor lets Dan Bricklin talk at the 06 Wikimania conference on Citizen's Media. This picture was used in the Berkman Centre's 10 year anniversary publication:

Tara Hunt, Chris Messina, Caroline Nellemann holding the mike.

Attentive listeners (and commentators) at the 06 Citizen's Journalism conference at the Berkman Center

Rex Hammock nibbles his glasses.

My name tag, notes and ubiquitous Starbucks coffee from the 2006 Wikimania conference on Citizen's Journalism

Steve Garfield vlogs the Unconfrencee

Someone abandoned a USB external hard drive box in the bathroom at Pound Hall during the Citizen Media unconference at Harvard. I couldn't find a USB port on the toilet.


The hardworking Doc Searle (middle) taking live outline notes from the Citizen's Journalism conference. Left: Andrew Lih, Right: Dan Gillmor

Andrew Lih speaking at Wikimania Citizen Media unconference in Pound Hall at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass.

Jason Calacanis of Weblogs/Netscape talking about legal issues at the Citizen Media unconference at Harvard.