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These stories are somewhere between the odd and the ordinary. Dream-like images revolve around the mystery and the secret. Continuous duality expressed through light, composition, colour, character and the truth about fiction and manipulation leads to inventions and playfulness. However, the pictures still refer to a world that real people inhabit. via 500px

Here are a few from my overnight roadtrip to Lake City, Colorado, a couple weeks ago.


I drove up and around the mountains from Durango to Lake City. Then, the next afternoon, I drove up and over the Cinnamon Pass. It's a fairly nasty 4x4 road that goes straight over the mountain and directly to Silverton.


I was battling with bad light the whole time. The sun was behind thick clouds about 95% of the time. Mountains and trees without any light on them are just kind of... Blah.


These are some of the very few decent shots I got from that trip.

I love the scent of Cinnamon and with the Holiday's upon us, I always have lots of Cinnamon out! The glass container these are in is an Antique Zipper pattern that belonged to my Mother.


Thank you Lenabem-Anna for the wonderful texture!


I wish all my USA friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hugs to all <3

A simple image, but 'tree-atrical' enough to post :)

St. John, US Virgin Islands,

Virgin Islands National Park

Catch you later!!

A pair of teal at Ridgefield, WA.

Cinnamon Jolly Rancher shot for Macro Mondays "heat" theme


I would also like to dedicate this image to {dramadancer1} ♥ who wrote me my first testimonial. She is a very talented young photographer. Check out her beautiful photostream.

A couple of gorgeous, little Cinnamon Teal (Anas cyanoptera)


Hidalgo county, TX

I am actually cooking.. not taking pictures .. am I?

A crocheted hat commissioned for Kaya.


It's supposed to be Cinnamon Roll. But I don't know if it looks like Cinnamon Roll. -_-


Explored. Mar 23, 2011. #479. Thanks!

A shot from inside the car. He was so busy eating dandelions that he wasn't too concerned about anyone. Gorgeous bear.

"Primp and preen, always primp and preen"


"Hmmm, that off-the-shoulder blue is doing something for me"


Las Gallinas, San Rafael, CA.



explore! #8! that's sick!

Cinnamon Teal Seen at Cherry Creek State Park.

Instead of having spores on the underside of its fronds like many other species of ferns each spring the cinnamon fern sends up unique fertile fronds from which the spores will be released. This long lived herbaceous perennial will survive winters and droughts as underground roots and reemerge with the return of spring. The Florida Department of Agriculture lists cinnamon fern as a "Commercially Exploited Species," which means that it cannot be removed from the wild for commercial purposes without a permit.

Port Aransas, Texas-1504


Cinnamon Bear




Okay: update on this photo


It's actually a photo of a framed picture on our wall and the bokeh dots are from the the lights on our xmas tree

A Cinnamon Teal leaves the pond after being disturbed by a dog.

Thank you everyone for all your comments and faves on this photo. It seems it's been around the world a few times. That is so amazing to me!

It wasn´t so easy to take that shot....the whole site was somehow overframed by light.

Cinnamon rolls to sale in the souk.

Las Gallinas, San Rafael, CA.

A very popular spice in Spain...

Made Explore...

A collage of the wonderful flavor of cinnamon, and company in color: nuts & hazelnuts.


Are you ready for the St. Valentine's cake?¡ :-D ♥

Selva El Tuito, Rancho Primavera, Jalisco, MX


March 2017


Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve.

#Cinnamon is one of the oldest #spices known. In ancient Egypt it was so highly treasured that it was considered more precious than gold.


I wanted to play with some cinamon for last week's Macro Mondays theme but didn't get the time. Thought I'd have a go tonight.


All my kitchen project photos are in this album:-


Cinnamon TealCinnamon Teal Male

Macro Mondays theme : Spices & Seasonings

A very happy MM!

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