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You take the high rd and il take the low rd

Detail of an art car on display at Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax in Grand Prairie, Texas.


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One taken a few months back, when the snow was still on the ground.

The wanderer ever seeks new paths to explore....


After a bit of a hiatus how does this place work again?

Dents, rust and crooked chrome on this abandon Buick Eight Special.

View of Chrome Hill, From the path from Hollinsclough.. Peak district, Staffordshire, UK

In case you did not recognise them these are airport trollies

Been to a classic car show, so expect lots of blokey car things and shiny chrome haha! This Chevy was pretty cool. Best viewed large.


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Another one from Sunday morning; taken on the lower slopes of Chrome hill with the pointy parkhouse hill in the distance.



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Continuing on my Vancouver icons quest this is the George Norris crab sculpture in front of the HR MacMillan Planetarian, I've noticed that over the years the lustre on the chrome has somewhat dissipated. I used to go there as a school kid for some wonderous space shows.

As the light breaks from Chrome Hill.

Por si interesa alguien, pille este tutorial, de el me inspire para hacer esto. Por otro lado el primer retoque era un fractalius.

Another shot of mirrored buildings....believe it or not ....but there is hardly any photo treatment here folks....mostly all camera work....The sun was just beaming in the right place...and the chrome window edges looked afire...but I was shooting in B/W ....I added just a little color to the flags...and softened it up a tad..... cool stuff...

Chrome on a scooter. From the 13th annual Bristol Italian Automoto Fair #biamf

1952 International - Hyde Park, NY

A bit of a climb to get up here, and probably not a good place to be if you get vertigo, but some tremendous views from the top. My favourite shot from today.


I am amazed (and delighted) that this has had so much attention - thanks for all the views and comments!

Chrome Hill is a limestone reef knoll on the Derbyshire side of the upper Dove valley, just South of the town of Buxton.

With the inversion lifting and gray cloud floating in, there were just a few moments before the fog completely enveloped Chrome hill.




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“The gleam of chrome is as irresistible to a man as the word "sale" is to a woman”


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Buildings down by the river in Gothenburg, Sweden - break out the Chrome polish this could take some time

Another shot taken whilst wandering up Wireless Road in Bangkok at 6 am one morning. On my way back from Lumphini Park, I noticed these steps and the brightness of the chrome against the greening concrete. They lead up to a footbridge at one corner of the park and in front of a sports centre.


From the My Thai - a cocktail of shots set.

These are chrome tubes of lipstick.


With car access for these last couple of days I headed further afield. I spent a very grey afternoon exploring the Roaches before heading back up to Sheffield via Parkhouse and Chrome hills - I just couldn't resist a go at sunset.


Luckily, for the few moments before sunset, the light did everything I wanted it to (first time that's happened in ages!) and I managed to fire off a few shots before it disappeared again.


Photo taken outside the Tate Modern, London, last weekend.

BSH Extreme custom bikeshow 2013

Thanks . . . enjoy

Great day out round the peak district with my Dad (78) me (49) and my 16 year old son. Three generations proud. Funnily enough this was the first and probably the best image of the day. Weather was so changeable.

Chrome hill in the centre dwarfing Parkhouse hill the conical shaped hill to the right of Chrome


Packard sedan from 1940 - Poughkeepsie, NY

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco

if you look carefully, you can see people


de young museum

san francisco, california


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Merci et à bientôt.

Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir.


Exit the Lightning wrap, here is the chrome one!

Looks like a Centenaire like that, quite cool!


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A lone tree growing on the ridge of Chrome Hill in the Peak District national park, taken during winter whilst covered in snow.

Unfortunately Parkhouse hill opposite this didn't have any snow on, which was a shot I had in mind.

Chrome Hill is a limestone reef knoll on the Derbyshire side of the upper Dove valley. It is adjacent to the more distinctive but lower Parkhouse Hill.


Chrome Hill was declared open access land under the provisions of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. However, the only access from the North West remains along a concessionary footpath. Chrome Hill contains good exposures of Gigantoproductus fossils; it is part of a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and visitors are asked not to remove geological samples.


In 1997, the writer Jeff Kent discovered that a double sunset could be seen against Chrome Hill from the southern flank of Parkhouse Hill. Two years later, the author discovered that a similar event took place from nearby Glutton Bridge, on the upper valley of the River Dove, which was more easily accessible. Shortly afterwards, the phenomenon was first captured on film by the photographer Chris Doherty. Since 2002, Kent has offered guided public viewings of the occurrence from Glutton Bridge on the summer solstice and the night either side, with a fair degree of success. The phenomenon is visible from Glutton Bridge in good weather for a short period around the summer solstice, when the sun sets just to the southwest of the summit of Chrome Hill, begins to re-emerge almost immediately afterwards from its steep northeastern slope before fully reappearing and later sets for a second and final time at the foot of the hill. The precise event and its location are described in Kent's book The Mysterious Double Sunset.


Chrome Hill has had songs written in its honour by the Norwegian musicians Sigurd Hole (Chrome Hill) and Jonas Howden Sjøvaag (Up on Chrome Hill). In 2008 the Norwegian jazz quartet Damp changed its name to Chrome Hill.


Chrome never gets old.

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