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The Christian House in Heritage Park, San Diego. Heritage Park has preserve some of the Local Treasures(Houses), that would have been otherwise destroyed in the name of progress. The covered windows are due to current renovations

15/10/2014; Not quite sure what this has to do with Christianity, the text for example wasn't looking very biblical to me (but then again, what do I know about the Bible?), but at least it's looking good in the Gärten der Welt.

Oh, Christian Benetel is in my 365. No big deal. Jk, I'm still fangirling just a bit :3

This evening I met up with Alex and Christian and shot around the beach area at night. It was pretty awesome to say the least, considering they came all the way from Australia and just happened to be staying in my town for a day. Fancy that.

More coming soon wooo!! :D



Hanging out with (my brother) Lil Bra tonight....


Spring is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is another shot from yesterday's outing after my vist to corby crags i headed to the coast, with the tide being out i decided to go to holy island. the shot is of lindisfarne castle. the castle was built in the 16th century on top of a volcanic mound known as beblowe crag. thank you for taking the time to look. christian island gordon lightfoot

Christian Radich is a Norwegian fully rigged,named after a Norwegian shipowner.,It is 62.5 m long, with an overall length of 73 m including the bowsprit and a maximum width of 9.7 m. She has a draught of about 4.7 meters and a displacement at full load of 1050 tons. Under engine power, the Christian Radich reaches a top speed of 10 knots, while she can make up to 14 knots under sail.

Captured during a visit to Liverpool.

Bennetts Suzuki

British Superbikes

Christian was having some fun and showing off the biceps a little during our December 2nd photo shoot. He just moved to NYC from Orlando to pursue a career in modeling.


© 2007 Michael Huitt Photography



"This graceful residence was constructed by Harfield Timberlake Christian, founder of an early San Diego abstract company. It is built in a popular late Victorian design characterized by a variety of chimneys, shingles, a corner tower, and encircling veranda."


Heritage Park

An abandoned 'Christian Church' in Picher, Oklahoma, with a handy sign above the door in case you couldn't tell from the architecture.


In 1926, Picher had a population over 14,000. By 1930, it was half that. In 2008, about 150 remained. This past weekend, I only saw maybe two or three places that were still clearly occupied as residences.


Why the exodus? Because the air, soil and water around Picher, Oklahoma are contaminated with runoff from over 70 million tons of 'chat' and 'tailings', leftovers from decades of lead and zinc mining in the area. The contaminants were poisoning the residents (children were especially susceptible), and led the federal government in 1983 to turn the whole area in what became known as the Tar Creek Superfund Site, with residents gradually being bought out of their property as a form of assistance to get them to relocate to...anywhere else.


The process of systematically evacuating the town was expedited somewhat in 2008, when an F4 tornado rolled through Picher, killing 8 people and decimating some 20 blocks of the already crippled community. Surely that was enough of a sign to the remaining few that they should get the hell outta town.


Also included in the Tar Creek Superfund site are two smaller communities; Cardin, Oklahoma, which now appears to have only a single resident, and Treece, Kansas, about a mile to the north of Picher, which is similarly abandoned.


The scene driving around the Tar Creek area is both creepy and surreal. Besides the abandoned homes on every street corner, it seems wherever you turn, there's another massive mountain of chat, looming over the treeline, a reminder of why Picher has become one of the most toxic places in America. If you look at a satellite view of Picher on Google Maps, you'd almost think the area was a sand desert, the white colored mounds are so enormous and prevalent throughout the area.


Truly, Picher is an interesting place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there...


Please take a moment and view this image large on black...looks much nicer.


Night, full moon, ambient sodium vapor light, CTO gelled X2000 flashlight and natural strobe.


An unusual sight on the River Tees. Christian Radich revisited the area and is seen here escorted by pilot boat Greatham.

Religious and glorius view of the christian cathedral of Rouen in France



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wetplate collodion

5x7 alumitype, derogy no.4 lens


feat. Christian. Thanks!

Christian - Santa Cruz, California. I asked Christian what she was out doing today in Santa Cruz. She said she had been enjoying her visit and after riding her bike from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz she was quite pleased with the community here. She was studying holistic medicine... then it dawned on me what she had just said... You rode here on a bike from LA to here?!?!? Yep, she explained how she, quit her job, had given herself 30 days travel time, then just got on her bike and started... 60 days later she pulled into Santa Cruz. Wow that is quite the undertaking!!! We talked quite a bit about the community and cool places she shouldn't miss. I gave her my card and told her how to find her photo. Then we shook hands and we departed. Thanks Christian, happy trails.


Using a new beauty dish... pricey but liking the profile compared to the Octa. Here I'm using it as a slightly off axis fill. I dig that the power can be kicked way down to get quick recycles and longer life. Good throw, sweet spots about 4-5 feet away. It's a little more contrasty light compared to the super soft light coming from the octas. Here I have it socked.


Canon 5D Mark III w/ 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

Elinchrom Quadra into 22" Mola Demi, camera left


082/100 as part of my current 100 Strangers project

today, i had the chance to spend my day wandering around san francisco with my best friend, christian benetel and his sister alex. it was truly, without a doubt the best day of my life. as you know, i've been going through a huge artistic rut and this whole day has inspired me so much to go out and pick up where i left off. i couldn't be happier.


facebook page

Figure atypique de la course de côte en France, Christian le photographe a bien voulu poser devant mon objectif.

Dj Christian Vlad @ Beleza Pura 10th anniversary - Beleza è party no stop -

From the December 2nd photo shoot with Christian. This was his first shoot for his modeling portfolio.


© 2007 michaelNYC

More from a recent fitness shoot with Christian. This was our second shoot together to add to his modeling portfolio.


© 2008 michaelNYC

This photo didn't turn out well.


* Too much glow

* Not a great expression

* I look like an amputee

* Not sharp / too much grain

* Exposure & more


I have a busy day today and don't have time to make it better, but this 365-day project is a learning experience, and pictures like these help me learn what *not* to do. So, that's good.

sorry guysss I had to put the "nightvision" effect on it. But uh plz comment! (p.s. isn't the whole picture)

While taking twilight shots around False Creek earlier this evening, I let my friend Christian use my tripod for a while, as he did not bring one and I wanted to give him a chance to take some long-exposure shots. Instead of just sitting around, I decided to take this long-exposure shot of him in action.


Thanks for the great day, Christian! I hope you had a good time and got some great shots...



Christians Island (Christiansø) near Bornholm, Denmark.

Christian Science Center - Massachusetts

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