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Just three of the many chickens at Abbeywood Gardens, friendly little souls who all came over to say hello.

I had the wrong lens on the camera. I think it's funny. :)

This little mother presented us with an unexpected chick. "Surprise!" she said.

What a challenge! Great fun and another stretching experience. Thanks, Bill.

12" x 14"

"I'm not a mallard but I got feathers too and I'm a lot more handsome"

Ahhhhh, don't mention that around me!

It's been too long since I've posted any chickens. Here they are.

I think the chickens actually welcome my visits now. Nothing suspicious about that weird critter with the black box practically attached to her nose. I'm still quite fond of these ladies.


[SOOC, f/3.5, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125]


This is the name of this chicken pen since the owner has actually build several places I.e office etc. so of Georgetown SC


Cockerel - Marton Fisheries.

Found these chickens at the Tonka fence ranch. They truly were free range chicken. They kept following me across the road. I guess they thought I had food.


Happy Sliders Sunday

No this chicken is not dead, she just drops to the ground and takes little mini naps. Otherwise she is a perfectly normal egg laying hen. It's the strangest sight. She lives with other chickens on a nearby farm :-)

Hi everyone! I'm back...


A few more photos to follow later today. Thanks for the previous best wishes, etc.

I think she saw Billy our dog and decided to make a run for a it...


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Cockerel- Marton Fisheries.

Taken through chicken-wire

Erase un pollito bien plantado

que marcaba el paso en una esquina,

con su mejor traje endomingado

echábale el ojo a una gallina.


Y el pobre pollo enamorado

llora su pena desengañado,

por la gallina francolina

que puso un huevo en la cocina.



Quiso el hado ingrato que ésta fuese

una coquetuela sin piedad,

que del pobre pollo se riese

hasta que se supo la verdad.


Y el pobre pollo enamorado, etc.


(José Goles)

Tired leads to lethargy which leads to nachos so I finally listened to my body and napped while it stormed. Crisis averted and energy returned, what a difference. Grateful she had the confidence to range so far hunting down wood ducks to photograph but it does make a mama nervous.

All my photographic images are copyright. All rights are reserved. Texture: Muffet I took this in a town called Chicken, Alaska a few years ago. I'm going through the ones I never got to back then. Spring has yet to come to upstate NY-so there's not a lot of "pretty" subjects outside.

This is our Blue Barneveld chicken


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Egg-Laying Chickens


[SOOC, f/2.2, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/250, +1/3 EV]

lovely plumage...

Chicken at Birmingham Zoo

Our hens having fun on the vestiges of our vegetable garden.

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