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actually feeding but caught at a very interesting time

Even the chickens are colourful in Costa Rica!

Just three of the many chickens at Abbeywood Gardens, friendly little souls who all came over to say hello.

This little mother presented us with an unexpected chick. "Surprise!" she said.

This is our Blue Barneveld chicken


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But does make you look a cock, A strange looking bird at the ice-cream farm on the way to Buxton

Many friends of mine think that this is an arranged cock fight.

I would like to say that it is not.

While returning from some place, I stopped to buy papayas in the roadside marketplace and discovered these fellows start fighting by themselves. I got just a minute to take a few shots before they were hurriedly separated, Nobody wants to sell bloody and injured chicken, right ?

Ahhhhh, don't mention that around me!

This is the name of this chicken pen since the owner has actually build several places I.e office etc. so of Georgetown SC


Taken at the start of a riverside walk in Fakenham, Norfolk.

I think she saw Billy our dog and decided to make a run for a it...


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No this chicken is not dead, she just drops to the ground and takes little mini naps. Otherwise she is a perfectly normal egg laying hen. It's the strangest sight. She lives with other chickens on a nearby farm :-)

I think the chickens actually welcome my visits now. Nothing suspicious about that weird critter with the black box practically attached to her nose. I'm still quite fond of these ladies.


[SOOC, f/3.5, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125]


Normally chickens run away from you, but this one was very photogenic. I'm guessing she thought I had food.



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Taken today on my way home from the bank. It was overcast and very hot, probably some storms are on their way, which means my internet connection will probably become temperamental for a while.

Laforest Road ... Timmins Ontario My Grand Daughter Ema has this Chicken so tame , it follows Her all over the place ... :-)

Cockerel- Marton Fisheries.

All my photographic images are copyright. All rights are reserved. Texture: Muffet I took this in a town called Chicken, Alaska a few years ago. I'm going through the ones I never got to back then. Spring has yet to come to upstate NY-so there's not a lot of "pretty" subjects outside.

Something (someone) I encountered on my camping trip.

Found these chickens at the Tonka fence ranch. They truly were free range chicken. They kept following me across the road. I guess they thought I had food.


Happy Sliders Sunday

Our hens having fun on the vestiges of our vegetable garden.

Explore Interestingness for July 8th.

Bawk Bawk Bawkeh

Chickens have a way of looking at things that most people don't understand. Fortunately, we don't need to!!


These cute chickens live on a dairy farm on Jackson Ranch Rd, Arcata. They frequently get out of their enclosure and take a nice stroll along the narrow rural road, watching grass grow, nibbling on different bugs and grasses and enjoying their freedom for as long as it lasts. They never stray far because I think they decided that "free roaming" meant actually making a decision, like which direction to go!!

taken from Fujifilm Finepix S2950

5" x 7" acrylic on birch board. Gold plein aire framed. I must like painting chickens...


$100. Soon to be available at

I haven't seen them since last fall - one of our neighbours keep them as pets - 3 of them in different plumages/colors - the third is red-brown. They're rather cute ;)

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I know its not a great shot, but I don't suppose there are many macros of chickens on flickr

Egg-Laying Chickens


[SOOC, f/2.2, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/250, +1/3 EV]

Chickens roam freely around Grand Cayman Island. The Roosters wake everyone up at 5:30am. The chicks are the cutest to see, tagging after their mothers.


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