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Taken from the John Hancock, Chicago

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Here in Chicago we are bracing for what some are calling a "snowpocalypse" or a "snownami" given that it may be our largest snowfall on record in over 100 years. They are also predicting up to 25foot waves on Lake Michigan just a few blocks from my house. I guess we shall see.


Even though the ground is already white, I wanted to share a picture from downtown Chicago back at the beginning of January before we entered our 3-month snow cover. This little park, which still had up its holiday lights, is located on Chicago Ave, just a block off of Michigan Ave and next to one of Chicago's historic fire stations. I have always thought they should just leave these lights up all year long.


Good luck to my fellow Chicagoans the next few days, and to anyone else in the path of this storm.


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View from the plane!


Back to chicago! I took so many photos on my trip - but only uploaded a few because I was busy and didn't have good internet access - and now I don't even know where to start with uploading them! Stay tuned for lots more birds...


The Great Lakes, this past winter, were 85% frozen over. A few weeks ago I checked out some of the amazing ice formations that ensconced the Lake Michigan shoreline in Chicago. With Spring finally arriving here, I'll post these shots as a farewell to winter … and a testament to its sleeting fame :)

The ceiling of the former reading room of the Chicago Public Library, now the centerpiece of the Chicago Cultural Center. This magnificent translucent dome, 38 feet in diameter, is made of Tiffany Favrile glass. - "Watch What Happens," Wes Montgomery


Spring (mid-May) when my heart starts.


I was recently told, "you are a real romantic, aren't you?" I know what that means. It means - in the minds of many - that, sometimes, at the end of some days, romantics end up on the short end of the emotional stick; with heartache and heartbreak often "your only friend." I say "sometimes" knowing that one time, is one time too many, for a lot of people.


Well, bitter does go with sweet in this life, although the ratio of "A" to "B" ain't fixed, immutable nor arbitrary, truth be told.


Is "romantic" that bad a thing to be? Compared to the exquisite heart- and love-affirming joy one takes with one the other times? Perhaps it is, but I think not.


Yeah, well, as yin is supposed to mix with yang - I guess I'll just have to take the whole thing.


(Dawn: Monroe Harbor; Chicago)


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Three IC SD70s lead L536 south at 39th St in Chicago, IL under foggy and rainy conditions

It's a beautiful 40 degree (F) day in Chicago and the ice is melting and and everyone is enjoying their day off and trying to keep their kids away from the edge.

Here is the sister shot to the NBC Building. The camera is pointed a few degrees further North. In the background you can see Lake Michigan.

Beautiful Blue Hour of the windy city.


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Canon 7D

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

1/20 sec, f16, ISO 100


So I received some great advise to stay at the Holiday Inn in Chicago because of its awesome views of the river. I loved this shot at sunset. I'm open to any advise on cropping suggestions or post processing. Let me know what you think!

a very cold, freezing, bone chilling Chicago sunrise shot last January by the Adler Planetarium....i just loved the 90 degree weather we had yesterday and hopefully get more of those kinds of weather in the next few days...this is a multiexposure handheld HDR image autobracketed at +2, 0 and -2....pls. View On Black

Taken back in October. Still trying to get all of 2007 posted!

Rush hour is in full swing on the UP-NW line and outbound Metra #609 breezes into Norwood Park as the city awakens to the warm glow of a new day.

North Pond, Lincoln Park

I may not be the first person to take a photo of the Chicago skyline from this angle, but as my friend Claudia G. Kukulka reminded me, that doesn't mean I can't take my own :) Plus I liked the light. Wishing you all smooth sailing in the week ahead!

Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

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A train entering the Adams/Wabash station in the Chicago Loop. In the background the 423m tall Trump Tower stands out,

Evening view of the Southwest Chicago skyline from Chicago360 (John Hancock Centre Observatory).

This view has been shot and seen countless times by others but witnessing it for myself for the first time doesn't make it less breathtaking. I can't resist snapping away and just glad my handheld P&S Panasonic camera did a decent enough job.

I intend to go back and try to get a photo of this where both the horizon and the vertical edge of the gate are perfectly aligned at right angles. When taking this I made sure the horizon was straight and then realized later the vertical bar wasn't quite at a right angle to the horizon from that perspective.

View of Chicago from Lake Michigan, Illinois, USA.

Amazing city.

Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago

Happy Fence Friday. There isn't much of a fence here but it's enough. I played around with this one and had some fun, as you can see from the picture below..:)

That's Chicago's Alder Planetarium in the back drop. It was opened n 1930 and it was America's first planetarium. I didn't have enough time to visit it on this last trip. Had to save something for next time.

Going through some old photos and found some that I'd never developed.

Chicago is a friendly town.


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The Chicago River looking West along Wacker Drive just after sunset

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