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Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago

Tulips and fading daffodils around a fountain in Chicago. I took this blue-hour shot last night over on the far west side of Chicago in a neighborhood that might be considered a little rough. I had been wanting to shoot it all spring but just never had the time to drive over there at sunset or else not been able to because of the grey rain. Last night was our frist really clear and pleasant sunset in a while.


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I am not one who views the past as better than today. Not at all. But, have we lived up to the promises the period of the 1940's to 1970 seemed to be moving towards? Are we happier, a better nation than we were in 1967? In some ways, "Oh my goodness, yes." In others....


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(If you are old enough you may get the irony of the next statement: In today's climate Richard Nixon probably would not qualify as a Republican candidate for President. What does that say about these days?).


So why doesn't our art, in any or all of it's forms, express any kind of the positive "feelings" of that aforementioned 30-year span (in spite of a lot of really tough events in the world); feelings that we now seem somewhat embarassed to express ("it's hokey") in 2012? Especially our young generations? The road ahead is no less unknown now, than it was back then (or at any other time in history).


Put this on - - and 25 year olds all around the world will start to jump and groove and bob their heads and hands to it (and I dig the hell out of this too!!). But, my goodness, how different are the feelings in these songs from different time periods separated by 25 years (`67 to `92). Not better, not worse, but so different.


Perhaps us older folks will have to keep up the feelings of "Groovin'," while we "Jumpin' Around" as best we can.


"I ain't writin' no obiturary here, Darlin's. I'm just ponderin', is all."


Northerly Island Nature Area, just south of Downtown Chicago, along Lake Michigan.


Distressed Jewel

Scan from film taken with Olympus OM1 on Ilford film on the Midway (University of Chicago), Chicago in 1977

Night time view of Chicago skyline from Adler Planetarium.

Chicagoist Around Town 3/16/11


Gapers Block Chicago 3/18/11


Happy Fence Friday. There isn't much of a fence here but it's enough. I played around with this one and had some fun, as you can see from the picture below..:)

That's Chicago's Alder Planetarium in the back drop. It was opened n 1930 and it was America's first planetarium. I didn't have enough time to visit it on this last trip. Had to save something for next time.

Here is the sister shot to the NBC Building. The camera is pointed a few degrees further North. In the background you can see Lake Michigan.

a very cold, freezing, bone chilling Chicago sunrise shot last January by the Adler Planetarium....i just loved the 90 degree weather we had yesterday and hopefully get more of those kinds of weather in the next few days...this is a multiexposure handheld HDR image autobracketed at +2, 0 and -2....pls. View On Black

Chicago, IL - O'Hare Airport.

Commuters arrive in Chicago for another day of work and pleasure

This is a new edit of a photo from last summer. I'm looking forward to thunderstorm season!

Photo by Mike Boening


Shot in Live Composite mode on the Olympus OM-D E-M1

Under the the tracks. This was my favorite way to get around town. We used the water taxi on the water ways below, and that was pretty cool as well but a lot slower.

Yeah! Tomorrow is Fence Friday..:)

When I was taking a walk near Art Museum Chicago, I saw this bird taking bath in the fountain. Just when it was drying itself I took this shot. I just loved those droplets there.


I have one more of this bird, will upload it next.

A cloudy day in Chicago.


For awhile now I've been posting almost exclusively photos taken with my Sony Nex, because it was new and it was summer and I was carrying it around all the time. Now that I'm back to school, I'm not carrying it with me all the time, so here's the return of the iPhone photos!

Another fisheye shot I took on my last trip to Chicago. Never took so many fisheye shots in my life, mainly because it was below zero and I couldn't seem to move my hands enough to change the lens. But the fisheye is handy when trying to squeeze in all those humongous buildings.


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Pixelmama roused us at 3 am Chicago time (1 am Portland time) to go shoot the sunrise at the Navy Pier. We were so glad to have her energy and enthusiasm motivate us to see Chicago in this beautiful morning light. Trina, thank you for the wonderful time we spent together!

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Happy Sliders Sunday!

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Navy Pier very early in the morning


Was in Chicago from 5 a.m. through late in the evening, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

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Statue by Thomas Schuttë. At the Art Institute of Chicago, Modern Wing.

FRONT PAGE EXPLORE August 20, 2009


its been weeks after weeks maybe months that there was a decent sunset or sunrise in Miami. which is not normal for Miami or as long as i remember never happened before. i have been traveling a lot around the country and noticed the same thing. ugly weather. For last 2 weeks i actually went out and sat there for a sunset but all i got was huge clouds covering up the sky and poor sun being eaten by these monster clouds well before sunset time. Not sure if i am the only one thinking this or someone else has noticed this too. Any input will be appreciated.happy shooting folks.


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Leading down to the walk that trims the Chicago river.


First time I went to Chicago, took these picture while driving

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