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say "cheese" is an instruction used by photographers who are having difficulty getting their subject to smile. by saying "cheese", most people form their mouths into what appears to be a smile-like shape. additionally, the absurdity of saying "cheese" for no apparent reason can incite glee in some people. (wikki)

so when i tried the same thing on my kitty friend to whom you guys are pretty familiar by now.. and you know that how much she loves me...guess what pose i got....

Cheese Grater building. Green and messy processing. Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

Cheese! :D

Whoa, thanks for all the favorites *~* I was in shock when I saw how many there were when I came home! *~*

DAIRY PRODUCTS is the Topic for October 16th 2010

Be sure to check out Mikes (click here) and Sonias (click here) photo streams when they upload their shots from this wicked location soon!


As if it wasn't enough to have a classic Sydney sunset combined with heaps of smoke flying over from the bushfires... We just happened to be standing on a cliff known as the Cheese Block, for reasons that should be apparent.


Shortly after I took this shot tonight, we started packing our gear away and then it was like someone flipped a switch, the whole sky turned from red to purple and it took on a completely different look. I'll have another pic of that soon.


Thanks again Mikey for showing us down here mate, couldn't have asked for more from this place!

entry for Sunday Night Phlow.

last minute rummage through the house to find something shiny.


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Time to Cut the Cheese....

The young lady's smile is the result of me asking........So....what do you sell here then?!!!!!!! ;-)


Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints and smiles. Kill nothing but time.....


Flick Bar - PHOTO OF THE MONTH!!!!!


cheese from toscana for Mr. bercsky © All rights reserved

Being a Graphic Designer, I have a habit of all too frequently visiting gourmet foodie shops as I adore collecting funky food and product packaging. At the moment I am loving the UK based - The Fine Cheese Co.'s - cracker boxes and fruit pastes.


Taken at Cheese Market (Kaasmarkt) in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

The largest of its kind anywhere in the World, this cheese market turns a square in central Alkmaar into a hive of activity, as the cheese carriers dart about, slaloming between thousands of Gouda cheese wheels lined up on the ground.traditional merchant cheese markets as operated in the post-medieval period, re-enacted during the summer months for tourists. The shows are today surrounded by stalls selling all things traditional to the Dutch culture, including cheese.


Dutch cheese farmers traditionally brought their cheeses to the market square in town to sell. Teams (vemen) of official guild cheese-porters (kaasdragers), identified by differently coloured straw hats associated with their forwarding company, carried the farmers' cheese on barrows, which typically weighed about 160 kilograms. Buyers then sampled the cheeses and negotiated a price using a ritual system called handjeklap in which buyers and sellers clap each other's hands and shout prices. Once a price is agreed, the porters carry the cheese to the weighing house (Waag), and scale of their company.


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Say "Cheese, look at the bull's eye " and have a great Saturday !


I have been super lucky lately finding great vintage cameras for almost nothing... Got this beauty last week for $25...


Best viewed in Light Box!

Happy Birthday To You..

Happy Birthday To Cheese Cake..

Happy Birthday To You ..

Happppppyy 20th Brithdaaaaaay My amazing Friend Cheesoo ! ..

We've Been Friends for over years and Its my honor to have

a friend like you..

Augh ! .. why is it so hard to say what you really really want to say..

Cheeso ! .. Your Such an amazing friend and i just

wana wish you a happy birthday min kil galbi..

and i hope u have the best birthday ever my legal friend ;D *lol*

Love Yaw..


* i wanted to be the first i know

its not November 18th Yet (A) ..

* And btw Not a design i painted that =|

for odc2 - starts with C

Zeiss Distagon T* 1.4/35 ZE


These guys were more than willing to pose for a photo.

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The things I do for cheese..

Week 7 of 52


It's been a while since I uploaded anything and I missed the last photo comp so I thought I'd do it anyway. I'm not too sure the processing suits the shot but I've spent ages looking colour tones and vintage processing so I thought I'd try it...


Side note, Car Rig v1 was a fail. I found some old plastic tubing that we used for a hockey net years ago so I decided to see if it would work. It was actually quite light and surprisingly stable but the plastic couldn't take the weight of the 5d + magic arm + 17-40 and stress marks started appearing at the joins. On to v2...


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....Swiss Cheese is a rip-off! It's the only cheese I can bite into and miss!.....

Enough of Crete for now , to Alkmaar,Holland


Every Friday there is a cheese auction held here. The cheese is brought out on these barrows, by two men to the market


More info here


More candids here


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I'm not sure if this guy was posing for me or just annoyed with me photographing him.

Either way it was good for a laugh.

Another from a recent trip to London with Paul C Stokes and Daniel Borg. After a bright and sunny morning in London the skies opened to heavy rain and thus outdoor photography was finished for the day. A quick decision to find some indoor locations was made and we landed up at the British Museum. Think I lucked out with my timing here.


Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

He loves this cheese paste

From Kenosha, Wisconsin, just north of the Illinois border. One of the many cool roadside attractions alongside the old Federal Highways. This one is going away soon in favor of a shiny, big, new palace. Photographed with Hipstamatic and an iPhone 4.



Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

Processed with my General Workflow (desaturation boost) Lightroom Preset.


Food & Drink Project - #5/50


White Stilton Cheese with sweet Cranburries on biccies. <3 Yum!


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No trip to Wisconsin is complete without stopping at the Mars Cheese Castle.


© Andy Marfia 2011

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