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Parc des Buttes Chaumont - Paris


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On Explore #242 July 31, 2008


This was taken late in the evening just before the sun went down. I stopped briefly then drove to the gas pumps........


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Hasselblad 500C/M + C80 T* + Fujicolor PRO160C @ 3m30s exposure


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Matheson Hammock Park, Coral Gables, FL


I am not sure what they are doing to the benches at Matheson Hammock Park, but some of them were gone completely. It'll soon be B.Y.O.


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Filtro polar barato


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Take another piece of my heart now, baby

How To Use Sida Cordifolia to Lose Weight Fast

One of the many ways to blow time while at port in Cozumel. I have an image with one of those $50 stickers on my forehead but decided I should be worth a little more than that.


The real reason I'm posting this image is because two of my grand children saw it and made me promise I would put it on Flickr. They are a 7 year old girl and a 5.5 year old boy. They both can read very well and are quite computer literate. The have their own Mac and look at Grandpa's pictures on Flickr, so I now have no choice but to put it up. Please be tolerant! -:))


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(somewhere, Namibia) Crappy light painting of quivertrees. Night sky was nice tho'...

For Scrapiteria theme: Cheap.

When you get up in the morning and the light is hurt your head

The first thing you do when you get up out of bed

Is hit that streets a-runnin and try to beat the masses........



Hipstamatic & CinemaFX

Enquanto não compro lentes macro, me viro com os filtros mesmo...

I did manage to do things other than catching fish this summer, I also got out and played with old/cheap/film cameras. One of my goals was to use up ALL the film in my rather large stash, and I'm two frames of 35mm away from that goal.


These Ilford disposables were pretty impressive. I bought them ages ago for something else, so the film has long since expired. Still looks great!

I was burning things outside with a magnifying glass, like every other teen did at some time. I noticed the dew on the ground was incredible.. I'm a sucker for that water droplet stuff, so I went over with my camera, but I couldn't focus close enough, so I decided to use the magnifying glass from before. All be danged. Here's what I got. Why buy a macro lens when you can just use a magnifying glass? Just kidding. I spent hours correcting aberration and problems caused by the magnifying glass.


Hope you Enjoy :D


I got an invite to Getty Images, so check me out here:

Mann Island, Liverpool, UK.


My Merseyside set.

For the thrill of it, we ran across the bridge for trains.


This was taken with a 2MP phone camera.

Grey rollerpaint




a cheap shot, this one. it was really foggy one morning the other month. actually, it was really foggy two mornings, but this shot's from the first one. anyway. this particular scene is taken from midway between södermalm and old town, from slussen, looking at the central bridge, in stockholm.


so there.


oh, and i wish my d700 was back from the doctor's. it's broken. dead. as in non-functional.



-Nikon D60

-Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG MACRO


it actually looks pretty cool haha

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