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7DWF : Martes: Tema libre / Tuesdays: Free Theme / Crazy Tuesday Theme: "Doors


Como veis por aquella época no utilizaban llaves pequeñas...

Esta puerta pertenece al Pazo de Lourizán, un precioso edificio de finales del siglo XIX con mucho aire romántico, situado en Lourizán, Pontevedra.

Ville de Chaves dans le Traos os Montes au Portugal

"The Chaffinch Is The UK's Second Commonest Breeding Bird, and Is Arguably The Most Colourful Of The UK's Finches...Its Patterned Plumage Helps It To Blend In When Feeding On The Ground and It Becomes Most Obvious When It Flies, Revealing a Flash Of White On The Wings and White Outer Tail Feathers...It Does Not Feed Openly On Bird Feeders...It Prefers To Hop About Under The Bird Table or Under The Hedge..."





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They were nice lads who were happy to pose for me.

Today in Bury St Edmunds the new Arc shopping centre was opened. Only a few shops were ready fro today including Debenhams, H&M, Next, Costa Coffee amoung others. Must have been quite a rush yesterday and this morning as the grout between all the flags was still wet with plenty of residual surface dust. I guess they're relying on any forth coming rain to wash it away.


Unfortunately, but expected, the courtyard area became, as my daughter described it, a Chav magnet. Plenty of BMXers, pimped cruisers in the car park but surprisingly the Sk8-bois were nowhere to be seen...

Episódio 6 - Uma chave para cada fechadura


@ 2oo8


Who doesn't love some chavs? Its Matt and I's goal in life to be a chav and buy matching slazenger's tracksuits.


It was also my first time taking a photo with someone else so thank you Matt for being so patient :) Never again! lol

preço baratinho. Aceitam-se encomendas

preço baratinho. Aceitam-se encomendas

Detalhe na Rua de Santo António

Rufous-collared Robin, Tecpán, Guatemala

Yellow-eyed Junco, Tecpán, Guatemala

The Wastelands, Aposiopesis Fullstop DJ, Dec15-2018

It's holiday season and the Chav Family are enjoying a break at the beach.

on the hunt for a big strong rough man x

lembrança de chá de bebê

ready to go out clubbing x

6"x4" (15x10cm)

Framed, photo-collage, acrylic & gold leaf on stainless steel



Private Collection of Steve Collins

Most cats around here are quite timid and nervous, but this one, we've nicknamed 'Chav cat', seemed slightly more daring!! ('Chav' = A young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour, according to


I do feel sorry for her (I assume she's female)- it can't be very comfortable having to wear a waistcoat!

Steller´s Jay, Tecpán, Guatemala

how I like my first dates to end x

"Siga sua felicidade, e o universo vai abrir portas para você, onde só havia paredes"

Filme (O Segredo)

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