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We are having GLORIOUS weather at the moment. I work just on the river so lunchtime was fab today..just sitting out watching the boats go by and the geese terrorise the swans and vice versa. And chavs playing frisby with their pitbulls who probably have convictions of their own - in doggy world. Good times!


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BMW 530 M-Tech Sport on the Beach at Eastney, Portsmouth.

3 Litres of power and perfect balance.


My car that leaves the Chavs in their Pugs standing - ha,ha.


pencil on paper




so happy i finally got a stary night to shoot this ! :D ive been trying for atleast two months every time i get here it clouds ove but to night its was relitivly clear :D


so i shot as normal lighting first than stack on :D just after id finished my lighting i heard voices not to far away of which i thought were chavs wondering about so we did the norm all lights off a stayed super still and silent. after about 10seconds a random blackberry came out of the darkness with what seemed to be a very angry farmer who was rather aggresive in mannor who thought we were half inching the lead from the roof after a good 5min chat about stars and the likes he wondered off :D leaving us in peace to shoot away :D half hour stack cut short due to CLOUDS :( !!



Betterish big on black?!




#86 - Leaning 100 pictures

All of the roof tiles have now been stolen from the former York road library and public baths. No doubt the building will fall into further disrepair over the winter period.


The heat from the fire should have melted these cheeky Chavs lol.

Cross street, Manchester.


If it were me I wouldn't have my hand in my pocket :-p


See where this picture was taken. [?]

From the same Christmas Eve shoot, this was just after the police had left us in peace.


This resulted in the near death of the rest of our wool, a stray spark hit the roll and it started smouldering, luckily we got it extinguished just in time to get a few more shots out of it.


First horizontal spin too, really do like this result of the sparks coming towards the camera.

19 Motorcycle Coveralls! I love this store...check out Edo Japan sim as well which is where they are located. PaintO and the gang are amazing.


Today in Bury St Edmunds the new Arc shopping centre was opened. Only a few shops were ready fro today including Debenhams, H&M, Next, Costa Coffee amoung others. Must have been quite a rush yesterday and this morning as the grout between all the flags was still wet with plenty of residual surface dust. I guess they're relying on any forth coming rain to wash it away.


Unfortunately, but expected, the courtyard area became, as my daughter described it, a Chav magnet. Plenty of BMXers, pimped cruisers in the car park but surprisingly the Sk8-bois were nowhere to be seen...

Worthing is one of the most dull, chav-infested lifeless places in the world, ever. As I stared at this photograph in Lightroom however, all I could think of was some Sci-fi building site; a Mars base being built of steel.


Since I started exploring derelict buildings, I've had an unending twitch for building sites. Some similar effect drew me to them; whereas derelict sites are falling down, these are rising up. However, I'd never been able to get into one.


Until now! These flats have been going up for what feels like years now. They've had a 10-foot-odd high fence around them which has always put me off. But thanks to my Northern friend Michael (who likes to imply that, because he's from up North, that he is some kind of unstoppable force...) we were able to scale the beast.


Anyway, I had a great time and got some nifty shots. This one is (mostly) worth the freezing temperatures...


so another lovely eve with my girl :) thats still strange to say and i like it :D sights seen today : chavs, rude boys, a huge hash pipe???, lush fields and epic views, good times :)

I set out to take a compressed landscape shot of some trees in Brum centre. But as all the chavs were out it was making a rubbish shot. Backup plan was to take a shot of a falling leaf, I starred at this one for 2 minutes, it didn't fall, i started to look a lemon, so I left.


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The Image says it all ;-)


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When the fantastic Mr Rob Hudson offered to take me to an exciting location to do some night photography.. I had no idea he had Gabalfa Flyover in mind...


But as it happened we had fun, we were approached by chavs who thought we had speed cameras, and other delightful conversations like..


Joe Public - "Whatcha doing?"

Rob - "Taking pictures"

Joe Public - "What of?"

Rob - "Cars"

Joe - "oh..."


Anyway.. here's one before we hit the pub. I took a custom white balance shot from a nearby streetlamp and used that image to set the white balance - hence this one is just a RAW convert, no Photoshop! Hurrah!


Looking at it now though, it looks a bit 'HDR'-ish but its not.


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See where this picture was taken. [?]

Sorry about the editing on this one, i was rushing a bit, and i was really tired cause it was about 7:00am this morning..

This is from a shoot for my cousin that i did, which was focusing on "old housewife" and "modern housewife" the old housewife was more of a pin-up girl shoot, cause Charlotte and I like pin-up girls, they're classy : )

It was a real fun shoot to do, and apparently i make a good chav

Charlotte: If you weren't so normal, you'd make a real scary chav.

Me: Innit.


Enjoy! :D


Taken whilst being harassed by chavs throwing stones nearby and generally making arses of themselves... came out quite well considering...

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[ B R I T I S H ]


[] You drink a lot of tea.

[ ] You know what a brolly is.

[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.

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[ ] You use the word "bugger" or the phrase "bloody hell."

[] Fish and Chips are yummy.

[♥ ] You can eat a Full English Breakfast.

[] You dislike emos almost as much as you dislike chavs.

[ ] It's football... not soccer.


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Result : I'm an [ I T A L I A N ]

I will tag: اللي يبي يسوي لروحه ادد في الصورا :]


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a work in progress..... Part of something bigger that I am working on...... Since I painted that wall in the rain back at the beginning of the summer, people want me to put it all over the place..... good thing is..... I don't think I will ever tire of painting like this!

peep the "LARGE' version here:


This is a friends polo gt mk2


It's a beastttttt


So we took it to the darkest place we knew and shot the hell out of it for about 40 mins until local chavs arrived and started chucking fireworks about near our parked cars :( Not cool.


4 layered shots

1 lighting on car

1 under car

1 fill red

1 thick wool spin to cover up the orange sky ;)


Pretty happy with how this came out seeing how its the first time ive photographed a car .

Inspired by Peter Ribbecks scotlands not a post card series


The loch was so calm and peaceful, pity a bunch of neds (chavs) had camped out blasting techno and shouting at the top of their voices...then a mate said at least their out in the countryside...true, I must be getting get my big slipper on and cardy... oh and those who know me i didnt tag the wall..;)

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Stagecoach 34818 (PX06 DWD) a Dennis Dart, is seen at Rugby as it returns to Daventry with a D4 service. About a quarter of an hour prior to this, I cruelly got bowled on 36210, by someone waiting to get out of the car park to my right. Don`t worry Richard, I will try again next time!


6th July 2018.

Kings of concrete 11.

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"Chav Hawk" swings the corner at Corris, 13 years ago today.

A very tired looking chair at Hellingly Asylum. In its hay-day it looked as if it was very comfy.


I wasn't tempted to sit down tho!

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"The Chaffinch Is The UK's Second Commonest Breeding Bird, and Is Arguably The Most Colourful Of The UK's Finches...Its Patterned Plumage Helps It To Blend In When Feeding On The Ground and It Becomes Most Obvious When It Flies, Revealing a Flash Of White On The Wings and White Outer Tail Feathers...It Does Not Feed Openly On Bird Feeders...It Prefers To Hop About Under The Bird Table or Under The Hedge..."





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Single shot using GND filter to balance the light.

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