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Today in Bury St Edmunds the new Arc shopping centre was opened. Only a few shops were ready fro today including Debenhams, H&M, Next, Costa Coffee amoung others. Must have been quite a rush yesterday and this morning as the grout between all the flags was still wet with plenty of residual surface dust. I guess they're relying on any forth coming rain to wash it away.


Unfortunately, but expected, the courtyard area became, as my daughter described it, a Chav magnet. Plenty of BMXers, pimped cruisers in the car park but surprisingly the Sk8-bois were nowhere to be seen...

Worthing is one of the most dull, chav-infested lifeless places in the world, ever. As I stared at this photograph in Lightroom however, all I could think of was some Sci-fi building site; a Mars base being built of steel.


Since I started exploring derelict buildings, I've had an unending twitch for building sites. Some similar effect drew me to them; whereas derelict sites are falling down, these are rising up. However, I'd never been able to get into one.


Until now! These flats have been going up for what feels like years now. They've had a 10-foot-odd high fence around them which has always put me off. But thanks to my Northern friend Michael (who likes to imply that, because he's from up North, that he is some kind of unstoppable force...) we were able to scale the beast.


Anyway, I had a great time and got some nifty shots. This one is (mostly) worth the freezing temperatures...


so another lovely eve with my girl :) thats still strange to say and i like it :D sights seen today : chavs, rude boys, a huge hash pipe???, lush fields and epic views, good times :)

Sorry about the editing on this one, i was rushing a bit, and i was really tired cause it was about 7:00am this morning..

This is from a shoot for my cousin that i did, which was focusing on "old housewife" and "modern housewife" the old housewife was more of a pin-up girl shoot, cause Charlotte and I like pin-up girls, they're classy : )

It was a real fun shoot to do, and apparently i make a good chav

Charlotte: If you weren't so normal, you'd make a real scary chav.

Me: Innit.


Enjoy! :D

The heat from the fire should have melted these cheeky Chavs lol.

A pleasant evening at Petersfield Lake (in between the local chavs lobbing bottles and setting fire to wastebins) with Duncan Allan and members of the Solent Camera Club

a work in progress..... Part of something bigger that I am working on...... Since I painted that wall in the rain back at the beginning of the summer, people want me to put it all over the place..... good thing is..... I don't think I will ever tire of painting like this!

peep the "LARGE' version here:


Cross street, Manchester.


If it were me I wouldn't have my hand in my pocket :-p


See where this picture was taken. [?]

"The Chaffinch Is The UK's Second Commonest Breeding Bird, and Is Arguably The Most Colourful Of The UK's Finches...Its Patterned Plumage Helps It To Blend In When Feeding On The Ground and It Becomes Most Obvious When It Flies, Revealing a Flash Of White On The Wings and White Outer Tail Feathers...It Does Not Feed Openly On Bird Feeders...It Prefers To Hop About Under The Bird Table or Under The Hedge..."





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Who doesn't love some chavs? Its Matt and I's goal in life to be a chav and buy matching slazenger's tracksuits.


It was also my first time taking a photo with someone else so thank you Matt for being so patient :) Never again! lol

Kings of concrete 11.


Single shot using GND filter to balance the light.

Hum, this one looks a little flat now it's in the browser, and the pure white of the back wall looks fake, as does the way it merges with the wall and floor (This is strange, as it's one of the few parts of the shot to have not had the P/S treatment) Looks great big though, and has printed nicely.


This was another image for my Local musician set, the Tuba player is Matt Ireland, the Drum major at Kings CCF now I believe. He's pretty talented on the thing, and is a good poser - happy to put up with my less than perfect directing skills.


The image was shot in a underpass in Chester (We had to wait for some Chavs to leave first) and we had a few weird looks from people walking past, but it went pretty well.


Matt - if your seeing this, email me... I need to arrange to get you a print of this, and I lost your email address.


Strobist Info

All light you see on subject is Ambient, but walls lit by strobes. Theres a lot of P/S work in here, so the lighting is pretty different to the original frame, but I think it all pulled together.


1st Light

Bare strobe fired at the wall behind subject, to bleach it to the pure white that we see: it reflected off on the the right hand wall, to create some of the lighting on it. Exposure Unrecorded


2nd Light:

Home made grid spot, which was raking the side wall, to bring out the texture. Exposure Unrecorded

Shame it got kicked in by mindless chavs

Press F for Fancy a drink, mate?


Hanging out with me crew in our new #meshmerized chav suits for the #tweenster.


Read about our outfits in this Blogpost by Ƈєɗяιc:


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vitavi photographie - Photographe à Nouméa

chafinch getting its dose of afternoon sunlight the other day

Ria and her pals on the way to her latest gymnastics competition. The trackies (their club uniform) made them look chavvy but of course they are angels...

builders rigger boots riggers labourer scally trainers chav

En mode "Blade Runner", Eté 2093 à la Croix 2 Chav. Une compo "Digital Painting" par mézigue...



Shorts with tights is this year's fashion statement but surely not when sunbathing on the beach. Typical Chav fashion victim I'm afraid. I do love it as a look though.

03/11/12 Cropped using the Aviary Editor after 929 views.

04/11/14 Cropped again after 29509 views.

Thank God for Photoshop is all I can say as these pictures were overexposed even though I was shooting at 1/1000th of a second. It was such a bright day that I decided to use my little Sony to shoot pictures away from the light and the Canon (at 1/3000th of a second) towards the light, needless to say I got horribly confused on many an occasion.

Although these young women are most certainly Chavs they did at least have partners, if not husbands, and were having a whale of a time on the beach, in the sea and chatting on the promenade. Nice to see and a great looking bunch of girls.

25/07/12 Darkened and trimmed in Aviary after 746 views.

Nathan Bowen aka Blak Chav created what I think is a really nice piece of street art.


Some of the characters are very colourful doing things that you would not normally see in these days of health and safety.


He has builders weeing, pirouetting, trousers down, raging, smoking a cigar, giving the finger, drinking, etc...


Here are some videos of Nathan talking about his work: and


Chav is the current derogatory term for the Working Class in Britain. We needed a new term for them because so many of them are unemployed. We have a lost generation of kids from 16 to 30 who have never worked and, probably, never will. Strangely it is not all their own fault but they do seem to have settled for fate dealing them a bad hand. These two unmarried Mums can't even afford a bikini between them so settle for exposing their underwear and way too much flesh, well MacDonald's really aren't that good for maintaining your figure, are they? For all that I still thought they were well worth a snap particularly the one flat on her back who was really rather attractive.

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I iss slammin' da Cappa wiv' da neons, innit. Banging in da hood wiv da boom boom choons...


Exposure: 60 sces

Aperture: f/5.0

Focal Length: 10 mm

ISO Speed: 100

Smithfield market, Dublin

Had a great time taking photos of these two today =)

We narrowly avoided a chav thwacking though

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