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Rilakkuma aka "relax" bear, the larger and lazy brown bear.


Rilakkuma's favorite foods include rice cake, pancakes, and doughnuts. :)

This was a request from my elder daughter who loooves those plushes... ^--^

My dearest NY Twin Jenny sent me a Rilakkuma bento box for my birthday! :) Thank you sooo much, I love it! :) I am back from Bento hibernation. This bento has daisies to match the theme of the box. I have missed making bentos sooo much!


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The bee idea is from Luckysundae-san

And I this scene is from a memo pad found at From Japan with love :

Stick the sliced coconuts ears by choclted and sprey chocolates as their noses/eyes.

My sons ate them as their snacks^^

Simple + quick sandwich bento today. Busy week of work ahead of me. :( I bought shiso leaves the last Sunday and almost forgot to use them, so I must use them before they go bad!


Inspired by akinoichigo~! <3 I was browsing my bento blogs and she reminded me to use the shiso leaves in the fridge! Lol. So this bento is dedicated to her, for her endless creativity and great inspiration to all of us bento enthusiasts. I hope to be as good as her one day. :)

Their beaks are made from frozen corn.

Two penguins bento for me. Wrapped onigiri(rice balls) with kanikama fish cakes as santa's hat.

Two inspirations for this bento - first was Joanna Zhou's cool Kitty doll from Momiji - I love their stuff and I've wanted to do a bento of this character for ages! You can see the doll in the background there - love it! The second was sheree's cool use of cutters and the cute nori cutlery punch she used in this bento. As soon as I saw it I had to order a punch and make my own. I love sheree's bentos!


This is my Animal Crossing bento (again!) from J-List.

Don't know they're piggy or bunny^^; What do you think?

the bento challenge group (on here, and at is doing zodiac signs this week... i'm a scorpio, but my best friend doesn't have a bento box or a flickr account yet (get on it, kris!!), so i made one in honor of her instead of doing a scorp for me. behold my first charaben!

it's really not an easy thing to make charaben...

but it is really a great fun = D

Wishing all my Flickr friends a very happy and safe holiday!


P.S. Sorry the Christmas Cards are going out a little late~! :)

Bento Totoro yawns as he sleeps with other chibi totoro and makkurokurosuke. His bed which you can't see is made out of lotus root, inside his belly is a meatball.


More detailed photos here


Blog post & Bento sketch


How to make mini-totoros


How to "dye" rice naturally

Finally have time to make my Halloween Bento. I figured, better late than never. :) Last week was too fun with all the Halloween festivities~!


The brim of Rilakkuma's hat was probably the most difficult thing I've ever done for charaben. Mayo works magic. :) I also discovered that using saran-wrap instead of my bare hands to shape the onigiri is much easier and cleaner! I will be using that method from now on.


Happy Halloween!! Rilakkuma is a witch, and Kiiroitori is a bat. :] Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween Flickr friends~!

well, not sure but i think they are tamagotchi characters...anyway, i just love doing them when i can find fresh shiso leaves ! : )

other versions here:

Un p'tit clin d'oeil pour Charlie et sa maman qui se reconnaitront !... ; )


Hi to everyone, such a long time with no post !I hope you & your family are doing all right !

It's just a little hi & i don't know when i'll be back but i'm still enjoying your bento dear friends ! see you ! ^ - ^ /

Another angle. Fillings are scrambled egg, lettuce, cheese and crispy bacon.

Using 3/4 of the Cinnamoroll bento boxes today.

Probably I made this April..but I don't really like this . The color is not bright, I have to make this bento again!

He's sleeping in the bento box. His ears, arms and legs are made of sweet black beans. Tie(pin?) the beans with uncooked pasta.

Organic edible flowers from Whole Foods.

I made two bentos titled "spring has come" . This is (1)

♫ rain rain go away ♫

come again another day


Another weekend, another challenge. :D


Saturday, while my rice cooker worked with soy-sauce, I went to shopping to a supermarket where is bigger and a bit away just to find what I needed to make some chara-ben, but there were neither grapes nor violet cabbages. (+_+; Ouch.

I had to change the plan to another one, as freezing some balls of soy-sauce rice, tried it on Sunday, as you see above.


As I tried I waved over which lunch box is proper with the dueling-personality rice balls and their fave foods, the last one I used for Skullet was too small, this is the one I picked up for the third time finally.


Chara-ben (in Japanese style) is basically required to use only natural ingredients also for coloring as far as possible, not using artificial food colorings, because it's usually made for kids, in health. Under such conditions, the most difficult color to make must be blue or purple. BTW, I think why chara-ben could get so popular here is because we can make the basic color of white and black easily, with rice and laver. White rice is an empty canvas, you know.


Then, the ghouls and guys at Monster High usually have sort of "lurid" skin-tone that can be difficult to be reproduced in chara-ben with natural ingredients, that was a problem for me, until I found a solution. I found some kind of topping assortment made for chara-ben easily, at 100-yen shop. :D The assortment pack has 5 colors of topping, that can do coloring as blend it into cooked rice. It is made with lactose, starch, or other natural ingredients with natural colorant. Useful, and reasonable.


In short, that is the explanation for Holt's face color! xD


The normie boy was much easier to make, only except his glasses. That made me deadly tired.


All those were my dinner today, of course. The aesthetics of doom!



Now I'm active on Ipernity rather than here, please link back to:

Tabby was made from hanpen fish cake.

This was a request from my elder daughter who loooves those plushes... ^--^

Skull, pumpkins, and egg painted with food color paste.

Egg shaped with onigiri egg mold and decorated with nori.

Cookie cutter set here.


The trick to making neatly cut out brownies

is to cut them after they're baked.

Loft had 4 display cases presenting main bento themes for this spring season. This one represents cute decorative bento....though not I guess strictly charaben.

for the bento challenge group (bento challenge began over at livejournal).


Blogged here.

Very simple hello kitty.Easier to make before.

I made this bento for offering from some publisher.

Another waluses bento for my kids.

Un p'tit clin d'oeil pour Charlie et sa maman qui se reconnaitront !... ; )


Hi to everyone, such a long time with no post !I hope you & your family are doing all right !

It's just a little hi & i don't know when i'll be back but i'm still enjoying your bento dear friends ! see you ! ^ - ^ /

sun your buns~!!


may this brighten your day!! B)

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