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Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It's just a matter of how you view them.


Explore #194 on November 20, 2007. Thanks so much for all your comments, faves, invites and awards. :-)

polaroid chocolate100 expired film


colorpack2 camera

“Stones are hollowed out by the constant dropping of water.” ~ Ovid - Frio Suite, "Like Walking on Water"


"Whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong." ~ Lao Tzu


"Would this not be...Woman?" ~ Bob


View On Black








Dyrk.Wyst - "Writing on the Wall" - used four times - Dyrk's free textures

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Ahhh.... home!! So GOOD to sleep in my own bed again, visit my droughted garden, wild kitties, and unpack my poor car! LOL Mike got home safely as well and is feeling pretty good --- Grateful hearts all around!


It's a working weekend for me with a field trip on Saturday, cooking today for a class on dehydration I'll be teaching next week, and catching up from my time away.


This painting was done before I left for Charleston -- I wanted to focus on the colors of the heather -- to intensify those as the center of interest - and so I didn't paint in the bench from the original photograph. Seeing the painting again this morning - I think the addition of the bench would join the two trees somehow so I might add it later on. Still, I really enjoyed playing with these colors and the challenge of having those compliments work without becoming mud.


We've a cold front moving in ... at least for the weekend. Temps won't reach 70F ... quite a change from summer highs that hovered near the 100s!


Hope your weekend is restive!

My last one for this challenge. A little softer and more gentle portrait.

Thank you so much for your comments and awards. They're much appreciated! xx

The digger that made repairs has to return across a barrier.


Image taken at the National Park "Bayerischer Wald", Germany. 400mm Tele.

Created for K-Play, Abstracts~Scenes~Collages for June from from Lyle58 source (only the flowers)

1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


Bill posted an orchid challenge ( in the Watercolourist, Painting with Light group. I have been painting 'loose' flowers for a while, and thought I'd return to more traditional watercolor techniques to approach this very formal flower.


I tried scanning my painting on 2 different scanners, but the light bleached out the pale yellow, sky blue and magenta background -- but if you squint a bit, you can just about see the colors in this upload.


THANKS so much, Bill for the challenge - Wonderful fun!


We've another late night gardening class tonight -- vegetables -- my favorite topic! And a full-house and waiting list!


I took a long walk around the campus yesterday - already crocus are up, forsythia is a bright yellow, and our apricot trees (Prunus mume) are in FULL bloom -- yet the temps are in the 40s making spring seem more like a dream than the flowers may reveal ...


Hope your day is grand!

pride of Barbados, Lakeway, TX. Sony A6000 and Micro Nikkor 55/3.5. I have been trying for several weeks to make an acceptable composition of these beautiful but wiry flowers. Inspired by Mustang Koji, I decided to try out my trusty old Micro Nikkor 55/3.5 macro lens on my new Sony A6000. The focal length and close focus were just right to capture a single flower, f/16 to get enough of the flower in focus.

Watercolor on Backinford paper.


Laju, segundo informação de Masste, é uma vila da cidade de Mondaí, que se localiza no extremo oeste do Estado de Santa Catarina, também próxima a Argentina e ao estado do Rio Grande do Sul.


My friends, thanks for yours nice comments, invites and visite !!!


This challenge fell to Karen:


It was her call: “everyday object(s) – no restrictions on the processing, just gotta’ be recognizable.” So, hint, hint, this is either an apple or a postcard.


Karen's entry:

ZedZap's entry (Nick):

Nick's Image #2 - - Thievery Corporation


The apple was at work on my desk. I don’t know why it was there, how it got there, how long it had been there, or who gave it to me. Probably my co-workers. They eat healthy at my office (I do to for my 50-years of "Micky-Ds" upbringng, but not quite by todays youthful standards). Lots of 30-something, Green-Earthers who think they are going to live forever if they eat natural, organic foods.


Actually, One; it will just feel like forever; or Two; imagine their surprise when they find out they are still gonna’ die, and that refined sugar and saturated beef fat (like Prime Rib) actually promote long and healthy lives.


Apples are good for photographing, putting in pies with lots of sugar, cinnamon and flakey crust, or for throwing at each other in little, green apple fights. (They make an amazing “thonk” sound when they careen off your friend’s high-and-tight, crew-cut head. It’s even better if the apple comes apart at the seams as it does.) And, yeah, you bet - we always went for head shots, especially when it was against the rules. :-)


THONK! Splat! Boiiiing! “Owwwww. Shit. No blood. I’m ok.”


Dad: "What happened to you?"

Me: "I got hit in the head with an apple."

Dad: "An apple? What the hell...(pause...slight smile) How's the apple?"

Me: (puzzled pause) It didn't make it."


He asked the same question when (at age 10) I ran, inexplicably and head first, into the garage door. The door survived, "it made it," but the little, forehead-shaped dent in the wood is still there.


At the end of these fruit fights, we usually smelled all “tomatoey, grape-ish, cherry-ish or appley,” (whatever we were throwing) like some really cheap, mail-order cologne from a fourth world country.


Mom: "I smell apples. Is somebody baking? I'm not baking anything. Why do I smell apples?" (pause...sharply) Bobby!


Me: Huh!? Wha...?!


Mom: "Don't you, `Huh, Wha' me!, Robert!"


(Oh, hush now! Nobody was ever mortally wounded when ten-year-olds engaged in apple fights. No hospitalizations; just a little apple-sized lump or two, or maybe a bit of a shiner, sometimes.)


And Postcards. Who sends postcards? Why are we – of a certain age – so enamored with postcards? My grandkids look at them the same way they look at my vinyl LPs; like “what's the point, Gram’pa?” and go back to texting and downloading MP3s & 4s at the speed of light.


The last time I got a postcard it was from the IRS telling me I was getting audited. They knew – by my date of birth (1949) - I’d read an effing postcard with eagerness, joy and no damn suspicion (effing bastards) thinking it was from…hell if I know; nobody sends postcards anymore.


Except for today.


Tech Notes: Simple does it


1. One Kitchen table.

2. One, 75-Watt desk lamp with a black paper snoot (stuck on with scotch tape),

3. One, small AA flashlight for back light. (both around 3200 degrees Kelvin light temperature, or "Incandescent Bulb," on the camera's WB settings)

4. One, 11x14 inch piece of crepe paper for the seamless background the apple sat on.

5. One spray bottle with water in it.

6. Water drops and apple courtesy the good, green earth. :-)


New Texture (for me at least) by Skeletalmess:


Find a place where you live where history made its mark. Allow yourself to breathe, feel, contemplate and react with a photograph.

— Laura El-Tantawy

A little shoreline bokeh dedicated to Phan Ly for a great testimonial she wrote me - thanks and HBW!

1st PK challenge i joined ahehheheh sana MANALO ahahaha!


Original photo by Sir Boggs Dichoson | PostProcess by Me


PK BASIC Post Processing Challenge # 26 MerLion Park


comments and faves will be much appreciated

"The paths we take in this life, will not always be on the ground, nor grounded in reality." ~ Me


So, I guess that free's things up a bit on this life's journey, eh? - Loreena McKennitt, "Night Ride Across the Caucasus"


First time I have attempted an image with no photo pieces of it being from me. Felt a bit like painting when I was a kid. I finally felt I've gained enough basic psd skills to attempt this without making a terrible mess of things. I'm sure I'll look back on this as somewhat amatuerish, but that is how one grows.


These challenges are marvelous. I love the pressure, the push, the excitement, the drive, the sharpening edge to the creative nerves. It is like being in art school again.


I didn't anticipate doing something like this image, but I've been drifting away from photo-realism for three or so years. I guess it was inevitable.


The guy with the umbrella on the Dragon's back....would be me. It is a comfortable, soothing yet exhilerating ride; scary at first, but then you settle in for the exquisite and expansive ride ahead.


I feel a bit like one of the "big kids" on the flickr block now. :-)


Challenge #23 - Dragon - Nick's Pick.






9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


The incredible weather we're having really inspired me to sit down and work on Bill's English Meadow challenge ( ... The day yesterday was probably as hot as it was the day Bill snapped his wonderful photo! The heat wave continues this weekend.


We managed some chores yesterday and today we're off for a long walk in the park - and like this image, we'll probably be covered by some tree shade. I wanted to get more gardening done yesterday, but I'm waiting to purchase my plants at the plant sale we'll have 2 weeks from now -- meanwhile, the stores were bustling with folks carting off plant material in their spring fevered state --- can't blame them in the least! LOL


I hope you have a terrific Saturday!

A challenge entitled Autumn Colours.

How wonderful to see the myriad of colours from yellow through to red. It is soon upon us and we enjoy the last whispers of warmth from summer.


Thank you so much for your visit and awesome comments.

they are so much appreciated..

Have a wonderful day!

June xxx


Thank you, Alles Klaar, for nominating me! This shoot was loads of fun.. and maybe I went a bit overboard on the water brushes, BUT IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!


I nominate: Nico Time, Anderian Sugarplum, and Nimoe Constantine (and sorry if you already did this -- just let me know and I'll nominate someone else).


For more info on why we are all doing this, follow this link:

I think this is actually the first CS on my stream. The sound and looks of this car are amazing!

First & Recent challenge from Strawberry Singh.

One of my first snapshots inworld, and a recent one. :)

I'm using the same shape since 2007, but I made some changes to it over the years.

Created for the Award Tree challenge ~ Sweet Summer Art Gala ~

Best on black!


Please visit my Member Highlight Gallery in the Kreative People group Bruno San Filippo Piano Textures


It's been months since I played around with those milkweed seeds; probably last October or so. OK, so here it is, last of February, and every now and then, from out of nowhere, one just comes floating through the house.


"La-de-dee, la-de-dah," it seems to sings as it drifts. (Or, Ob-bla-di, Ob-bla-dah) View On Black (worth a view I think)


Before it popped up, I was sitting around going..."I'm tapped out [creatively]. I ain't got no ideas for this Challenge, "Light."


I was staring, vacant-eyed, out of the kitchen window - it's sunny and 48 today - thinking "hummm, sunlight, moonlight, flashlight, firelight, starlight-starbrite-first-star-I-see-tonight, Bud Light, Hoplites, "I-Can't-Believe-Its-Not-Butter-LIGHT?"....(Note, It's already not Butter, what else can't it be to make it "light-er?" What else could they do to it to make it "less, butter-like, but still be able to use the word `butter'" in the name? Exactly what is it? Or, What isn't it?)....


Anyway, back to staring out of the window. I was sitting there, and guess what comes a`floatin' by? "Say Hello to my little frien'," Al Pacino as Toni Montana, "Scarface (1983).


So I took "light" as to be, "no-weight."


I call that, "saved by Ms. Serendipity." (I dated her, winner of the Ms Serendipity Beauty Pageant, 1969, back in my Kum-Bye-Ya hippie days. Thank you again O'Mystic One).


And, that is how this image got to be this image.


Y'know what? I'll bet I could sell this one at one of those art fairs in the summer. An 11x14 or 16x20, matted, or gallery wrapped, ready to go, for say $80 - $100. Especially if I have little glasses of red and white wine on hand to offer potential patrons as we "chat." I've got the gift of gab (Gabby Hayes), in case you hadn't noticed. :-)


Photographed on a napkin with soft, natural, window light. Would that be "lite-light," or "light-lite?"


Challenge #2 - RavenspiritImages ( and Bossbob50


Texture: Flypaper Textures - "Zuriel Stone" - "Summer Painterly Set"


Distressed Jewel -

Skeletalmess -

Dedicated to my dear friend Jazpar. In essence this was a direct copy of his composition. I have seen him grow infinitely in his skill as a photographer and now I admire him and even get inspired.


It's not easy for us to grow in things we love due to work, school and other life stuff but this are but challenges that need only effort to overcome. Nothing is impossible and if it is you probably have not pushed hard enough.




© Jonathan Danker

My images are posted here for your enjoyment only. All rights are reserved. Please contact me @ if you are interested in using one of my images for any reason.


As a initiative to make my works more exposed and for you, the viewer to have a more easier experience, I have created a facebook page for my photography.


Please visit, like it and comment and I hope to see you there!


Thanks for the support and encouragement!


the challenge is to post a photo of yourself wearing nothing...

-no eyelashes, no makeup, etc...

and ofc NO! editing in Photoshop :P have fun



I am in the middle of a blog post


WL Sky : Annan Adored- optim

Skin - Deetalez Neele

Hair- Argrace * Minori

Eyes- Adored- dream eye


Challenging dreams are the ones that are worth it...

You don't have dreams to realize when everything is easy. Things just happen.

Dreams need us to believe in them.


I found the best dream ever to realize... the one in the name of love.

The one which makes you leave all what you know, to lose yourself in the exciting unknown.


I am, right know, making my dream come true.

And to make it true, I get my strength from one simple thing: happiness (you know... when you go to bed with a big smile on your face at the end of the day, and when you wake up... still smiling).


I have so many reasons to smile :)


Take care of your dreams, my dear Flickr friends...


Laura - living in Finland for one week now!


Iceland, with the amazing halenism - 2014

My Blythe doll family - 275 dolls.

(Including 2 Middies and 2 that belong to my daughter.)

I also have approx 35 petites, but will photograph those another time.

Now I have to put all these away...

10" x 13"



I finally had a chance to paint my own challenge! LOL This is from a photo I took of a field of sunflowers ( I wanted to focus on the one sunflower and sky and suggest the others in the field. Fun!


I spent the day on watercolor lessons from wetcanvas - again revisiting, mostly unsuccessfully, perspective ... but it's a lesson I need to learn and so will continue until I 'get it!' LOL


No rain here, but pop up storms around the state. I'm doing my rain dance before all my flowers shrivel!


Stay cool!



finaly i found all the places off the challenge yeahhhh, here part 2 ,tomorrow i will upload part 3 and Friday part 4 ....

... così provò a sfidare il mare!



She's poor but she will not beg

She's handicapped but she will sell

Boy this one was a challenge , the sky above and behind was black , the sunset in front so bright , so beautiful !!!!

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