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Saw this gingerbread house this past weekend at Chelsea Market, at a fundraiser. I love the animals wearing Bad Brains and Ramones tees.


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ostende - cbgb


Punk girls. Yes that's me on the right. At CBGB NYC circa 1982.

Brian the singer of Sadistic Exploits. 1982 ish?

The first official day of Biketoberfest 2014...and I was there! CBGB is dead...long live CBGB!




Wearing my CBGB / OMFUG t-shirt. I was at CBGB in 1992...a Sunday night, and they had 9 live bands! Met Jimi Hendrix's former roady who was managing one of the bands that played there that night. Awesome experience. CBGB is long ago closed, but sponsors an annual music festival in NYC.

NYC 2007 © Linda Dawn Hammond / IndyFoto

CBGB - legendary punk club, Closed and for rent. Covered in graffiti lamenting the end of a punk heritage site. Bowery NYC, to the left, BRC the alleged "homeless shelter" which cancelled their lease. See article below. 3.8.07



[SHADOW News -- December 15, 2006]: As a result of its landlord's refusal to negotiate a new lease, legendary rock club CBGBs was forced to close its doors indefinitely on October 15, 2006.


CBGBs (the letters of which stands for "Country, Blue Grass, Blues"), is world famous as the birthplace of punk music in the U.S. and has served as a launching pad for such groups as the Ramones, Blondie, Television, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the Dead Boys, Reagan Youth, Murphy's Law and countless others, both well known and not as well known.


In 1973, Hilly Kristal took over a former Hell's Angels hangout on the ground floor of the Palace Hotel, an infamous flophouse at 313-315 Bowery. Over the following twenty years, with its policy of booking any bands wanting to play there, CBGBs became one of the most famous venues in the city for live alternative music.


Kristal considered buying the building in the early 1990s, when the Bowery was swimming in crack, but he couldn't afford the then roughly $4 million price tag. "I never had that kind of money," said Kristal, who still lives in a tiny rent-stabilized apartment around the corner.( He said that he had only started to turn a profit in recent years through CBGB Fashions, which sells t-shirts and other club merchandise.)


Around that time, the landlord, Palace Renaissance, Inc., turned over management of CBGBs' building, along with neighboring 317 Bowery, to a group called the Bowery Residents Committee (BRC), a non-profit organization that runs a homeless shelter and drop-in center upstairs from the club, with a 45-year net lease on both properties.


Kristal speculates that the owners entered into the long-term lease with the BRC because it was the only way to rid themselves of troublesome SRO tenants. "I don't think anyone else but another homeless group could have dealt with it," he said.


Kristal was given a 12 year sublease and said that he remained "friendly" with the BRC until 2000, when they informed him that CBGBs' rent was more than $300,000 in arrears. Kristal blamed both his own and the BRC's lax accounting: Muzzy Rosenblatt, who took over as the BRC's executive director in 2000, conceded that the BRC dropped the ball. "We're not a commercial landlord," he said of the BRC, which has evolved into a $30 million-a-year homeless-services provider, managing 23 programs in the city. After a seven-month court battle, CBGBs was ordered to pay roughly $223,000 in monthly installments.


On February 17, 2005, the BRC sent CBGBs a "notice of default," demanding that Kristal pay $76,000 for back rent or face summary eviction. Kristal said that he could pay, but decided to hold off, as per the advice of his attorney. The back rent issue, Kristal felt, was the only bargaining position he had on renewing his lease, which was to terminate on August 31, 2005. "My position is, give me ten more years at a rate we can pay, and I'll get you the money now." said the 73-year-old Kristal from his cramped "office," a pair of old metal desks jammed in the club's entryway and plastered with the stickers of just about every band that has ever passed through. Kristal said that he couldn't afford to stay if the BRC doubled his rent from $19,000 to as much as $40,000 a month, which is what the BRC quoted him the year before. "The real thing is they don't want me back," Kristal said, adding that there had been a series of disagreements between him and the BRC over renovations and building code violations in recent years.


On August 1, 2005, a combination press conference and concert was held at CBGBs to launch the"Save CBGBs" campaign. The gathering was organized and chaired by veteran musician and actor Steve Van Zandt, formerly of the E-Street Band and more recently part of the cast of the Sopranos tv show. Van Zandt called CBGBs "very simply the last rock and roll club left," and said that "CBGBs has historical significance because the genre of punk was created here."


Tommy Ramone told the crowd of over 200 CBs supporters: "When the Ramones first played here in the early 1970s, there was nothing here on the Bowery but CBGBs. Soon the scene developed and the Bowery started growing. Now, after 30 years, it has grown unnaturally. It's kind of ironic that the seeds of that growth were because the club allowed young talented musicians to create original music that nobody else allowed to be played. This is one of the last vestiges of what New York was, is and could be in the future." The press conference was followed by a concert that included performances by Debbie Harry, Jesse Malin, the Star Spangles, the Swingin' Neckbreakers, and Ted Leo + the Pharmacists.


On August 10, 2005, Judge Joan Kenney denied the BRC ‘s request to evict CBGBs on the premise that it owed $91,000 in back rent, ruling that the BRC failed to properly bill CBGBs. In her ruling, Judge Kenney declared: "CBGB has proven itself worthy of being recognized as a landmark […] a rare achievement for any commercial tenant in the ever diverse and competitive real estate market of New York City." She went on to say, "It would be unconscionable for this court to allow the petitioner to proceed with its intent to evict CBGB […] because it failed to notice that monies were outstanding for approximately four years."


The Bowery Residents Committee's board of directors is composed of representatives from the city's largest real estate, financial and banking concerns, including Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Cushman Wakefield (real estate developers), American Express, Merill Lynch, Columbia University, and Goldman Sachs. These are among the most influential corporations in the city that have a vested interest in changing the demographics of targeted neighborhoods as they gentrify them, driving up real estate prices and forcing lower-income people out.


The BRC is exempt from income tax under Section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. However, according to its most recent IRS form 990 filing, the BRC has taken in $459,000 in rental income; in addition to the millions per year it has received in government grants. CBGBs supporters have questioned the BRC's ability to rent out a commercial space that it does not own on a "for profit" basis, in apparent violation of their not-for-profit status and corporate charter, and wonder if the BRC gets away with this through the connections of members on its board of directors.


As the August 31 lease termination date approached, Kristal made efforts to negotiate a new lease with the BRC that would address and resolve the concerns that the BRC expressed, but the BRC never responded to him. All other attempts by Kristal, including offering finding a third-party guarantor and raising money every year with benefit concerts, were unsuccessful


When August 31, 2005 came and went, Hilly Kristal refused to close his doors, and continued to do business as usual. Unfortunately, a few months later, Kristal announced an agreement with the BRC, under which CBGBs would pay the BRC $35,000 per month for one year and then vacate the premises at the end of October 2006.


On October 15, CBs held its last shows, ending with Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye. The CBGB Gallery next door to CBs closed on October 31. In December, CBGBs opened a boutique at 19-23 St. Mark's place (the former site of the Electric Circus in the 1960s), selling CBGBs clothing and paraphernalia. It is not clear what Kristal intends to do beyond this. In December 2005, he said that he was looking at potential locations for CBGBs in Manhattan and was considering Las Vegas as a site to open a sister club. "We're looking here and there, and we may have both places or we may only have one place," Kristal told CMJ.


In this current hyper-inflated real estate market, overbuilt luxury housing (rentals and condos) are taking the place of structures that are being demolished with no consideration of their cultural and historical significance, as gentrification along the length of the Bowery runs rampant. Among the historic buildings near CBGBs that have been torn down over the past six months are the original Minsky's Winter Garden Theater at 9 Second Avenue and McGuirk's Suicide Hall, a Civil War era building featured in Herbert Asbury's Gangs of New York, that was located at 295 Bowery, both only one block from CBGBs.


The killing of CBGBs by a greedy corporate-funded and tax-subsidized landlord is yet another example of artists and the counter-culture generating interest in a formerly undesirable section of the city and then getting pushed out by landlords and real estate developers looking to exploit that interest by attracting upper-income residents to the now "hip" neighborhood. Paradoxically, the wealthy residents so saturate the neighborhood that they destroy the very scene they are trying but can never be a part of!!


It remains to be seen what sort of business will pay $40,000 or more per month being sought by the BRC for CBGBs' space. With several new commercial storefronts next door and across the street from CBs already sitting vacant, CBGBs' space is sure to stay unoccupied for a long time.


If the public makes it known to any potential renters of CBGBs' space that an aggressive boycott campaign (and perhaps more) will be mounted against them, perhaps they will reconsider renting there.




BOWERY RESIDENTS COMMITTEE: 324 Lafayette Street, 8th Floor, NY, NY 10012; Phone Number: (212) 533-5700; Fax: (212) 533-1893; Email: Website:


MUZZY ROSENBLATT – Executive Director


ALEX COHEN – Cushman & Wakefield



ALICIA GLEN – Goldman Sachs

LAWRENCE GRAHAM (Treasurer) – Brookfield Financial Properties

SIMON MILLER – Greenberg Traurig, LLP

ANTONIO X. MOLESTINA – Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


CHARLES RAYMOND (Secretary) – Citigroup

JEFFREY B. ROSEN, Esq. – Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin, & Kahn

JUDITH RUSSELL, Ph.D. – Columbia University

JULIE SALAMON (Chair) – Writer

MARC SOLOMON – Merrill Lynch

VIJU VERGHIS – Credit Suisse

MARCY E. WILKOV – (Vice Chair) American Express Company

RITA ZIMMER – Housing + Solutions




NY = softcore porn

en la entrada y atras del cbgb

1/12th scale miniature sculpture of CBGB by Randy Hage. 21" x 19" x 11". Real structure was located at 315 Bowery, NY.

It stands for "Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers." This is a photo from the cloths store that replaced the undisputed birthplace of punk. There is still a little CBGB to be found around the store.

Cleveland, 2015

Cleveland, 2017

Photo by GODLIS. All rights reserved.

Hoy varios colegas se despiden y dicen ADIOS, ellos emprenden un gran viaje a tierras lejanas y lugares de ensueño para muchos.

El viajar implica desprenderse de sus seres mas queridos por un tiempo largo y prudente, es salir del capullo mama y papa para darle paso a su propio viaje, solo o acompañados da igual usted va a volver a empezar, es como un borron y cuenta nueva, con esto llegan nuevas experiencias, nuevas personas, nuevos lugares y sobre todo un creciemiento espiritual y mental.

Claro uno los vas extrañar pero no hay cosa mas gratificante es ver a tus colegas volar libres corriendo detras de un sueño al otro lado del mundo, solo buenas cosas para ellos y como dicen por hay buena mar y buenos vientos.

NO tengan miedo de olvidar y empezar un ‪#‎newlife‬ o una ‪#‎secondopportunity‬, avientes e al abismo de la aventura, pregunte, aprenda, estudie y lo mas importante sea usted mismo feliz como una perdiz y nunca deje soñar y sonreír así le toque meseriar o lavar baños.

Si es posible lo unico que les voy a pedir es que no se limiten por no saber un idioma, o no se preocupe si no sabe a donde va llegar eso lo hace parte de la aventura que usted va emprender y sobretodo no olviden de donde viene no pierdan ese granito de humildad que muchos ya se les olvido de donde son solo por que están fueran de la tierra.

No siendo mas no olvide alistar la maleta,el pasaporte que dios me los bendiga me los lleve y me los traiga con bien.

EL MUNDO LO ESTA ESPERANDO, no espere a que se gane la loteria para poder conocerlo hay que sacrificar a veces muchas cosa para mirar el mundo desde el otro lado.

Just released on 20x200 — editioned prints in four sizes. Some sizes are selling out fast, so check them out soon. The sister print released today: CBGB (Register).


UPDATE: the 8x10 edition is totally sold out.

New on - CBGB (Mixing Board and Bench from 2006.


Joins three other CBGB prints available through 20x200.

CBGB 2nd Ave Theater 1977

CBGB's seems to be all ages, which is cool - lots of little punkers having a good time.

The Cramps backstage at CBGB, circa 1977. Ivy Rorsach, Brian Gregory, Lux Interior, Miriam Linna.

The stairs leading up from the bathrooms at CBGB's.

Recrfeated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Punk" show.

esa furia incomparable que expresaban en el escenario


Copyright © by John Russell – All Rights Reserved


New on - CBGB (Pipes).


Joins three other CBGB prints available through 20x200.

Just released on 20x200 — editioned prints in four sizes. Some sizes are selling out fast, so check them out soon.


The sister print released today: CBGB (Stage).


UPDATE: the 8x10 edition is totally sold out.

and here's New York from '94.....CBGB's RIP.

cbgb bathroom bowery NYC

Not there anymore.

alkaline trio at cbgb, 4/29/03.


At CBGB's 10/15/06 taking pictures outside

Sorry, but this look like a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting to me, vibe-wise


Full set of CBGB's photos here:

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Ramones and the Birth of Punk

Queens Museum

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

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