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Winnipeg's Ron Friesen got this shirt while working the Commonwealth Games in 1978. That's right folks, 27 years ago! Ron wins for oldest and overall best shirt of the day.

I bought this patch from an artist last summer outside of the Tranzac Club. I love it. I call her 'Protest Girl'. If anyone knows the artist's name, please let me know so I can give her credit. Solidarity Forever!!!

Forget tragedies, forget plane crashes, storms, viral outbreaks, or any other major story. CBC's employee lockout will be saved by Hockey Night in Canada.




Hurry back my CBC peeps; we miss you!

I asked one of the picketers who this was, having a discussion in the midst of a circle of pocketers. She said someone had told her it was a lawyer from CBC management.*


It seemed, from the responses of the picketers, that he was trying to argue that increasing the number of contract and temp people hired, from the 30% as it now stands to a higher number, wasn't a big deal at all. If Mr. Stursberg (see comment below) is correct, that may not have been what he was arguing. I should have mentioned that the discussion, while presenting differing opinions, did not seem rancorous.


One of the picketers did challenge him, though, "If it's not a big deal, why were we locked out??"


Indeed. The CBC management obviously thinks it's a VERY big deal.


I still say, as a contract person myself, that one reason why it's a "big deal" to the corporate boys at the top -- if you make everybody a temp or contract person YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY BENEFITS OR ANY OTHER GOODIES.


I also know from experience that if a large percentage of your "employees" are temps or contract, the quality of what's produced by your institution GOES DOWN. Because they don't care about the company the way REAL employees do.


(The picketers talking to Mr. Henry most earnestly were from The National, and were explaining in great detail how recent management policies had screwed up the program already, and how the current demands would really wreck it completely. I'm not sure The National spokespeople would have gone into such detail with some guy off the street.)


Okay, here's what was in fact going on during this little conflab: possibly testing the waters for management, written up in the daily CMG newsletter.


Which makes Mr. Stursberg's trolling around for photos, and his comments here, even more interesting, since my reaction to what I saw did not fall in line with what management may have been trying to create with this little visit.


- August 16, 2005 (with revisions to Comments on August 18, 2005 and August 25, 2005)

Sook-Yin Lee (right) and Mysterious Stranger (I don't include people's names if they'd prefer not to give them.)

It seems that the advertising schedules continue regardless of availability of the goods. SOON, CBC management. SOON, please.

I bet the people down in the plaza of Simcoe Park were having waaaaaay more fun than this little spy.


[Hi, Richard Stursberg, in case that's you!]

No, that's not Promo Girl! :-)


(And if I forgot, and Ms. Thompson's name is "Laura", I apologize, grovellingly.)


(Cool dude and dudette with shades!)

denis dossmann, mark fairfield, clive bottomley, denis grenier, richard thériault, marc murray

By the way, Ms. Thompson is NOT "only a researcher," as we established in our brief conversation! There's no such thing as "only" ANY CBC employee!

Very very friendly person! It was a privilege to meet her even for a few seconds.


Art work, by the way, by Kevin Sylvester

After a steady 5 years she's *still* only on contract at the CBC, and gets no benefits like a "regular" employee. (Translation: the CBC saves bucks!)


For her song, Martina chose James Brown's "Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing."

Front Street Toronto, in front of the CBC Mothership downtown Toronto on Day 12 of the CBC Lockout

And boy, are the unions supporting the workers here!


The CBC has been using BBC content and some European content to fill its slots.


But the two unions of the BBC have now told the BBC it is immoral to allow a British Crown corporation to have its product used by a corporation that has shut out its workers.


The NUJ (National Union of Journalists, in Britain and Ireland) and IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) have told their members not to allow CBC to use their product, and to refrain from doing individual items for the CBC.


The European Broadcast Union have also been informed that they should not allow their product to be used by the CBC.


Arnold Amber also informed the people that members of the striking Hydro One union had joined the CBC picket lines earlier in the week. And on Wednesday, 150 teachers left their convention across the street and joined the CBC picket lines. And other unions had promised to join in.

From left to right:


Laura Carlin, from National Radio News (Kevin's wife, and mother of Erin)


Sandra Bartlett, news reporter


Erin Sylvester - note her sign: "CBC Lockout Out My Mom & Dad and All I Got was This Lousy Sign"


Kevin Sylvester - Metro Morning and national radio sports guy (Do what his sign tells you! WRITE YOUR M.P.!!)


- August 18, 2005

Diptych of a locked out CBC cameraman on the picket lines and a replacement worker waiting for her ride home at the front entrance of the CBC Mothership on John Street in downtown Toronto.


Also posted on my main photoblog: p h o t o p i a .

She said "This is a fight for careers. The fight of our generation. If we don't do it, no one will."


She's received support from all over the world. One email from a journalist with the public broadcaster in Estonia said, of the current fight, "If you lose it [in Canada, with its fairly good labour laws], we lose it." Because the CBC will be used as a model to disintegrate media workers' rights in the rest of the world.


She mentioned that today she would have to hand over two cheques for several hundred thousand dollars, so that the CBC CMG guild workers could keep their health insurance benefits [through Great West Life], and life insurance benefits, going for two more weeks! (How abominable -- they don't stop working by choice, but they lose all their insurance because no payments are being made??)


Wonderfully, however, the money for the health benefits was sent to the CMG by the Communication Workers of America!

That's Hana Gartner from the Fifth Estate, and another woman whose name I don't know, from The National.


- August 16, 2005

Mary said she *should* have chosen "I'll Stand by You" by the Pretenders -- since Chrissy Hynes of the Pretenders is her sister.


Instead she chose "Gimme Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"Morale is higher in this third week than it was in the beginning. There is more criticism out there of CBC management than of the CMG. What are they doing in there? There are historic things happening all around us and WE'RE NOT COVERING IT."

Annie, who we see here, was rescued by a CBC Radio worker based in South Western Ontario on a trip to Northern Quebec.


Annie and her owner made the jaunt from their hometown to Toronto for picket duty over the weekend.


As we see here, Even dogs have been locked out by CBC Management.




Looking south on John St. outside the Toronto Broadcast Centre on the last official night of the 2005 CMG Lockout by CBC. The CMG Command Centre RV can be seen still parked on the street opposite the John St. entrance. Skydome is in the distance beyond the street lamp.

Not to talk about the lockout, though -- John witnessed a shooting at the burger joint across the street from the line. No one was hurt.


According to news reports, police said the shooting was "accidental, the result of a fight in the parking lot between four men."

He has been a summer intern for four months, and spent the first week of the lockout on the picket line in Fredericton (he's editor of the student newspaper at St. Thomas University in Fredericton.

He assured the CBC workers that other unions would be stopping by to walk the picket line with them. And the CLC and its member unions were already putting pressure on Canadian politicians.

Will anything be happening at the Glenn Gould Studio this season??


- August 15, 2005

Singer, actor and recipient of the Order of Canada, Tom Jackson also attended the Liberal hoe down. He was very supportive, even taking a picket sign and walking with it for a minute or two.

Edmonton AM host Ron Wilson and television producer Stephanie Sawitz working the crowd at the Fringe Festival

"There will be a Shiatsu therapist here on Saturday, to help ease stresses from picketing."


"And the Metro Morning crew will be here bright and early on Monday to do their morning show!"


"And Matt Galloway will be hosting 'Lockstock' on Monday afternoon...and ACTRA will be along next week...and Kathy Crowe and others will be here on Thursday to join our picket lines...and..."

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