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Oshejoy walked across my scanner and this gave me an idea for a catscan.

the PPO found a way to save money on tests...


( not a comp... the cat, Grisabella, was really on the table as the patient was stretched out!)

Cart racing is dangerous, also for LEGO Friends.

Fortunately there is an appropriately styled CT suite at hand!

I was just doodling around today...about all I am capable of right now....:)


I had a strange accident last Monday late afternoon. I was eating an apple and inhaled a piece of it into my windpipe and I coughed so hard to get it out that suddenly something POPPED in my forehead like a gunshot inside my head...immediately I had the worst headache of my life.... after a few minutes it got a little better, but I could hardly move my head the pain was so intense. I was concerned about a stroke...although I checked myself and had no symptoms....but my daughter took me to the ER where they did a Catscan to check for bleeding in the brain or stroke etc. I was OK....and the headache was lessening...but it has been hanging on for the week and today was the first day I was able to not have to use pain medication.


Needless to say I have not felt like I just Doodled...:)

I used Watercolor, Ink, The Elegant Writer Pen and Picasa editing for this.

I know my buildings are leaning a bit and wonky...but so am I...;)...;)...:D

Sir Godfrey Hounsfield invented the computer tomograph (CT). He conceived the idea in 1967.

Working for EMI (yes, that's the music label), he constructed the EMI scanner Mark 1 in 1971.


Initially, the scanner was constructed to perform brain scans only. The first scan was performed on a 41 year old lady who was shown to have a cystic tumor in the frontal lobe.


40 years ago, in 1979, Godfrey Hounsfield was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, together with Alan M. Cormack. His name is eternally preserved in the density scale for CT imaging, which is measured in Hounsfield units (HU) and scaled between air (-1000 HU) and water (0 HU)


This is a Lego rendition of the first CT scanner.

I dunno. Tuesday was funless, for many reasons. Some of you may remember my long time friend, and colleague, who was very sick in 2013. Just before Christmas that year, she had been given a couple weeks to live. She survived, but, Tuesday, she took a turn for the worse. Fluid has built up in her lungs, and they have found an unknown spot on her brain after a CatScan. She's been admitted to hospital in London, where she is awaiting an emergency MRI. Sigh... When I retired from teaching, Terri was the school secretary, and had been so almost as long as I had taught. She was healthy when I left. Now, we're all just waiting for news. (The family has been notoriously tight with info.)


Tuesday was also the day I experienced 4 of what I have taken to calling episodes, for want of a better term. I'll skip the symptoms, and just tell you that episode #3, was the worst one I have had to date. I'm glad I was by myself, cleaning an office, and was on my knees, cleaning under a desk when it happened.


Then, Wint arrived in all her fury today, with super cold temps, sn&#, and blowing sn&#, forcing school, and road closures all over the area. They are sn&# squalls, fuelled by the unfrozen waters of Lake Huron, and very cold northwesterly winds. Absolutely brutal conditions. I got stuck on our street, right in front of our driveway. That doesn't usually happen to me.


I think I am finally in the last stages of whatever the honkin' hairy heck has had me waylaid for a month now. the cough persists, but most other symptoms have dissipated, with the exception of my voice, which is still wheezy, and raspy, and incapable of loudness, or high pitches. My silent, wheezing laughter must sound like I've been a 3 pack a day smoker all my life, when, I've never smoked. lol


In the photo, there is something bright in the midst of all that drab decay, and lack of focus. The answer to my title? I really just don't know. There's more, but, nobody wants to hear that. lol I'm not even interested.I know some of you are going through dark waters too, and you do have my sympathy, my empathy. I really hope I haven't posted this photo before. If so, MEH.

By an ironic twist of fate, the very morning after I posted the fruit loop brain cog simulation of my brain, I jumped out of bed yesterday morning as usual, and almost walked into the walls.


It was like the steering wheels were disconnected from the wheels at the front of the car, as I lurched out of control across the bedroom, much to the amazement of Mrs Mail.


Even she knows that I am not capable of having a joke at 5.30am, so waited a couple of minutes for me to stop leaning against the wall until I could navigate back, so we could make the bed.


Being a switched on sort of guy, I decided to skip work and visit my local GP, who hasn't seen me for a while - at least a couple of months. He has finally decorated the new wing to the clinic, funded mostly from my health problems over recent years.


After eventually reassuring me that it was probably transient vertigo, he said it would be good to get a brain scan to see if the star fruit cogs were functioning properly.


Today he told me that all was good, the cogs were all fine but a little worn, and to stop joking about my brain on Flickr.


PS If you think my head looks slightly asymetrical, let me assure you it was the angle of the camera to the image. That's my story and I am sticking to it.


It could have been a NO BRAINER, you know.


Behind The Lens Theme

Years ago, I vowed to take pictures of every machine that took pictures of me. A few times, I missed an opportunity, but in general I've done pretty well.

Cancer patients get lots of scans. I've had bone scans, CAT scans, PET scans, and MRI scans. These show whether a treatment is working or whether the disease is progressing. They are status updates.

My latest was done at a Mass General Imaging Center in Waltham. What a nice place! They had weekend hours, which meant I got in and out without having to deal with workaday traffic.

Volume Rendering of a contrast enhanced cranial CT.


Aneurysm of the right sided middle cerebral artery.


This is a stereogram, to be viewed in crossview technique


Rendering done with a Carestream workstation.

When I first started down this cancer road, I decided to take a picture of every machine that took a picture of me. Well, that didn't happen. I have tried, but some pictures were taken unexpectedly, when I had no camera, and at other times I just didn't have the energy.


Still, I think it's interesting how important medical technology is to modern treatments today. When I get a scan with contrast, which requires drinking copious quantities of barium plus getting some type of dye injected into my blood, the doctors get a clear view of numerous organs and systems. This helps them learn what treatments are working and which are ineffective. My latest scan, for example, showed that the numerous blood clots that had formed in my lungs were gone after a few months of treatment. Whew!

Speckles sleeps a lot, so he was an easy subject for our first scan using the new 3D Systems scanner. What to scan & print next?


(grosse douceur...)

This may look like an ordinary cat scan. However if you look carefully at the feet, a disassembly is in process. This is Koko's demand for turkey time. He has learned that tearing up my printer will always get a reaction from me. Since it is too difficult to extract him, I usually just get up and go to the fridge.

Today was one headache after another, euphemistically and realistically. It was one of those days that just didn't feel right from the get-go. It was as if I was swimming through the air as I moved, everyone I encountered seemed to be acting odd and later I became mired down in the complexities of server implementation just in time to top it all off with a vision-obscuring headache. I'm exhausted.

Ferdinand scanned his butt. He was smirking the whole time.


Yes, it's a cat scan.



spending my time productively

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Better on black--click image.

I attached in EF12 extension tube to my 100mm f/2.8L macro on my 1DMarkIV...had lots of fun today! Lightly textured with Flypaper Tintype #6 in overlay mode then masked to removed all but the edges...


So...been busy taking pics of lots of new flowers I got for my patio...and some cut flowers too (see Peony below) going back/forth with my hubby to the ER and hospital stays..over the last week...he is now home...and okay for now .. on first he was diagnosed with a partial upper bowel obstruction..but now the latest test didn't show home with pain meds plus on liquid only diet..til he can see the Gastro dr Tuesday and then they plan on doing an endoscopy...poor guy...he has been having so much unbearable pain..we thought for sure when we went back to the ER yesterday, that they would finally do surgery...this time they didn't do a CatScan though only a regular xray without any contrast...and didn't see the partial obstruction..I hope it wasn't because of only doing an exam instead of Cat Scan...of which he had three in the last week alone...not good as he only has one kidney and so they don't know what is going on...has been a long week..and now we don't know what will happen and/or how he will get better...I guess we have to practice patience...I am rather upset they would not just do the endoscopy while in the ER last night...but the gastro dr..said no..we will do out of hospital..probably some dang health insurance thing or something...anyway no pain so far since 4 am this a.m. long as he doesn't eat solid food...eesshhh...


Entered in Hydrangea contest in Floral Essence 9/14/13


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Scanners can be used for many fun purposes.

Worked with Canon EOS 650D, Walimex PRO 8/3,8 Fish-Eye

Straight Out Of Camera and without image processing!

"Mommy, what are you using this thing for?"

"Scanning photos dear"

"No, I think not"

...Baxter is conducting an official "cat scan" of my spring bouquet! I think it passed the test.

My cat was standing on my flatbed scanner today - so I scanned her :)

Here is the neighbours cat that comes to visit. I call her "Trouble". Seems she likes to attack the printer / scanner when it whirls into life :)

From a couple days ago when this fella gave so many fun looks.

RA's appointment yesterday didnt go so well. As they were getting off the catscan table her back went out. So down the hall to the ER. Poor thing was in such pain. Anyway we were there 5+ hours. Got her home and in her recliner and on great pain meds. She slept well last night and is moving this morning a bit slow. ;)

The Catscan results were not what we hoped for so we will see what the next step is on Monday at the Doctor whats next.

Super windy here this morning but I need to get the toot out for a run and a little looking around.


Milo Feet! :) © 2006 Birdie's Photos

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My great grandma, who is 96 years old, had what we thought was a stroke yesterday. We've now found out that she's actually having multiple blood clots in her brain...and we don't know much more then that. She's having a catscan this afternoon and hopefully that will tell us a little more! We all know her time is near, but the thought of losing her still breaks your heart! It makes me realize that I need to cherish everyday. I know she won't be around forever, but yet when she left at the beginning of the month to go stay with my aunt for a few weeks, I didn't even bother telling her goodbye. I was too busy, other things came would have taken me two seconds to walk next door, where she lives with my other grandma, and just give her a hug and let her know I love her! Life is to short to be to busy for the ones you love! Everyone go hug your family, friends, anyone you care for...because you never know when that hug or goodbye will be the last!

I scanned the cat!

polaroid 104 fujifilm fp300b negative scan

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For a video of the Guitar CT Scan:


I scanned one of my electric guitars for fun.

Got caught in a bad position today, felt my neck pop, the right side of my body was temporairly paralyzed, i was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where luckily as the day progressed i regained my feeling and most of my strength, this picture was after my catscan and my MRI, i had most of my feeling back by this time. First loss off the season, by injury default 12-1

Riker loves to play with the scanner/copy machine when she thinks no one is looking. :) Little did she know that I could operate the scanner from the other room.

I'm just not much into my profile...

[5dmk2, 50mm f1.4, CS3]

De-installation and removal of a Siemens Somatom Sensation 16, CT Scanner.

An abstract depiction of cognitive decline.

I think she is actually trying to eat ants. Or at least get a really close look at them.

Volume Rendering of a CT runoff angiography.

Only mild arteriosclerotic disease.


Rendering done with a Carestream workstation.

mewie sat on the scanner. i did what anyone would do.

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