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The Pilgrimage Church of Wies (German: Wieskirche)


is an oval rococo church, designed in the late 1740s by brothers J. B. and Dominikus Zimmermann, the latter of whom lived nearby for the last eleven years of his life.


It is located in the foothills of the Alps, in the municipality of Steingaden in the Weilheim-Schongau district, Bavaria, Germany.


The Wieskirche was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983 and underwent extensive restoration between 1985 and 1991.



Festes de la Mare de Déu de la Salut (Algemesí) Ribera Alta, País Valencià ////


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Cúpula de la Basílica y convento de Santo Domingo.

Lima, Perú.


Old Catholic Church in Hradec Kralove / Czech Republic


Filiální kostel Neposkvrněného Početí Panny Marie na Rožberku


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The ruins of the old French Catholic church at Bokor Hill, Cambodia

Sainte-Théodosie Catholic Church in Calixa-Lavallée

Built in 1888-1890

A Catholic church in Saugerties, NY.

St. Sebastian.

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

This famous church and landmark in northeast Washington, D.C. is adjacent to the campus of Catholic University.

12th century church St. Jerome in Hum the smallest city in the world, Croatia

Built in 1920, using the designs of architects H.W. Brinkman and Mont J. Green, this lovely Catholic church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. The name Seven Dolors references Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, another identifier for the Virgin Mary.


Manhattan, Kansas is the seat of Riley County and home to Kansas State University. It is situated at the junction of the Big Blue and Kansas rivers in a scenic portion of the Flint Hills in the northeast of the state.

Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico


one church in Opole

(former German Oppeln)

Upper Silesia



When construction began on the present Cologne Cathedral in 1248 with foundation stone, the site had already been occupied by several previous structures. The earliest may have been for grain storage, and possibly was succeeded by a Roman temple built by Mercurius Augustus. From the 4th century on, however, the site was occupied by Christian buildings, including a square edifice known as the "oldest cathedral" that was commissioned by Maternus, the first bishop of Cologne. A free-standing baptistery dating back to the 7th century was located at the east end of the present cathedral but was demolished in the 9th century to build the second cathedral. During excavations of the present cathedral, graves were discovered in the location of the oldest portion of the building; including that of a boy that was richly adorned with grave goods and another of a woman, popularly thought to be Wisigard. Both graves are thought to be from the 6th century. Only ruins of the baptistery and the octagonal baptismal font remain today.[citation needed] The second church, called the "Old Cathedral", was completed in 818. It was destroyed by fire on 30 April 1248, during demolition work to prepare for a new cathedral. Myths state that Kris Kringle [Santa Claus] would take the naughty kids to the cathedral were he would punish them severely. He would drop them off of the South Tower if they resisted. You can even visit that South Tower today when visiting Cologne, Germany.

Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic Church, Westlake Village, CA

The new catholic church at Jesseheim

Old Catholic Church in Hradec Kralove / Czech Republic.


Kostel sv. Anny


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at sunrise.



Looking down the Salizzada Pio X in Venice to the steps of the Ponte di Rialto and the spire of San Giovanni Crisostomo.

Old Catholic Church in Hradec Kralove / Czech Republic.


Filiální kostel Neposkvrněného Početí Panny Marie na Rožberku


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My minimalist take on Catholicism

A Cross - to bear


#SantaFe #Santuario #Suenosdeuomi #ImageChérie #Minimalism #Cross #Catholicism

Church and Baptistery

first, the original sin must be cleared in a Baptistery...

But...I'm not religious!


The pilgrimage church of St. Marinus and Anian

is the Catholic parish church of Wilparting (municipality Irschenberg Miesbach).

Upper Bavaria, Germany

The present church, with the beautiful backdrop of one of the most famous Bavarian Mangfallgebirges photo opportunities owes its baroque exterior renovation of a late Gothic building in 1697 by Johann Mayr Elder.

Instead of the House (1643-1718).

The interior is mainly determined by Baroque style in 1759.

The core of the church is the monumental High grave of the two saints from 1778.


Finally managed to get into this part of the red zone to get a few shots of the Catholic cathedral. This damage was done mainly in the 6.3 quake on Feb 22nd... more damage has apparently occured in the latest 6.3 as well but this was shot a few days before that happened.


The two front towers have collapsed and gone and that front wall on the left is held up by a bit of kiwi inginuity - shipping containers and hay bales.


To the right of the shot out of frame there is a carpark full of blocks and stone from the collapsed cathedral each layed out seperately and numbered - there being saved to possibly rebuild in the exact way once the quakes finally stop.... if they ever do... (they are doing the same to the Anglican cathedral in Christchurch's Center


The latest Quake has damaged it a lot more and it might now be never rebuilt, on this ground anyway....


Just as an interesting fact. The still standing tower at the back had a statue of the virgin mary facing inwards in the front window, during the feb 22nd quake the statue turned an exact 180degrees to face outwards - looking through the window - without falling over or being damaged.


The road im standing on - Barbadoes St - has been identified as having a Fault Line directly underneath - previously unknown. There are now 3 Major active faults under Christchurch.....


This is a 3 exposure handheld hdr processed in photomatix


Cheers for looking, ive got a few more of this from different angles ill post up


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Above Ping’s house is a Catholic church. In the courtyard there is a statue of Our Lady of Poverty and Minority Hill Tribes, or so it appears to me. Catholicism, is alive and well and living in a remote village in Northern Vietnam, a legacy of the French occupation. There are about 6 million Catholics in Vietnam.


As we leave Ping’s house, her youngest son has a tantrum, he is four years old. To placate him she gives him some money. “Why does he want money?” I ask. “For candy.” she replies. The “why else?” hangs in the air unspoken.


We trundle off to the village of Te Van. It is here where we will catch a jeep or a motorbike back up to Sapa.


Ping negotiates a price with the motorbike riders. It is 70,000 dong each. She asks if we will pay for her ride back to Sapa too. Her ride costs 50,000 dong. 190,000 dong is around $10 for the three of us.


Stan hasn’t really ridden pillion before. We ask for helmets. Stan’s helmet has a broken clip. He just holds onto it with one hand. We should insist on one that works. Instead, we climb on our respective bikes and head on up the hill. Stan gallantly takes the camera bag which holds both cameras and 5 lenses. My camera bag still holds two bananas and the uneaten coconut bread.


I am aware that I am much heavier than the slim young man I am hanging on to. I rest my hands on his hips and lean my body close to his, so he knows exactly where my weight is. We negotiate the river crossing and I close my eyes as we ascend the steep dirt road. I don’t open them until we are on the comparative safety of the bitumen. I try and reassure myself that he knows this road like the back of his hand and is used to carrying cargo on the back. My driver accelerates passed Ping, and we have left Stan a long way behind. I worry about his faulty helmet. And I am angry with myself that we didn’t insist on a replacement. I close my eyes again as we overtake a van that is overtaking another van on a blind bend. We are back in the thick of the mountain fog again. Visibility is down to a few metres. The road is wet and in places it has washed away by landslides. I hold on tight as we navigate a couple of creek crossings and try not to bounce off the back of the bike.


Back in Sapa, Stan puts a wad of notes into Ping’s hands. “This is for you and your family” he says, looking deeply into her dark eyes. She thanks him quietly and I notice she has the good grace to put the money straight into her bag without looking at it or counting it. I marvel at her maturity, serenity and strength. She is a remarkable young woman. We embrace, say our farewells and Ping disappears off into the mist. I wonder if I will ever see her again. It is New Year’s Day.


The story continues here:

The mix of curves and straight metal pieces and the contrast of oranges and blues in the weathered wood invited a photo to be taken. I used Luminar 2018 to enhance the color and to correct lighting issues. Those issues were as much my fault for shooting quickly than it was of the natural conditions that day.

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