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For Lauree. I will totally make you a new one if the wonky wallpaper and seams aren't going to mesh with the rest of the blocks. The colours are More subdued in person.



Hornsea and Catherineholm



Actual shot of my living room - still missing some deco on walls...


my beating heart...


wall embroidery picked up at fleamarket on sunday...



I have a pattern in the paper piecing issue of Fat Quarterly, which went on sale today! I hope someone likes it enough to make one!

I drafted a paper pieced pattern to mimic the lines of the catherineholm tea kettle in my new screen printed design.


That's what I said to myself when I saw the Catherineholm casserole for $3 today. I also picked up the two tupperware cups on the same outing. The bowl was a $2 buy from the Wagon Wheel in Florida.

I drafted a paper pieced pattern to mimic the lines of the catherineholm tea kettle in my new screen printed design.


Day 24: Big bowl, small bowl.

Scandinavian style inspired print

Another Cathrineholm print , I had the kettle illustration done for a long time, as I´m having lot of Tea posters I made this one coffee themed. Vivat Cathrineholm.

Want red and black. Will Trade.

photographed with Jupiter 9 m42 lens on 5D

My first non-pyrex purchase since the $9.00 Kate Spade purse. Gotta Love the Salvation Army!

I was very excited to buy these bowls for $4.00. I looked them up on Flickr to get the name but I don't know anything else about them. I'll have to google it later.

Collection of Cathrineholm coffee and tea pots (lower) and chaffing/fondue pots.

this bowl was a gift from amanda soule about a year ago. it's still my favorite. especially with lemons.

my three catherine holm pieces in the kitchen.

Part of my collection of Cathrineholm kitchenware. I found most of the pieces on eBay.

I need to clean them up a bit and take a better photo. In the meantime I wanna say, "Goodwill Manager, I love you!" Thanks for noticing them in my cart and pricing them at $1.99!



Picked up this Catherineholm lotus bowl at an antique store today. It certainly wasn't thrifty price, but it's a large one (9.5" diameter) so in all honestly was probably slightly underpriced for it's size. It had a lot of gray marks on it, but a good soak in soapy/baking soda water and a green scotch pad and they're almost all gone!


At this point in my collecting, I'd rather pay a little more for Catherineholm or Dansk since there aren't too many Pyrex pieces I'm still looking for. I love this bowl! :)

For no particular reason...I am trying to collect 100 vintage 70's mugs within 100 days. I like giving myself weird goals to achieve.

I found both of these sets on eBay. I paid $125 for the orange set with the wooden holder (not shown). The person selling the greenish/yellow set had no idea what they were selling, so I got the whole set for $8.95!

um, excuse the flash please.

love poster inspired by great Stig Lindbergs Bersa pattern

$1.99 and $.99, not bad, eh? The enamel is in good shape, just need to do a little steel wool around the rim

7 and 1/2" by 8" acrylic painting on gessoed masonite.

I found this little enamel bowl in a thrift store. I was curious about it and discovered (googling) that it is really collectible these days. It's the product of a famous mid century modern danish designer. I love to paint objects that have a history, and plums.


I drafted a paper pieced pattern to mimic the lines of the catherineholm tea kettle in my new screen printed design.


I've been meaning to get a shot of these for a couple (5!?) months now.


Explored Nov. 15th, 2007 #420

Vintage Pyrex, Vintage Finel Bowl, Catherineholm bowl, and Lindt Stymeist Dot mugs!

Another poster I did inspired by great mid century design.


Found in Good Housekeeping magazine, July 1969.

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