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During a break on recording a new Mr. Bones-episode me had little dispute with this "person". Flesh is sooo eeek me says! GrrrRr!

This is why Ella has 64 pictures in her photo album and Jimmy has 194 (Mack is in between with 127). I always have every intention of taking pictures of Ella but something like this always happens. I ended up with about 10 very mediocre pictures of Ella (this was the best if that gives you an idea of their quality) and 96 pictures of Jimmy and Mack fighting (you'll be seeing at least a couple of them).


Such is life with The Angels.


Have a happy, sunny (if possible) Sunday!

So lady G is sitting in the chair and he's her boyfriend Tonya is sitting in the back, Lady G is starting to hit on me looking me up and down licking her lips and looking right at me talking about how beards turn her on. Thats ok that kind of stuff doesn't bother me but Tonya on the other hand is getting mad and not at lady G she mad at me, she is feeling threatened by my presence so that's my signal to leave before a cat fight breaks out .

Outfit: Sexy Cat Suit Black & Sexy Cat Suit Red by Nicky Ree

Boots: Catalyst by the Abyss

Weapons: Griffon's Claw & Bloodlight Daggers by Tekeli-li

Skin: Saba by Skin Within and Zarya by Skin Within


Poses from 5ifth Order.

Bra and pantyhose catfight.

Peto brought home the mother of all boxes the other day and it has been a NON STOP CATFIGHT ever since then. The latest innovation is the scratching post inside the bigbox.


ETA: I just made a set of cats in boxes. God I have a lot of those shots.

._. Kivy lost the origanl

Time: 2 hours



Round one

Come on put your money down

Won’t stop

Till I gett you on the ground

If you’re looking for a catfight

Girl you’re gonna get it from me


Round two

I heard you f my love

You kiss and tell

Now you can kiss my glove

If you’re looking for a catfight

Get your ass in front of the referee



I’m scratching at your door tonight

Wrong start

You shouldn’t break a kitten’s heart

Bad move

I’m gonna stop your filthy groove

So meaow maeow

Gonna get you back somehow


Round three

Come on make some noise 4 me

You’re blue & black

With my stiletto on your back

You were looking for a catfight

I got no merci merci for you tonight



I’m getting back wats mine tonight

Wrong start

You shouldn’t break this kittens heart

I wont stop

I’ll show you who’s the bitch on top

So meaow meaow

Gonna get you back somehow


I got a tip, of your clever tric

Nothing left to do

So I’m here to make your nightmares

Come true, it aint right

But I’m willing to fight

I’d even scratch and bite

So hold me back, I go crazy like that

And I’ll stop at nothing once attack

Let the situation out the ring

I feel I got to do my thing

I’ll make u wish that

You never set your thin lips on him


I do not own Ires Jazmine does

I do own Singapore

I do not own the song




Please visit TYGER & LIONEL's exclusive group for all cat-lovers

CAT >^͇ ^< CHAT

If you like what you see . . . join us pls. & invite your friends too!




Trying some new filters...




Please visit TYGER & LIONEL's exclusive group for all cat-lovers

CAT >^͇ ^< CHAT

If you like what you see . . . join us pls. & invite your friends too!







Please visit TYGER & LIONEL's exclusive group for all cat-lovers

CAT >^͇ ^< CHAT

If you like what you see . . . join us pls. & invite your friends too!




Yesterday I went to Holland's coast in search of foxes. It took the good part of the day before I found them but then.. what a show I was treated to!! Not only mom and dad Fox were there but also their 2 fox-kids! When the two siblings got into a 'catfight' I think I sent the memory card into overdrive!!


Then.. just last week I received an email that really made my heart jump for joy!! If you would like to know what sent me 'over the moon', please have a look at my blog.


And to the Dutch: please join me at the VNF photo festival, held at the 5th of November in Zutphen. I'm really sure it will prove to be a source of inspiration to all photographers but especially wildlife photographers! Order your tickets here.. Only 5 days left!


I'm loving these new McDonald's Puss in Boots toys! <3


free skin by Pinkinnik; free umbrella by NoiRiLiCiouS; free arm cast by PixelFashion; free shoulder teddy by Love Soul


pink 2-button cape by BP; dress by Sugarcube; hair by Truth; nails by Tres Blah


my hometown in the background ;o)

kitties can be cute , sometimes. This time was like a western movie

Not the best shot of the day, but too great a moment to throw this out due to the blur...

After blacking out when rushed by the angry talking heads at the Tijuana Playboy Club, Chica wakes up in a strange bedroom that appears to be hers. She looks at pictures of herself and awards that she does not recall winning. She turns on the television set and after a few odd commercials for products she never heard of she watches in disbelief as the news rolls. Something has changed. She is shocked to see BRUCE Jenner is President of the United States, having gone into politics after winning the Olympics. Kris Jenner is still his wife, but now elegant and glamorous as First Lady. Old nemesis Khloe is now blonde, very prim and proper and goes by the name of Khloe Glickstein, having married the son of a NY real estate tycoon, developed her own fashion line and converted to Judaism.


She flips the channels and finds herself being mocked on an unfamiliar Univision program. She comes to realize it is Sabato Gigante,but instead of Don Francisco, it is Ted Cruz ogling after scantily clad women and calling Chica out as a traitor. Chica learns that rival network Telemundo was bought out by two Nordoamericanos named Donald Trump (who looks very much like President Bigly) and Vince McMahon, who were talking about making Telemundo Great Again. Telemundo had bought Chica by paying her $25 Million to leave Univision and defect to Telemundo where she became Telemundo’s White House Correspondent and hosted a daytime talk show. Watching a taped re run of her talk show, she is horrified to see that her special guest is Vice President OJ Simpson….


Chica meets her assistant Scott Michael, (Steve Carell) who instructs her on what Mr. Trump wants her to wear on set and at the White House. On this particular day, she is instructed to wear a very short black dress with mesh sleeves to interview first daughter Khloe Glickstein, her husband Schlomo (Jason Alexander) and their four children.


"Parezco una stripper" she protests.. Scott Michael laughs... "Come on baby, you were all in on making Telemundo great again. This is conservative for you, Mamacita!"


She arrives at the White House and immediately on entering is assailed by Khloe’s Mother in law Susie (Susie Essman) who rages at her. “What the f--- did you say about my son and daughter in law you wetback c---?!!!” Chica tries to stammer an apology in English, but she cannot find the words. “F--- You , you skanky bitch!!” rages Susie Glickstein.. Chica can barely manage a response when Khloe smashes her on the side of her head with a weight-laden purse… A catfight ensues between Khloe and Chica… as the camera’s roll. In a control room in Trump Tower in NY, Trump and McMahon are high fiving each other. “We are making Telemundo Great Again!” roars Trump.


Off to the side, Scott Michael gives the camera a Cheshire Cat grin and whispers in English “ Some things don’t change in any alternate universe. It’s not so hard to get”

Then laughing he bellows “That’s what she said!”


Jose!... La vainqueur!!!!

A night on the tiles: [after the nocturnal activities of cats] on a spree, on a debauch.


#1 in Explore - thank you so much. Big smiles cos its my 15th :)

We don't see a whole lot of Dirt during the winter - mainly because we don't go outside very often - but once spring comes around there's a much greater chance of an encounter. Jimmy and Mack prepare for these possible encounters by choreographing a fierce battle to show how big and brave they are. Because we didn't actually see him, we assume Dirt was cowering behind some bush trembling like a scared little baby.


Way to go, strong warriors!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... is CANNON by the legendary Wallace Wood (Mad, EC Comics, Daredevil)! CANNON appeared every week for two and a half years in Overseas Weekly, a newspaper distributed exclusively to U.S. Military bases around the world. Uncensored by commercial editorial restrictions, Wood pulled out all the stops — producing a thrilling and salacious Cold War spy serial run amok with brutal violence and titillating sex all in an effort to boost morale and support our troops!


Meet John Cannon, the perfect agent and America's exploitative answer to James Bond. Initially brainwashed by the terrifying, voluptuous, and always half naked Madame Toy to be "the perfect assassin" for the Red forces, Cannon was eventually rescued and brainwashed (again) by the CIA until he had no emotions whatsoever. Under the employ of our government’s Central Intelligence Agency, Cannon experiences action like no other agent! Undercover and under the covers, Cannon endures nude torture by beautiful women, explosive gunplay, naked catfights, bone-crunching plastic surgery, nudity, Hitler, nihilistic lovemaking, Weasel the spy, naked women, death from above, and more naked women! Take that, 007!


Together with the Wallace Wood Estate, and working from newly unearthed source material, Fantagraphics Books presents the biggest, baddest, best-looking collection of CANNON, ever!


296-page black & white/color 11" x 7.5" hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-60699-702-4

Jimmy and Mack ignore each other when they're inside. They sleep in different rooms, eat at different times and look out different windows. However, there just doesn't seem to be enough space in the great outdoors for both of them.


If there is a dominant one, I can't figure it out. Sometimes Mack ambushes Jimmy and sometimes it's the other way around. It is usually half hearted but sometimes one wants to end it before the other but walking away just makes for better prey.


Three clickable pictures in the comments to show other stages of this fight.

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Poor milo. He never gets a moment's rest.

Ilustración Digital


lol süsse guck mal unsere blicke als würden wir jeden augenblick aufeinander losgehen xD


looks a bit like a catfight starts soon xDDD


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