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MISS V♛ Mexico 2015 -YeriakTH Couturier

2. Challenge - Extravaganza Fashion Inspired by Qi Gang

Photographer. Astralia ♥


Style Card.

no. 7 Orbit Art Pieces shoulders and wings ♥

UrbanLutz Hair - Geisha

blackLiquid MAKEUP - kabuki red matte

Eshi Otawara - Aria Pompadour Neck

[MANDALA]POLLY head Corsage


Violator-CatchMe-Mesh Top

**=__MEA CULPA_=**asian sundown Dress

ESQ. + Blair Sandals / HIGH / Onyx


I was inspired to try this with my own guys.


Location: On a ship, Danube (near Passau), Austria;

<3 is not afraid of fall at all..becoz she knows that he will always be there to catch her..

ngồi lục đồ. móe, tự dưng thấy, lạ ghê =))))))))))

làm xong từ hồi ra MV, mình quên post thì phải =))))))))

mấy cái text trông vice vô duyên nhưng kệ đi lâu rồi mà mình cũng không giữ psd để sửa :3

TRP- Frozen


Today was a good day. Had Indian food with Nancy! I rove her oh so much. best roomie, EVAR!


My evil exbf tried adding me on facebook, because he "heard about my divorce through a mutual friend". Vulture. Word travels fast, I suppose.


I'm having a lovely evening! Good conversation and bout to hop into bed for sleep. My James Morrison pandora station is kind of amazing.


P.s. I effing hate the explore donkey. He makes me hate myself.

Nearly all the day it was raining. So this week my pic shows a fallen water drop of course.

Wow Mango ... don't you love Mango, Yes I am :) | Happy Festival |

Taken and edited with Iphone 4

Camera info:

Nikon D90, ISO 200, 1/60s

AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR @ 18mm, f/3.5

SB-900 @ 1/2 200mm, Soft box "Home made"


Processing: using Photoshop CS3 :

-Noise reduction

-Soft light layer adjustment

-Unsharp mask


About the name :


It's a French words that's mean in English catch me

I hope one day to learn French language !!


Thanks for my dear friend A.Hilou who give me the idea.



-No. 1 @ Jeddah Shooters Weekly Top 10 Winners for 08.01.10 "@ Facebook"

Racing in golden light; a delicate pattern of waves and trails on blue velvet.


Please, do not use this photo without permission. Thank you

Looking down the Cape Blanco lighthouse spiral ~ my friend, Kathy, shooting to catch me coming down as I was shooting her below! :) What a wonderful trip- thank you, Kathy & Phil, for taking care of us and showing us around while we were with you on the coast of Oregon!



everything you need to know about me,

is right in front of you. use your eyes.


view large/on black.





captured this candid moment at sunset point, Matheran.

Me & my nephew were playing catch me if you can outside today in his backyard & this was just to cute not to post. He was having so much fun !

yeah yeah everyone's done this but idgaf. im a stayer for nelena ;)

Two red tailed hawks engaging in aerial hi-jinx. At one time, there were seven hawks in the air (mix of red tailed and swainson) and one in a tree.

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