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cat in winter

Model from the series Seliger cats. Walking along the street of the city of Ostashkov I met a group of cats, but I did not notice this guy. At the time when I was photographing other cats, this one was pushing my elbow and meowing, as if wanted to say: look at me, I am also very beautiful :)

This is my brother's cat and it's a funny cat. quite friendly and crossed-eye (poor him). But a good model for posing.

I managed to take this one while the cat was just waiting on top of the table.


Thank you all for your appreciation.


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One way of getting Ringo to look into the camera!! (He did get his cat treats! :))

All photos courtesy of Pixabay.


Created for Challenges Community Group January 2018 "Humor and Smiles" Challenge.

Won 3rd place!!


HE > i

Felidae is a family of mammals in the order Carnivora, colloquially referred to as cats.

Felis margarita The sand cat, also known as the sand dune cat, is the only cat living foremost in true deserts. This small cat is widely distributed in the deserts of North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia. Taken at a little zoo in Devon

Fred snoozing - Jan 2018

Tiggy showing how she avoids wet feet

Il gatto è l'animale al quale il Creatore ha dato l'occhio più acuto, la pelliccia più soffice, le narici più sommamente delicate, un orecchio mobile, una zampa senza eguali e un artiglio ricurvo preso in prestito dal ramo della rosa. (Colette)


The cat is the animal to which the Creator has given the sharpest eye, the softest fur, the most extremely delicate nostrils, a mobile ear, an unmatched paw and a curved claw borrowed from the branch of the rose. (Colette)




A gorgeous female Maine Coon Cat.

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Cat Nap Prissy found a new spot to nap on, still close to her favorite window, I bothered her while I was shooting a few shots, she went back to sleep, found in North Carolina.

Cat (from the series Seliger cats). He lives in a convent in the city of Ostashkov, on the shores of Lake Seliger. Russia

In the rays of the morning sun

This cat was wandering the graveyard as I was unsuccessfully searching for squirrels.

Stray cats don't like to be photographed!

"Never try to outstubborn a cat."

Robert A. Heinlein

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