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I've passed these old jalopies a few times but only recently had the opportunity to shoot them. (Dopey is 4th from the right, Sneezy 6th from the left!)

Ink and watercolor

Reference photo:

Espero te guste amigo Manu ;). Creo que lo que más destaca de tí es la intensidad de la mirada (muy soñadora), espero haberla captado...

This cartoon is unlikely to mean anything to anyone outside the UK. It refers to our recently elected governments intention to re-introduce the "sport" of hunting foxes with hounds through a backdoor route. When they realised they would lose the vote, which was due to take place on Wednesday they dropped the proposal.

A reedit of an old photo!


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Sumi esses dias, mas porque realmente não tive tempo de lembrar que tinha unhas para cuidar, todos os dias sai de casa as 7h e voltei depois das 22h, aí chegava em casa só queria dormir! heehhe

E hoje, finalmente, depois de enrolar muito resolvi fazer as unhas (era uma questão de necessidade, elas estavam grandes, sem cuidados, prestes a quebrar).


Me inspirei, na verdade copiei, no último video da cutepolish, achei tãããõoo legal! hehehehe E o efeito fica massa! Meu namorado até achou que fosse falso, olhou pro video e disse "ahhh amor, isso é computadorizado!" --- tsc tsc, tolinho!



1x base pró-fortalecimento - Colorama;

1x Bola de Gude - Colorama;

2x Roxo - Ludurana (super do fundo do baú! Ele é mais roxo do que está na foto)

- borda e efeito de brilho com esmaltes nail art da Claires, que ganhei do Concurso do Unhas a Trois;

1x base fosca - Colorama.


Espero que gostem!




(english follow)

Toon..... c’est l’imaginaire et la poésie de la BD, des cartoons, de ces histoires qui nous plongent dans un univers où tout est possible. Le style graphique très épuré et stylisé qui caractérise les cartoons et la BD est conçu pour nous extraire de la réalité naturelle et physique du monde tout en gardant avec ce monde une ressemblance familière qui nous incite à participer à l’histoire, à s’identifier à ses personnages et à ses lieux.


La scène qui m’a donné l’idée de cette image en apparence surréaliste existe bel et bien dans la réalité! Il s’agit d’une photo d’une petite cabane ancrée sur un rocher en mer près de Natashquan au Québec.


Toon.... talks about the fantasy and the poetry of comics, of the cartoons, of those stories that take us into a world where anything is possible. Their graphical style which is very sleek and stylish is designed to extract us from the natural and physical reality of the world while maintaining with this world a familiar link that makes us able to participate in the story and to identify with its characters and its places.


The scene that gave me the idea for this surrealist image does exist in reality! This is a photo of a small cabin anchored on a rock in the sea near Natashquan in Quebec.

man i forgot about this place! anyways, uploading some recent-ish stoof.



Soon I'll have the whole Warner Bros family.

Acrylic on Paper

20x 30 in.


Working on a lithograph with a coworker similar to this and also a much larger painting with more realistic eyes. Will post when they are finished...

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This here trail looks fake to me. It's totally real and about 2 minute walk from my house.

:copyright: Alle Fotos Lizenzfrei( Royalty Free )

found this whilst looking for an old script called the crowhanasburg mysteries


think this drawing is by my friend State Comptroller Atkins aka R. L. Evans


يرحم ايام الأول كنا نسهر ونسهر خخخخ

This old house is falling in on all sides and it reminds me of a cartoon house. Winter is fast becoming one of my 4 favorite seasons for photography! This year has been mild and without too much snow, but just enough to make the scenes nice.


Gracias WISONET por dejarme subir el carton car de tu ferrari ;)

Estos dias estoy muy liado no tengo tiempo para hacer fotos, y luis (wisonet) un dia me mando una foto que habia hecho él de un ferrari (hay que decir que wiso, es un crack, mirad su galeria y me entendereis) y no pude resistir la tentacion de jugar con ese ferrari, fué el segundo cartoon car que hacia y hoy me la ha mandado para que la subiera, me va genial, pues no tengo tiempo de hacer fotos y asi puedo subir algo a flickr :))

Once there was a way

to get back homeward

once there was a way

to get back home

(Sleep pretty darling

do not cry

and I will sing a lullabye)


Boy, you gonna carry that weight

Carry that weight a long time

Boy, you gonna carry that weight

Carry that weight a long time




oh yeah! all right!

Are you gonna be in my dreams, tonight?


love you, love you, love you...


(And in the end, the love you take

It's equal to the love you make).

Acrylic 8x8 in painting on canvas...


Available at Fabric8 ($125)


Just a little collage a threw together for a friend :)

This cartoon character I've modified it on photoshop and mostly based on Second Life..

I hope to be beautiful :)

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