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Ink and watercolor

Reference photo:

Espero te guste amigo Manu ;). Creo que lo que más destaca de tí es la intensidad de la mirada (muy soñadora), espero haberla captado...

man i forgot about this place! anyways, uploading some recent-ish stoof.



Soon I'll have the whole Warner Bros family.

Mickey wants to be as famous as Moham’d Cartoon as well!!!! He wanna be Museum item too!! Dang!! This will cost a lot out of the Danes' tax money as much as an arm and a leg just to protect it!! No pun intended!!


The Danish Cartoon Art Museum in Copenhagen is part of the Royal Library of Denmark. They are in discussions to buy the 12 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that ignited riots leading to 50 deaths around the world after they were published in a Danish newspaper in 2005.


(english follow)

Toon..... c’est l’imaginaire et la poésie de la BD, des cartoons, de ces histoires qui nous plongent dans un univers où tout est possible. Le style graphique très épuré et stylisé qui caractérise les cartoons et la BD est conçu pour nous extraire de la réalité naturelle et physique du monde tout en gardant avec ce monde une ressemblance familière qui nous incite à participer à l’histoire, à s’identifier à ses personnages et à ses lieux.


La scène qui m’a donné l’idée de cette image en apparence surréaliste existe bel et bien dans la réalité! Il s’agit d’une photo d’une petite cabane ancrée sur un rocher en mer près de Natashquan au Québec.


Toon.... talks about the fantasy and the poetry of comics, of the cartoons, of those stories that take us into a world where anything is possible. Their graphical style which is very sleek and stylish is designed to extract us from the natural and physical reality of the world while maintaining with this world a familiar link that makes us able to participate in the story and to identify with its characters and its places.


The scene that gave me the idea for this surrealist image does exist in reality! This is a photo of a small cabin anchored on a rock in the sea near Natashquan in Quebec.

found this whilst looking for an old script called the crowhanasburg mysteries


think this drawing is by my friend State Comptroller Atkins aka R. L. Evans


Another Collaboration project on sticker. This is half of it, the other half is still to be done.


Snozze, VLT, and bountyhunter113


Once there was a way

to get back homeward

once there was a way

to get back home

(Sleep pretty darling

do not cry

and I will sing a lullabye)


Boy, you gonna carry that weight

Carry that weight a long time

Boy, you gonna carry that weight

Carry that weight a long time




oh yeah! all right!

Are you gonna be in my dreams, tonight?


love you, love you, love you...


(And in the end, the love you take

It's equal to the love you make).

It is basically a little cartoon character that you customise online to personalise yourself as :)


Quite cute actually! xD


Just to pass the time :)

Insipired by emilyfry, I took this photo of myself and turned it into a cartoon, painting over it by hand in Paint Shop Pro. You were right, Emily--it was fun! Thanks for the idea.

My daughter make this, base on my Flickr profile photo.


Lamina pintada en estos dias con el señor Andy Sharpe, todos los personajes de esta lamina estan disponible para ser tatuados, dedicado a todos los amantes del cartoon!




ismael valdes vergara 510 dpto 2

metro bellas artes




mister crowley / vacs!

Why don't you pick up my phone call, Tora??!!!

i miss our crazy phone talk....

Ein Cartoon muss tun was ein Toon tun muss ;)


Wacka Wacka Wacka!



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Some of the best assets I did for ngmoco:)'s GodFinger.

New character for my next illustration.

3D character design.

This is some cartoon photos by Balasaheb thackeray

this is another commision for the girl who write me.... i dont even know her name... nt here it is... hope u like it...


esto de hacer dibujos es como canson... ¬¬

There are cool new tools out there to convert photos to cartoons. Thought I might give it a go.


I certainly look better as a cartoon than the real thing!!! What do you think?



went back to the simple letters and little cartoon things...always fun to paint :D



zombie rider again again and again


My favorite...a cup of Earl Teal. *SOLD*

Anta asked me to draw this, so I did.

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