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in love with these brushes :D

*sorry for the stupid angle and quality*

this picture is from 01/12/2011


I'm 16 - Brazilian


My amazing looking model inspired this portrait, thank you Carol and look forward to doing another shoot

: )


Trying to get back to basics with this and last 2 shots, want to focus more on photography for a bit and less on PS i was feeling a bit lost.


My photo if Tim Andrews is in the supplement of The Guardian today if you want to get your self's a copy

: )






I'm taking more professional photos of nature, people, fashion editorials, etc.

Of course, I still need to learn a lot, but I'm very focused in this career.

This is how I'm going to sign my work for it now, and I created an album just for these pictures. hope you like it!


btw, I'll continue taking dolls pictures as hobby, dont worry x)

This photo was edited for the SL Picture•Pile•Ups group. See something you'd change? join the group, download the pic, and edit it your way. Original capture by Carol Sauterau.

An infrared portrait of Carol (Frog n fries)

Taken on the 2nd Dartmoor Flickr meet.

modelo: carol minguillon


atrezzo: cortesía del centro comercial alcampo.


Carol Anderson, Cappuccino_R3


Cappuccino is a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Carol Anderson, Cappuccino_R2


Cappuccino is a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Model: Carol Garcia

Makeup: Allen Rosales

Photography by Leo Castillo


Shot at The Photoworks Studio

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG APO OS HSM for Canon

On light shot. I used an AB800 in a 22 inch sliver beauty dish camera right. The lifeguard tower and Carol are much taller then my light stand so I had my friend hold the light stand over his head. Should of got a picture of that. I used my cameras meter to expose for the background. After that I would tell Tim to take one step forward or one step backward until we got the right amount of flash on Carol. I used pocket wizards to fire the flash. Post in LR 5 and on1 perfect portrait.

First thing Simon sees when he awakes. Carol Vorderman taped to the corner of his room. He has a framed picture of Stalin at the other corner if he gets bored of fiddling to Carol.

Carol O. McFadden, New York, London, Paris, Social

Carol está participando do Janeiro Rosa

Promovido pelo site!


Somos n° 6!


Carol: - Calma, falta pouco...

Sr. Coelho - Meu bum bum ta quadrado!

Corrente de orações para Carol.


Força Márcia Deus está olhando por voces.


Salmo 70


" Apressa-te, ó Deus, em me livrar;

Fiquem envergonhados e confundidos os que procuram tirar-me a vida;

tornem atrás e confundam-se os que me desejam mal.

Sejam cobertos de vergonha os que dizem: Ah!Ah!

Folguem e alegrem-se em ti todos os que te buscam; e aqueles que amam a tua salvação digam continuamente:

engrandecido seja Deus.

Eu, porém, estou aflito e necessitado: apressa-te em me valer, ó Deus.

Tu és o meu amparo e o meu libertador;

Senhor não te detenhas."


(O texto e a imagem são sugestões da Paty *Mimmos*)


Carol Anderson, Cappuccino_R


Cappuccino is a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Modelo: Carol Jordão. Fotografo:JohnatasDsm Edição:DsmDSm Processo final:DsmvideosProdução Camera: D3200 Lente:18-55 Dx

Elliot (carol) in the backyard of a relative. They have such a beautiful view, a crossed the water is Canada.

A Carol, é a gata mais fofa que eu já conheci!

Olha que charme :D


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Momo's lovely Carol

TV presenter Carol Vorderman.

TV presenter Carol Vorderman.

Its incredible how quickly me and Carol clicked after meeting for the first time ever this past week in New Hampshire. She is such a talented, funny and beautiful person. It really feels like I've known her all my life and that we were just a couple of long time friends hanging out. We were both quite teary eyed saying good bye. But I know I will be seeing her very soon, I did leave my favourite jacket in her car hehe

BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast - 09/04/14.

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood - 21/08/14.

BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood - 31/03/14.

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