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To me, this type of car is a typical gangster car in black and white european detective stories. So I had to use the film noir filter of SilverFX ... and ad some more darkness to some whiter corners.

Camping trip to Stehekin, WA. Stehekin is a small community on Lake Chelan accessible only by boat, plane, or hiking.

taxi car - Plymouth 1954

This was at the car show in Rockford, Illinois. He sold it..:( Such a pretty car. What did he do with the money, he bought another one..:) An even older one, a 1956 Lincoln Continental convertible he found in a garage in really rough shape. Another project.

Car Pooling anyone ?



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An old Cadillac rests in front of an old corn crib near Rochelle, IL.

11 August 2001 Plymouth Hoe. National Crash rescue Comeptition hosted by Devon Fire Brigade

Every time I go to Kitsilano Beach, I see this car. It's time to take a shot of him with my FM2N.

The car that changed the world.

1915 turtle deck roundabout.

2.9 litre petrol engine-20hp.

2 forward gears-top speed 40mph.


On with the antique cars.

A shot of a Gentleman down at the Pier Head using his Camcorder to Film the Queen Mary II coming into Dock...BEST LARGE.

Kent Police taking an elderly driver to ASDA car park to wait for his family to pick him up after an accident in Greenhithe, Kent

Alfa Roméo Mito

I was wondering what it would be like in the afterlife of my SUV after she got donated. I guess I 've found the answer here ....... Party !!!!

sull'estetica niente da dire ... ma il motore è potente ?!?


Analog Tmax 100

35mm Nikon

made in Czechoslovakia

The Rolling Sculpture car show in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan on July 11, 2008.


All of my classic car photos can be found here: Car Collections


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Car picture from the Granby International Car Show July 26,2014 Quebec

Lio NeL © 2012


Stock images used are

Car KarinClaessonArt

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Dirt background Snowenne


Sky and texture my own

inspired by this tutorial


made for this discussion at

it's a addiction

Riding around

In my black devil car

I can't hear a sound

Because her foot's pushing down too hard

And white angels cry

For her black devil heart

She wants me to stop

She should never let me start

She should never let me start


Black Devil Car - Jamiroquai

An Oakland Housing Authority Police unit in front of city hall.

Admiring the architecture in Rome we came across this Smart car which had been decorated with a natty, crocheted cover! Never seen anything like this before!


ADDED 25/7/10 Found out that this was done by the artist Magda Sayeg for the Roman Arts Festival, “Il Lusso Essenziale.” Thanks for all the pointers!


I'm glad so many of you have added this as a favourite - but please don't repost on your own photostream without an acknowledgment. Thanks.

M28UL by Anhelo @ ULTRA Event - 15th March / 8th April

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From 1921 through 1941 Maybach was building automobiles with first-ranking technology worldwide. They were always among the best, but also the most expensive fast movers on four wheels. Their top model was the "Zeppelin" of which only about 200 specimen were built. But few people were in a position to own a Maybach automobile. In the course of their 20 years of production they produced no more than 1800 vehicles, with Maybach always providing only the engine and the chassis. The best coachbuilders competed for the honor of creating constantly new dream cars, based on a Maybach chassis.

A Whelen Demo Dodge Charger equipped with ALPR(Automated License Plate Readers)

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