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Young man driving a vintage classic sports car 🚗 in the city 😉

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There was a car show at the Watermelon festival I went to a few months ago and this car was one of the standouts. I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow, all day, so I may be a little late getting to everyone.

Sightseeing tour in one of those old cars is the perfect way to feel the magic of Prague.

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Food Trailer from ANHELO : --ANHELO-M43RB-17AGA :: food trailer (rusty blue) available today for FLF


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Taken at BarDeco & Kékéland

Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 1954–1960

secondlife car auto automobile


macro mondays theme: beatles/beetles


wishing you all a great new week.

Macro shot of the sunroof/blind of my car.

White, GA

October 2018


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The former junkyard claims to be the largest collection of old cars in the world.


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Old Car City

White, GA

Nov 2016

Is there any finer car than a Mustang? Probably, but it is still my very favorite, and always has been.


Please have a look at my Mustang gallery - amazing photos from other Flickr users -

classic car + Jaguar XK 120 circa 1950

Vintage car and one happy driver in the car

Passenger car with water-cooled four-stroke six-cylinder OHV engine placed lenght-wise behind the front axle and with rear-wheel drive.Engine capacity 3485 cc,output 125 bhp,maximum speed 150 km/h.Producer: SS Cars Ltd.,Coventry,Great Britain.

The AC Cobra, sold as the Shelby Cobra in the United States, is an Anglo-American sports car with a Ford V8 engine, produced intermittently in both the UK and the US since 1962.

On the second Sunday of the month the very beautiful and extremely historic Queen Square in the centre of Bristol plays host to an informal car meet. All sorts and sizes appear, different every month and typically move on when either the police or the traffic wardens arrive. I hope you can see the theme I've gone for here!

(It was crowded this weekend so I struggled to get shots without people, hence the extreme close ups on some images. I was also wearing a his vis cycling jacket so apologies for the reflections you may see!



αυτοκίνητα με χαρακτήρα και γαλλική φινέτσα.

Woodruff, Wisconsin


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M28UL by Anhelo @ ULTRA Event - 15th March / 8th April

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You got a fast car...

I want a ticket to anywhere...

Any place is better...

Finally got around to updating this. The dinosaurs are coming...

Fast Car

Tracy Chapman

Hear it here:




"Fast Car"


You got a fast car

I want a ticket to anywhere

Maybe we make a deal

Maybe together we can get somewhere

Any place is better

Starting from zero got nothing to lose

Maybe we'll make something

Me myself I got nothing to prove


You got a fast car

I got a plan to get us out of here

I been working at the convenience store

Managed to save just a little bit of money

Won't have to drive too far

Just 'cross the border and into the city

You and I can both get jobs

And finally see what it means to be living


See my old man's got a problem

He live with the bottle that's the way it is

He says his body's too old for working

His body's too young to look like his

My mama went off and left him

She wanted more from life than he could give

I said somebody's got to take care of him

So I quit school and that's what I did


You got a fast car

Is it fast enough so we can fly away?

We gotta make a decision

Leave tonight or live and die this way


So remember when we were driving driving in your car

Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk

City lights lay out before us

And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

And I had a feeling that I belonged

I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone



Taken at the Locust Grove Car Show

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