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It's a gorgeous, warm and sunny weekend here with record-setting heat for late November. Leaves are all gone but there are bright red berries and orange bittersweet accenting the roadsides and creek beds throughout the valley - now this is Fall. :)

Autumn is my favorite time of year. This was taken on the Beaver Kill in New York. This River runs through my heart and pile on some gorgeous leaves and I am in heaven. The way they are captured to the edge of the rocks make a great natural frame.

*AWE* inspiring architecture in Montreal

The height of summer in my garden on my roof deck.

I know I know it is very rude of me to see something like that on the famous landmark of Birmingham, but it can't be helped... and now You see it too. I can take you to the kittens if you insist!


after a big snow storm in NYC shadows of trees in Brooklyn

Public board walk in Fernandina Beach.

My boyfriends backyard....

it is the inner view of temple inside Gwalior fort.. it is beautiful due to the stone works and the way they utilised light.

Coaster Ride. Animal Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

The Biosphère is a museum in Montreal dedicated to environment. It is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau, on Île Sainte-Hélène in the former pavilion of the United States for the 1967 World Fair Expo 67.

Changing weather over James River, Virginia, and friendly pier with two chairs at end.

These feet belong to one of my best friends, Zach. We were next door neighbors in college and I was in love with his 1920s bungalow that he shared with one other roommate. The bathroom tiles, a unique design imported from Morocco, were one of my favorite aspects of the house. a justification mechanism


Hilton Hotels - Istanbul

On a back road in S. Carolina, this barn weathers on, year after year.

this photo is of Gwalior fort which is in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, stands on an isolated rock, overlooking the Gwalior town. it is established that it was built in the 8th century.Gwalior Fort also occupies a unique place in the human civilization as the place which has the first ever recorded use of zero.

This was one of the best trip i made in ma life. The symmetry of rock sculptures and pillars are really awesome.

Scannograph || Self


I wish you could see the prints of these pictures. This screen does not do them justice.


Barely any post-process on these. Just some lightening and sharpening.


Message me for prints.

there's some really tradition houses around my house now. it's rare to see those old houses in the metropolis, so i guess it's quite lucky for me still have chance to record these pictures. through these image showing the track of the history, culture and memories.

I've never been a fan of organic architecture (form-wise) as it always felt like a scarce/forced effort on behalf of architecture, but still I like to take photos of sculptural architecture pieces.


This is one of the buildings by Frank O. Gehry in Düsseldorf Media Harbour which had poor quality cladding details but was fun to shoot :)

Nighttime from Tour Montparnasse

Thanksgiving in Danville, Ca...Such a beautiful day, especially because we were with family...

i have a thing for umbrellas

The Water Gardens in Forth Worth-My entire studio climbed the 20 foot wall!

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB

Spa Six Hours

Pitlane, Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Flying from Portland back to NYC

In the last winter, me and my boyfriend took a nice trip to a forest in Braga, Portugal.

This is a picture of him, going to explore Wonderland...

A drive by photo one summers night. Loved the dark brooding clouds and glittering spere.

Big storm came through Thursday. So, naturally, I wanted to document the incoming storm clouds. I returned to the park bench which featured in a few of my other photos. I like this bench. It's sturdy, comfortable, and well-placed. Conveniently positioned for colorful sunsets over a grassy park, it's also handy for pre-jog stretches (not that I ever indulged in the jogging, but I have been known to lean here for a hamstring stretch now and then), and it's about the only seat around for a hundred yards. It sees a lot of action. When designing the park, somebody's boss must have said, "This is only one bench left — place it well."


The bench is also about 40 feet from my front door. So, I wasn't worried too much about the developing storm: if I needed to bolt back to the house, I could. I felt pretty comfortable just hanging around the bench, using it to compose some shots. Taking my time.


That's what you do around benches. You take your time. Nobody's in a hurry when they're sitting on a bench. They're not wasting time, they're passing it.


Yet while strolling back to my abode, attempting to maintain my park-bench-casualness, my wife said, "Hurry up, you're the tallest thing in the park!"


Okay, so lightning. It's not respecter of park benches.


At least, if I'd been struck, I wouldn't have to worry about not having a decent flash when I needed one.


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The sugar house, soon to celebrate 150 years, is perfectlly suited to its function. One end stores firewood and the other houses the boilers and fire pit. In operation for 4 to 6 weeks, in the spring, it produces a year's supply of Maple syrup for some twenty families. The rest of the year, it just sits there looking beautiful.

This gate, fashioned from arbutus branches, is at the lower end of my meadow and opens onto the Galloping Goose Trail. It embodies the rural nature of where I live as well as my own, somewhat quirky, nature. Many people walk or ride along the Trail and I can always pinpoint my property by saying: "It's the one with the arbutus gate."


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