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Antique . Taken at the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory in Washoe Valley, NV

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[artist of the day vol.10] wacky pick is nyc artist elbow-toe.. poignant, expressive, raw - extraordinary commentary on today's consumer culture. one of my absolute favorites.


at the robert watson co. candy factory soon to be yuppy loft.

Happy sweet 'pour a little sugar on it' Tuesday!


Can't believe it is almost September. Kids will be heading back to school soon.


I'm sure they'd rather be hanging out at the Candy Factory!




♫ sugar sugar ♫

i kind of like how it looks all film-y lol. i wish you could see the candy sign more though! grr.


i'm tired and i'm off to bed!

i shall comment you all tomorrow after school ♥

Corner of Grand & Wooster Street in Soho, NY.


This is one of my many detours through New York. You can find so much activity on this one intersection, from architecture, street art, graffiti, never ending construction sites to the Deitch Projects. So much inspiration is to be discovered.

Decay inside an abandoned candy factory.



Erie Slugs Tese Zaps Josk Zeb, R.I.P. Depte CYA

The bottom of sugar tanks inside an abandoned candy factory.


I think an Oompa Loompa may have stayed behind & became a junkie judging by the needles & other paraphernalia in one room.




Main lobby of the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California


I rather like how this one turned out. Longest exposure that day, clocking in at 15 seconds. There's a roll of 35mm Superia on the ground (see notes) that I should've snagged. The canister's spotty with rust, but who knows what wonders might turn up if I (re)shoot it in a Holga? Let's hope it's still there the next time.


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Crikey! Here we see the astonishingly rare Candy Mountain Cougar, close to extinct!

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