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Today i went out with my toy - my good old Canon 400d / rebel xti.

I still love "her" candy colours and the lovely bubble bokeh.

Happy Purple Tuesday!


When all it does is rain, rain, rain, I get out my "paintbox" and get creative with my photos. Hope you like it!

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Sticking with the more colourful side of things, the beach huts at West Mersea, Essex, shot at dusk, hand held on the Fuji XT10.


Thanks everyone for your likes and comments, ever appreciated.


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This cottage was amazing. When we'd seen pargetting elsewhere (decorative work in the plaster), you often had to look quite hard to see it, bur here it was thick and deep and very definitely defined. Add to that the lovely candy colours of pink and yellow!


At Coddenham, Suffolk, England.

I don't want to be the one to say goodbye

But I will, I will, I will

I don't want to sit on the pavement while you fly

But I will, I will, oh yes I will


Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson.


Boa noite seus lindos!

Vim aqui atualizar rapidinho e dizer que amanhã eu vou responder/retribuir os comentários fofos de vocês! Obrigada por tudo, beijos.


P.s: essa foto foi meu namorado quem tirou, então os créditos são dele :)



The colourful beach huts at West Mersea Facebook / Twitter / Website / Instagram via 500px

The colourful beach huts at West Mersea Facebook / Twitter / Website / Instagram via 500px

Nemesia in my hanging basket.

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I took this back in 2000 on my Sony DSC-P1. It's a picture of some marzipan fruit I got for Christmas. At the time I didn't really eat chocolate so I always got this stuff instead which is much healthier ;)

Coloured pencils testing out my shoot thru umbrella taken with Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM + 580EX ii flash with a few coloured pencils on white background, this is my first strobist photo using off camera flash.


Strobist info:


- Canon 580ex ii

- Shoot through umbrella (left of camera)

- Off camera extension lead with TTL

- on white background card

- Coloured Pencils

Atlanta skyline overlooking Centennial Park and World of Coke.


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burnaby. barnet inlet taking pics with my lensbaby. lucky.



Thanks everyone for commenting on my SP. You are all so very kind!

Esses esmaltes não têm referência nenhuma, seja número ou nome. Ainda bem que a marca está no vidrinho, porque né, não sei nada sobre eles, heaheha.


Vieram em um kitzinho de 5 cores em tom pastel, ganhei do lindo do meu namorado no evento da Aliança do Esmalte, ano passado.


Essa é a versão mini deles, e é mentira esses 12ml que eles dizem ter, pois o frasco é idêntico ao de um China Glaze mini, que tem 9,6ml.


Foi uma brincadeira com o tal esmalte "rosa verde" que até hoje ninguém viu como é, hahaha.

This village has the largest concentration of Belle Epoque houses on the whole coastline of France – about 300 of them. We had a lovely time wandering the sea front and the streets leading off it admiring these beautiful candy coloured buildings, with their intricate balconies and decorations. Some, it has to be said, are more loved than others, but people are beginning to value them again, and many have been recently done up. They started to be built after the railway came to the town in 1873.


The houses now have preservation orders on them, so that they must be restored in the original colours and style. No plastic is allowed.

The last regular rail freight service along the line to Darling Harbour from Balmain was grain for the two then operating flour mills that retained rail sidings. Over 20 years ago on 19 July 1990, the back-to-back pairing of 4909 and 4913 rumbled over Wentworth Park viaduct with a trip train returning to Enfield from Gillespie's flour mill at Darling Island. This railway has since been converted to light rail and trams now operate at regular intervals.

Beach huts below the prom, all locked up for another month or so.


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Mmmm...candy letters :)


Hope you all have a spiffing weekend :D




Day Eighteen



candy kisses and warmest wishes to u flickr peeps. thanks for follows, faves and the kind comments

Xbox game pad in home studio expirement.

Not taken with a macro lens.. just the wrong way round with the 18-55mm lens.


A drinkin' glass with water(actually ordinary water not carbonic acid) and some blue candycolour.




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Just playing with one of the 'beach hut' shots.

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I managed to go out to play with my new camera before the rain started again - and I LIKE!! Oh, and my brand new website is now live - hey, why not take a look?! :)

happy candy colours for you!


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