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1. I have a twin sister named Aenea; she makes guns and eyewear.

2. I like guns. I have lots and lots of them. BANG BANG!

3. Picnik makes me seem much more talented than I am.

4. While I've only ever dated women, I have a crush on this one guy...

5. I'm learning Dutch so I can speak it to my Dutch sister who speaks perfect English.

6. My family is my family, not my "SL-family". I do not qualify my relationship to them anymore than I qualify my love for them.

7. I am insanely blessed to have talented Flickr pals like Mecca Merosi, Darwinia Nightfire, Sila Slade, Divine Tokyoska, and Shoshana Epsilon.

8. I am insanely jealous of same. :P

9. I've been a redhead since my second day in SL.

10. I love electronic music, especially trance.

11. I used to be in the Costello mafia family.

12. At my sister's insistence, I have a neko alt. =^.^=

13. I LOVE Furries! I think they're really cute!

14. My ex and I were the first same sex couple married in The Lost Garden of Apollo and the first couple period to be married on the sky bridge.

15. I love exploring new places in SL.

16. I am not my typist.

Portrait Composition; ©2009 DianaLee Photo Designs

A lady photographer taking candids of people in Williamson square Liverpool. Anyone know her?

A candid shot of a beautiful hostess working on the promenade of Naples... (for a correct view please press L)

This was a test shot from my 2nd model/fashion shoot a few months ago, but after reprocessing it I like it a lot better. It's just a candid of Meghan setting out her cosmetics in the master bathroom.

Candid at Jeronimos monastery

As usual round touristic places gypsies selling things

The southern limit of Lisbon, Santa Maria de Belém is delimited by the Tagus River estuary to the south, and the margins of the Algés and Alcântara Rivers (to the west and east respectively); it is bordered by the parishes of Alcántara (in the east), Ajuda (in the northeast), north by São Francisco Xavier and to the west by the municipality of Oeiras (Algés).

In addition to the historical buildings and avenues, Belém is the location of the Jardim do Ultramar (English: Overseas Garden), several blocks of green-spaces that includes the gardens of the Praça do Império (English: Imperial Garden), the Jardim Vasco de Gama(English: Vasco de Gama Garden), Afonso de Albuquerque Square and Jardim Agricola Tropical (English: Tropical Garden Museum). These gardens cover a large portion of the waterfront area, encircling the buildings of the Rua de Belém, and backs onto the gardens of the Palace of Belém.


More Portugal here

More candids here:


Enjoy your weekend everybody !


his eyes followed me & my camera so I clicked. blurred background with bikes and people has come up well.


thanks for every one for views, faves, and comments.

Candid captures in the city of Portland, Oregon..


Have a wonderful and safe week ahead...

Its kind of candid + posed. this shot was taken on request !!! But i loved the light falling on the face !!!

Zürich, Switzerland


Candid Street Photography Portrait

If you need this preset, then comment.

They just reacted spontaneous when they spotted my camera.

Totally unposed. They just walked into view through my view finder.

For these outdoor shots we tried "candid" poses (an oxymoron!).

Candid at Maggie Ritchies book launch at Waterstones Glasgow

Ok, half-candid; I asked her if I can take a few shots of her...I love the way they looked at each other!


© Cosmopolitan Photography | All rights reserved.

Do not use, copy or edit any of my images without my written permission.

[...] If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully [...]

Quote by Kahlil Gibran (Lebanese born American philosophical Essayist, Novelist and Poet. 1883-1931)


Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, 50mm - f/8 - 67,6s - Cokin infrared filter P007 (


Civitella San Paolo, Italy (April, 2013)

The 2 candid pic of me were shot by sweet photographer: Melinda @ Penang Botanical Garden.

Exciting to shoot for the first time a photo serie of Candid Street Photography. For this kind of photography, i use my Nikon1 J5. The advantage of this camera is that I can take pictures by pressing the touch screen. In this way I can take pictures in a natural way without falling into the situation

Went to the local christmas market last Sunday - and only took two manual lenses:

the Zeiss 2.8/135 and the Pentax 1.4/50...


Candid street portrait on Christmas Market

Karlsruher Christkindlesmarkt 2014

in Karlsruhe, Germany, Europe


smc PENTAX-M 50mm ƒ/1.4 wide open @ƒ/1.4

available light | manual exposure and focusing


no PP, only RAW conversion in ACR 8.7 and cropping


Sexyback :P


Candid shots

Little Penang Street Market July 2009

Upper Penang Street

Georgetown, Penang.

Found this in the archives ..... I posted a cropped version of this months ago, but I find I rather like it as is.

After viewing this shot on the monitor, tI was amazed that this stunning woman gave a studio quality pose so naturally, for a candid shot.


She was with a friend, who spied my camera and hammed it up. Then Candice turned gave me a frown, then broke into this lovely smile. How often does that happen?

I rarely do candid "stalker" :-)

type of photography but I like the way this scene looked.


Camera Sony DSC-HX100V

Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)

Aperture f/5.6

Focal Length 143.3 mm

ISO Speed 100

Exposure Bias 0 EV

Portrait - A candid capture.

Candid street portrait - micro 4/3 camera.

Tübingen, April 2017


Tübingen, April 2017


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