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A play with our led lights during our camp at lac des Chéserys.


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this was a stumble upon.

I was walking to this rock from a larger one.


Chimney Rock

Hidden Valley , Joshua Tree National Park

ليلة لا تنسى

في شعيب النخيل في المملكه العربية السعودية

An idyllic place to camp… if you can appreciate the harsh circumstances.

I noticed quite some movement in the lowest part of the tent!? Hope they were behaving all-right in there!? :-)

Central Iceland.


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Midnight at the campground with a bit of a glow. Wishing all a great week!

Watching the skies in windy Patagonian Chile, Torres del Paine National Park

Nights in a tent under a blanket of stars? Hopefully soon!

North Cascades, Washington.

Caddo Lake, Texas 2.6.15

As mentioned in the previously posted pic, Travus' Troop was at a Camporee last weekend (as was Austin's Cub Scout Pack).


When I told Chizuko that the "boys and I" were going camping for two nights (for the Camporee) she did what I expected of her; she asked if she could join (this, among other reasons, is why she's my wife ;-) ). The answer was that she could.


Picture at sunrise of the tent that Chizuko, Austin, and I stayed in amidst the other Troop tents (Austin had to stay with us as he's not a 'Boy Scout' yet).


Southern California.

Very nice night up in Nova Scotia.

My first wild camp up on Snowdon, such an amazing experience!


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Authentic camp, Napoleonic Association, Ickworth.


Nikkor 16mm AF f2.8D Fisheye

Porcupine Mountains in Upper Peninsula of Michigan a great place to camp and hike. The Presque Isle Campground is very rustic. They are having a 1st Annual Photo Contest and this is my entry under the artsy/altered category. Looks like they even like us sliders up there.

Tent; "Akto" from Hilleberg The Tentmaker, Sweden.

Camping at the Chandrataal base camp, Spiti Valley

My good friend Gary and I camped at this Tarn on Broken Top Mt. in the late summer of 2011. It was a magical place to be and one of my favorite places I have ever been.


Central Oregon Cascades.


Camp Creek State Park/Forest

October - 1999

Summer is over and I already miss camping every weekend. I'm still camping but not as often and mostly at places where you can have a fire.


Unfortunately Filaree Meadow in Mount Laguna,CA is not one of them...


Después de muchos años recordando los días de camping que pasaba con mis padres de pequeño, este ha sido el primero que me he animado a ir a uno de nuevo.


Camping de Fontmartina situado en el Montseny.


Más en

Wild camping. John o' groats & Duncansby head to lands end. Ardindrean. End to end trail. Great Britain. UK. Day 14

The sun sets on Lake Superior and a kayak campsite near Grand Marais, MN.


This image was fun to make. I paddled across a small bay towing one kayak and my partner in crime walked around the bay carrying the tripod and camera gear. We set up camp just as the sun went down. It was a race to get everything set up and get pictures. We stayed out on the rock until almost 10pm, then collapsed the tent, pushed the kayaks into the water and paddled back to the car in the dark. If we had had sleeping bags, we would have stayed out there, because it was calming listening to the waves, but we left the bags at home.

I don't think you could get a much better place to camp in decent weather, or a worse one if it wasn't! Apart from being rather lonely camping right on the beach was pretty stunning. My tent could barely stand up to the light winds (and there was nowehere to shelter it) so have to get a new one if I'm to camp here again.

My first camping experience in my life. It was special to me because it was also the first time i shot something at dawn and was at a unique place called White Pocket. I was attempting to shoot the stars as background but the Moon was lit up that night.

Camp Cove, Sydney 1000+ Views. Thankyou everyone for your kind words

Glowing tents on the Manaslu trek at Samogaon, with the peak of Manaslu south visible in the distance

this was shot around midnight


praktica ltl3, autochinon 35mm f2.8. expired kodak portra 160, pushed to 400. diy development in tetenal

Rondoy peaks viewed in the afternoon from the east, near Mitucocha lake. Tent and chair. I was told 20 years ago snow and glaciers existed on the black peaks at the right side of this photo.

A three shot HDR of our little camp on Tuckamore beach. One of the rare HDR's that actually work for me and look like I'd wanted them to look.

Ok, so this is bloody annoying: When our campers showed up on Thursday, there was a tent in one of the tent pads near our common area. Since we had upwards of 16 people wanting to camp, we needed a fair amount of space. But hey, first come first served, right?


Sure, except.. this tent was deserted. We explored, and ... there was an air mattress inside the tent, a towel hung up outside, and some shoes under the picnic table. That's all. No personal belongings, no camping gear, no nothing.


And nobody showed up. Not on Thursday, not on Friday... oh, Saturday morning. Why hello there.


One of our campers had a bit of a polite word with them, explaining that no, it's NOT cool to leave your tent up all week only to come up on the weekend. First come first serve doesn't work like that. They apologized, and went about their day. Fine.


Then on Sunday morning, took off... leaving their tent behind again. Sure enough, same thing -- same shitty towel hanging up, same air mattress with nothing with it.


So, we had a little bit of petty revenge. The best, of course, was when Sylvia peed on (well, near -- it's hard to tent). Duane also carved a creepy little wooden voodoo doll and left it inside their tent with some ketchup on it.


Take that, jackass campers!

Even though we're in no rush to get to sleep, we're now ready. Actually, it's time to cook dinner and drink wine. Then catch the sunset. Then hot chocolate and play crib. will finally be bedtime.


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High camp in Navajo Basin near 12,500 feet (3.810 meters) below the Rock of Ages saddle and Wilson Peak in the background. We climbed Mount Wilson (to the right) the next morning.

And in the morning Briona and I decided that Sepp needed a swim but he wasnt so keen :)))

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