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Sundown as seen from Granville Island

Burrard Bridge ( c.1932) crossing False Creek

Vancouver, BC


'The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. '


--- Sharon Ralls Lemon




my neighbor's horses ....on a day of wildflowers and morrning mist


thanks for the visit .... have a nice day :-)

At jail event from 10th november to 30th

La Plume: collection Lucie & Paul


Sandhill Cranes 9318

New Instore Release - Available in today @ 4PM SLT. This pose will hit off with a discounted price for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Special Limited Time Price: 150L$ until Nov. 30th. This pack includes two versions of this pose + mirrors. Customers will have 2 options to choose from and 2 mirrors to choose from as well. β™₯β™₯β™₯ Happy Thanksgiving!

[ west end ] Bento Poses - A Lazy Sunday - Couples Pose



[ west end ] Bento Poses - Walk - Couples Pose

For The Saturday Sale - 11.20.2021 - Previous Release 75L$


Home made camera 4:

Body: 1955 Sears Tower 51 Rollfilm foldex 120.

Image size: 60x90mm

lens board / atrium: hand carved Ukrainian trinket box 5x3x1"

Lens: 1913 Eastman Kodak, focal length 80mm.

shutter: 10 blade ball bearing Kodak, 1/50


The Lens board box was an heirloom passed down through generations neglected in the back of a drawer.


price: broken Tower camera 16 + lens 26 = $42

fun: priceless


Something is going wrong when the camera with its impressive algorithms and countless AF options forces itself into the centre and, hence, between photographer and object. Ideally, I would think, we photographers ought to use the camera as if it was not there. Just focussing on the composition and the 'essence' of the object and having the settings run in the background. I am not advocating 'point and shoot', I am saying that a camera should be built in such a way that we can 'forget' about it and focus on taking the picture. I think my older cameras do that. My newer ones are much more sophisticated and what they are increasingly trying to do is take over decisions I could make myself. What is my reaction? Number one, I prefer using my older cameras. And two, when using my sophisticated ones, I turn off a lot of their computer-powered procedures. I wonder what you think.

Hazelnut Kingdom 5


-Pixicat- Lucy Dress for Collabor88 ( May Round )

Ladybird. // Tavi tattoo for Equal10 ( May Round)

Lyrium Talija Static & Breathing + Fingers Series - for Equal10 (May Round)

Two Goslings with one that appears to be Camera Shy .Seen at a local Nature Reserve .

Ana Poses Ibiza for Shiny Shabby ( June Round )

[ west end ] Cry Me A River - Bom Tears AD in store

pecheresse. Ambrosia Tattoo (face and arms) for DubaΓ― (june round)

Ladybird. Apple Eyes for Harajuku


at Posevent

LAVAROCK POSES:.m/f Couples Bento Pose-68




THX lila for the backdrop β™₯

Available at Blood Thirsty October Round from 15.10.2021

Leven Ink - Bruises & Veins





Ana Poses Cheap-G-Pool for TMD ( July Round )

LaGyo Saint Tropez Gacha set for Collabor88 ( July Round )

Kunst Kaya bracelets and Coconut rings V2 for Anthem ( july round )


Sorumin Beach day GACHA for The Epiphany (july round)



TROPIX Petunia BackDrop in store


Pink Magic Backdrop Country Field in store

Sapa Pose poses 151 for The Warehouse Sale

[Rezz Room] Crow Animesh In Store

Sorumin Actibe day SET @ The Warehouse Sale (july round)

Serenity Style Scooter Jet Ski for Uber (july round)


Nerido Lizy Dress for Uber (july round)

Tropix Osteria Nonna BackDrop For Man Cave (july round)


Collaboration. Discover Manu's work here @Manu Coulibaly


Ana Poses Sunday Night for Shiny Shabby (September round)

Minimal Curtains backdrop for Equal10 (September round)

Kopfkino Recamier in store

Kopfkino Blum Sofa Update in store

[ CONSENT ] Aella Lingerie in store



Nerido Lilis Top/Sunglasses in store

Vegas Tattoo Tattoo Applier Resilience for Kinky Event (august round)

MIDNA Isla Set for Blanc (august round)


Little Fox Darling Set for Kinky Event (august round)

Vegas Tattoo Tattoo Applier Resilience for Kinky Event (august round)

DNS This promise for UniK (august round)


KOPFKINO Candied Almonds in store

::C'est la vie !:: Esta Tops in store

SORUMIN Christmas bear HATfor Tannenbaum (november round)

MINIMAL Lisbon Street Scene for Kustom9 (november round)

DaD Welcome Home Christmas for Tannenbaum (november round)


DaD - virtual living - Les Memoires Tropical Hammock for UBER (july round)

Capsule by DaD Boho Sandals for UBER (july round)

Tachinni Samantha Dress for Uber (july round)



DNS When i'm with you for Men Only by Flair for Events (July Round)

Capsule Mya set for Uber ( July Round )


Ana Poses Mima Rare 2 for the Epiphany

Rezz Room Siberian Husky Animesh Companion for Man Cave

Little Fox Bebe Set for Cosmopolitan (March 2021 )

Serenity Style Spring Colors Breakfast Set

PoseD Bird Lover (march New Release in Store)

Pecheresse nym tattoo for 2Much Event (March round)

B L A I S E Mithra Earrings for Anthem ( March 2021)

Nerido Mia Shirt/Belts for UBER (september round)

Lagyo Claudine Set for Kustom9 (september round)

:LW: Bento Poses Early Autumn for Très Chic

irrISIStible autumn forest decor in store

DISORDERLY. Falling for Pumpkins in store

Midna Heather Bikini for Equal10 (july round)

:::NOIR+MIDNA::: 4:20 VIBES GACHA for The Epiphany ( july round)

..::THOR::.. Our Summer Gacha for Kustom9 (July round)


Ana Poses Panama in store

Space Cadet Training Day for Harajuku on march 20th

Miss Chelsea Remy Dress in store

DOUX Damiana Hair in store

Rezz Room German Shepherd Adult Companion in store



Midna Maddie Shorts for Access (May Round)

:LW: Bento Poses Beautiful Day for Tres Chic (May Round)

..::THOR::.. Lazy days Gacha Set for Anthem ( May Round )

- space cadet - high roller for Harajuku Event

[Rezz Room] Sphynx Cat Animesh in store

Nerido Mell Dress for Collabor88 (August round)

-Watercolor- Special Day BOM tattoo for Jail Event (August round)

Hangry Cereals in store

Hangry Carby Earring Gachas (run fast) in store


Into The Sun β™«β™©

Ana Poses Cheap-G-Pool for TMD

Tachinni Addison Bikini in store


::C'est la vie !:: Angie Tunic for the Warehouse Sale

Lyrium Emma Static & Breathing + Fingers Series for DubaΓ―


=Zenith= Sounds Good to Me Gacha for Kustom9 ( march round )

..::THOR::.. In Bloom Gacha Set for Kustom9 ( march round )

[Rezz Room] Dachshund Adult Animesh (Companion) in store

Minimal Santorini Backdrop in store

DOUX Cintia Hairstyle for Level

KOPFKINO Forever Autumn for 60L Happy Weekend in store

MINIMAL Low Top Conver Sneakers (unisex ) for TMD (november round)

Little Fox Madison cropped sweater for Fameshed (november round)

CORAZON Tattoo SUN for Jail Event (november round on 10th)

SAPA Poses 163 for ANTHEM (november round)


The leica was described in the eBay auction as in "excellent condition".

It's not.

It's "New In Box".

This camera has never been shot.


Caught this Heron having a scratch on one of the dam walls of Abberton reservoir.

LeLutka Avalon Head

LadyBird. Ryancita Set for Harajuku (may Round )

LadyBird. Sugar Nails for the WareHouse Sale ( May round )


Sorumin Beach day GACHA ( wet dress rare ) for The Epiphany (july round)

Yokai Cute Turtle (plum / turquoise) for The Epiphany (july round)

Lyrium. Hovering Shell Floater for Access Event (july round)

Kunst Sea Vibes Set for Kustom9 (July round)

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