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I was a little disappointed the cows have not arrived yet


The Unending Beauty of Yosemite.


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Clearing Storm from tunnel view.


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Nibbles in California Having a blast chatting up Squirrels

yosemite valley view at sunset


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Portrait of a California king snake at CALM.

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This guy had a cell phone in his hand and was taking pictures of the sunset.


Wildcat Falls under speckled light.


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Sometimes I feel so lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Today was one of those days.


Allen's Hummingbird

Selasphorus sasin


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Step back in time ... visit Bodie. :-),_California


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"Dans la vie comme en photographie, il faut savoir saisir le moment"


Lew Yung-Chien


In life and photography, seize the moment.


(60 biscuits chinois- 60 chinese cookies)

Jumped out of the car to take these last pics after a wonderful but long day at the park! These shots are actually from last summer and i edited them slightly.. :-) !!!

This guy was so fascinated with the sunset that he stood still for four minutes.

Mustard in Full Bloom


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This is an old picture of the sunset at Santa Cruz.

Sorry for the influx of uploads folks...


This has been sitting in my archives for the longest time since I can't decide if I like it or not... Blend of 2 exposures for the sky and the sea stack at the background. This feels like there's too much sand in the fg, though I tried to break it up by those water trails. Would've loved the splash to be a little more isolated as opposed to being overwhelmed by the big sea stack at the back.


Chose to shoot this at a pretty fast shutter to get that splash, and in retrospect, should have blended another exposure for smoother foreground water. Oh well... Hindsight's always 20/20.


Pfeiffer Beach, CA. My very first trip to the California Coast...


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Well not really lost, but taking some fun back roads in northern California can lead to some pretty sights in the morning.

… the California Poppy, such a beautiful and irresistible sight in person! The textured background here includes a mesh fence surrounding the flowers at the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach.


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People look on from the Pier just as the sun has set into the Pacific Ocean, as seen from Huntington Beach, California.


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The Death Valley Dunes




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Landscape version of an older image. It's funny how fast our processing changes in just a few months time.


Canon 24-105


Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.



Pacific shore

Golden Poppies


(enough of experiments for now)

January Morning at the Gate.


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Well, It's not what I usually associate with rocking out in California, but the variety of color and textures on the beaches at low tide was really quite amazing!


I appreciate my wife allowing me to take endless pictures on our walks along the beaches near Santa Barbara. My son, who accompanied us a few times suggested she take up poetry! What better ways to document the beauty around us than through a poem or a photograph?


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Lake in Yosemite National Park

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