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love the brown-on-brown-on-brown color palette

in Long Island City by Joseph Colletti

Was this political or simple word play? I don't know enough about Energy Star to have an opinion on them.

1: hospital

2: crazy Christmas house

3: someone's favorite something

Used to shuttle passengers (inmates?) to Rikers Island until the bridge was built from Astoria in 1966

"Every night around 11 PM, Emily's dad, dressed in his pajamas, seats himself at a particular chair around the kitchen table, distinct from the chair at which he takes his meals. At the table with him are a paper cup full of chilled milk and a generous helping of something sweet, such as a thick slice of cake or a stack of powdered donuts. He reads the Boston Globe's Op-Ed page while enjoying his snack, and is NOT to be disturbed by the family during this sacred hour. At some point during Milk Station he will doze off and face-plant into the remainder of his sugary treat. He'll wake up a couple hours later, wipe the icing or confectioner's sugar from his nose and glasses, and stumble up to bed." (as told by Matt)


Emily's dad was in town, so we had a Milk Station Celebration!

The artist even put a terminal prompt on the computer!

What's coming out of his ear?

interesting use of icons as words, and of the words "fresh" and "safety island"

This dude was angry about how anti-smoking laws affect his pizzeria. Can't say I blame him!

The High Bridge, the oldest bridge in NYC (1848!). I wish we could have walked across it!


This is my only photo from The Bridges of New York County "ambulatory journey", a wonderful, well-planned (or serendipitous?) 14-hour walk around the edges of the boroughs and the magnificent steel, stone, and concrete constructions that connect them. Really one of the best things I've done in a long while.

Outstanding south Mexican food, recommended by Baron Ambrosia.

I love the landscape littered with spray paint cans.

named Bellamy, sitting in a Bronx lot.

because Outerbridge Bridge would have been too silly of a name

Yoav reads a letter to the New York Times from 1901 about Staten Island's overabundance of water in the midst of NYC's drought. Debra unpacks her suitcase.


Read more about the well in a recent NYTimes article.

Staten Island: enjoy your one and only drop.

abandoned once again as the crew moves on

Check out the "ye", the afterthought "of" and all the crazy spellings and abbreviations.


Bonus points: cool art deco light bulb angel.







Which we interpreted as a place where taxi drivers eat late at night. We bought a bunch of sides and passed them around. DELICIOUS.

a little less constructed than the other, but just as functional

I love how hard it is to get a sense of space or scale in these photos.

Named after Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge, a man born to have a bridge named after him!

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