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easily one of my most favorite photos I have ever taken =)

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Burning Man Team Crown Royal Canada

Woman poses in front of the Man's embers.

A view of Cubatron at Burning Man 2007 - powered by solar power collected during the day on the playa. I spent the most amount of time at this art installation, and this shot is the result of my passing the time by experimenting with trying to photograph it. It's fascinating to watch up close, or far away. On the last evening, I was winding down my week at Cubatron, when a random stranger comes up, hugs me and offers me a pair of 3D glasses that intensified the experience tenfold.


"The BRC is the world's largest 3-dimensional full color dynamic light sculpture. It is an array of lights 40 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. It consists of 28 spokes, each of which is 24 lights wide by 9 lights high. Each light is independently controllable to display any color and brightness level and the entire display can be updated 50 times per second. There are 6048 total lights (28 * 24 * 9) made of 18,144 LEDs."


For more information on Cubatron:


I don't really know what this was. There was this duststorm, and I turned around, and this thing was just hovering there, and then it backfired and sped off! Smelled like diesel.

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