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when the rain came


Taken at The Tower and the Quest at Burning Life: Life-12 Mile/131/236/24

pose by Frigg Ragu

avatar by Grapho Fullstop

Had this one for a while.


"Try to remember, but my feelings can't know for sure

Try to reach out, but it's gone" - Nina Perrson


Taken at Burning Life

Pose by Del May


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Sim: Intemptesta Nox


Photo taken by Wyeth Slade Life-12 Mile/132/235/24


This is one of the wonderful free avatares you can get until october 25th at Burning Life - The tower and the Quest.

Shot in the Burning Life sim the day it was being torn down

I finally made it to Burning Life...which was slow to rez, at one point the sim restarted, and my viewer crashed several times. Needless to say that I didn't get to see much. More attempts will be made.


But as always, a nice tribute to Burning Man...which sadly, I did not make it to again this year :( ('s called the epic trip my friends and I have failed to make again in years. It's long over due. There's always next year.) Guess that's why we call it "Second Life."


I also tried some new techniques (the boxes). Nope. I didn't use a filter. I did the affect from scratch. Was interesting to see how it's done. Then added my own twists. xD


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Due to my ueber ninja cam skillz I secured a plot at Burning was a life or death struggle!



...eeerrr but now I got to build something too :o

Thanks for showing me this place Gany.

If you wanna know where check this:

My friend Pol Jarvinen's interactive sculpture installation at Burning Life formed the basis for this . . . just a little cropping.

No fancy treatment, no filters, just this little gem I found at Burning Life.


Spread your wings and fly away ...

...snapped with a Bryn Oh environmental preset!

Sim: Alirium Gardens and Fall into Decay Photo taken by Wyeth Slade

I had the great pleasure of meeting Arteer Oliva yesterday. More to follow in my blog soon.

RAW shot of the basic frame work for the plot i snagged at Burning Life.


tweaking to commence soon.


along with artwork from myself and BLU282.

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