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Bunny on the side of the road

Strobist info: two Metz 52 AF-1 (master camera left and slave camera right behind the bunnies)

Boy Bunny - *ionic* conejito

Girl Bunny - *ionic* conejita (The Chapter Four - February)

Tea Set - R(S)W Tea Set 3.0 - Valentine Doves

Heart Cloud - The Secret Store - Cloud Mobile - Pink Hearts (Mingle gift)

Table - LISP - Button Side Table - Spaceship

Vase - [ keke ] summer bottle - bliss

Plants -

[we're CLOSED] shrub large green

*aG* OrdinaryTree Insanity


the little bunny who wants to be a ballerina :D


handmade doll by miriana ♥

Lookie, who's the little one? ^_^ I had a great time photographing my little Jerry Berry and it was really fun as she is so pose-able though I think her Obitsu middle torso joint need to be fixed as it was rather floppy (˃ᆺ˂;)


So glad finally completed this outfit set made especially for her <3


This new outfit set name " Sweetie Green Bunny " is now available for pre-order

Please visit my FB for more information:

A commissioned bandit bunny, dont know why I didnt think of it before really*L*

I seem to have lost some of my bunnies - can you find them?


GhostWorks Texture Competition #73


Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess


Created for Ruby’s Treasure Challenge #21


Premade Background with thanks to Rubyblossom



~Yuna~~ for bunny

Halans for rabbits

William-Adolphe Bouguereau for girl

and daisies and daisy texture is mine

*¨¨*•*¨¨*• ★ ☆*¨¨*•*¨¨*• ★ ☆*¨¨*•*¨¨*• ★ ☆*¨¨*•*¨¨*•

THANK YOU folks for stopping by and all your

faves, and comments, much appreciated ;-))

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Model: Bunny Tomorrow

Photographer: Gabrielle Sinatra

Her profile here:


You have to watch it in a bigger size :)

Crazy bunnies in my backyard this evening :-). I love when they do this!!!

On Explore : 2008-12-29 #47


Alors que je regardais à partir du Club House, Azimut et Magali travailler. Le petit Bunny, chat sans queue est venu me demander des calins. Vous pouvez être sûr qu'il en a eu plus qu'il n'en demandait ! ;o)


Ne remarquez pas la propreté de la vitre, les chats d'un côté et les chevaux de l'autre, il est impossible de garder une vitre propre plus qu'une heure ! ;o)


While I was looking from the Club House, Azimut and Magali working, Bunny, the cat without tail came to me and asked me some caresses... You can be sure he had a lot.... ! :o)


Don't notice the glass, cats on one side and horses of the other, it is impossible to keep a glass clean more than an hour ! ;o)


Tani the Bunny is for adoption (see my profile)

she have articulated arms ^-^




Tani la Coneja esta para adopcion (ve mi perfil)

ella tiene brazos articulados ^-^



My new Bunnies for 686exhibition in Kobe Japan.


"Teacher you have some really good points about decorating eggs BUT we want to know more about 'Double Bunny Points'."

Toy Sunday--Theme: Good Points


Bunny Rabbit Sale local flea market rabbits, cute little fellows, probably to young to be away from there mother but cute and fuzzy, found in North Carolina.

Note: Shot on B@W film, low light, very grainy and a long time ago.

These adorable bunny butts had soft caramel centres. Note the past tense. #inmahbelleh

my new multihead ante, i got her by accident, honestly xD




Another sunbathing bunny relaxing in the late afternoon sun

You don't find green grass often in Arizona (at least pre monsoon season) so we see this guy out on our turf almost every day, sometimes with a friend too.

Crocheted in soft acrylic stuffed bunny which is perfect for Easter baskets for all ages.

This chubby bunny has been hanging around our home all winter. We do not feed it but it manages to be quite plump.

LULU Cake Bunny girls

we are pretty

we are sweet

This weekend I'm taking care of some rabbits, including 8 little babies! Their owner encouraged me to bring them inside for a visit, and this presented the perfect opportunity for Blanca to have a gentle, non-threatening encounter after her recent scare, in other words, a little bunny therapy! (I benefited as well!)


Blanca does chase anything that moves and I was a little worried at first ... but she seemed to completely understand my signals that the babies are to be treated with the greatest care. It was quite wonderful! She wanted to lick them and softly nudged them with her nose.


See more pictures here:

Bunny plushie made with high quality mohair. He can move the head and the arms. He's about 10cm tall.

I knew had to do more with this bunny on a scooter. A friend suggested to do a Tortoise And The Hare story, but I was too lazy to be so elaborate

Tiny bunny by handmade!

She writing the letter. ;-)

Her size is 4.5cm.

Sasha & her new found friend sat ever so peacefully for over an hour together on the sofa. Best bunny buddies !

I don't know how we come up with this stuff but I hope you enjoy it :D

Jareth the Banana Lord & I are relaxing in a tub. With bananas. Cuz that's how we do.



We are in the new Relax Bath Tub by Sallie & Body Language. This is their "Seed Of Inspiration" item @ The Gacha Garden.


@ The Kawaii Project [ T A X I ]

Dolls: *katat0nik* (white rabbit) Wonderland Baby Doll


thought I would try making a vintage looking print of the dolls. thoughts?

Pics I took at the Dysphoria sim earlier today. I understand it will be closing soon. Too bad - what a beautiful sim!!

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